How To Connect Smartwatch With Phones In Easy Way!

How To Connect Smartwatch With Phones In Easy Way!

Do you know how to connect a smartwatch with the phone? If you don’t then this blog is for you. Here we will show you how to connect your smart watch with both android and iPhones.

How to connect a smartwatch with iPhones?

connect smartwatch with iPhones

Before apple products didn’t connect with anything and get connected only with their products. So it was hard to connect your iPhone with a smartwatch. But now since the apple products are evolved, it is easier to connect them.

Here are easy steps to follow to connect your smartwatch with iPhone

Download OS google app

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This app is available on the app store so you can download it from there for free.

Turn on your Bluetooth

After you turn on the Bluetooth you can see the available devices whose Bluetooth is on in the app and make sure to turn on your smart watch as well.

Pair up

After turning on the Bluetooth of both devices now you can pair up your iPhone with a smart watch.

Now after pairing up your iPhone you can just sign in to your google account and your iPhone will be connected to your smart watch.

How to connect a smartwatch with android phones?

Connect smartwatch with your android

It is easier to connect the smartwatch with android phones than an iPhone. You can connect your smartwatch with android by just pairing them up.

You can connect your smart watch with android in two simple  easy steps

Turn on your Bluetooth

Just turn on your Bluetooth from your phone’s setting and smart watch.

Pair up

After turning on the Bluetooth locate your smartwatch on the pairing list and just pair them.

Now your smart watch and your android phones are connected.



If you follow these steps you can easily pair your smart watch with your phone. Though it may be a bit difficult to connect it with iPhone. But as long as you follow these steps it may not be hard for you. Smartwatch has a lot of benefits if your pair it up with your phones like getting notifications, messages, and calls on time without taking your phone out of your pocket. It makes your lifestyle a lot easier.

Hope you found this blog helpful. Have a good day.

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