Which Is The Smart Choice for Nepal: Apartment or Colony or a Self Made Home?

Which Is The Smart Choice for Nepal: Apartment or Colony or a Self Made Home?

Real estate is absolutely blooming in Nepal. As new apartments and housings continue to be built, and people continue to buy more and more estates, demand for information about the industry has also risen

Buying a house is very important, and often the life-changing decision for many. So, it is natural that people want to make informed choices, and the primary concern for many is if they want to build their own home or live in a ready-made one. In this article, we will dive deeper into Housing Options in Nepal, and talk about what the best one might be.

1. Apartments

Housing Options In Nepal.

Although apartments and studios weren’t a thing in Nepal some time ago, a lot of them have started to arrive in recent years. Especially around Kathmandu and other metropolitan areas of Nepal, people have started buying, selling, or even renting apartments.

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Apartments are easy, they are accessible, usually in the center of the town and more often than not, everything is laid out for you. You will usually get the furniture to go with the apartment to buy and there are also extra services you might enjoy like swimming pools, common area, spas and so on depending on your provider. They are great for young adults, especially if you live alone.


Right off the bat, there isn’t a feeling of “home” in apartments, if you know what I mean. It’s one flat (or maybe 2 if you are really fancy) and they are generally for easy people who want to be taken care of, not the other way around. While that is perfectly fine, some people might find apartments much too detached for their tastes.

List of Apartments in Nepal

Here are some of the apartments and their location, you will see that almost all of them are in Kathmandu.

Imperial CourtSanepa Height
Silver City ApartmentsKalikasthan
Civil HomesDhapakhel
Grande TowersDhapasi
Central Park PremiumBishalnagar
Robues Zeestar TowerBhaisepati
AMBE ApartmentsChabahil
Park View HorizonDhapasi Height

2. Housing Colonies

Which Is The Smart Choice for Nepal: Apartment or Colony or a Self Made Home?

I mentioned that one of the primary disadvantages of apartments is that they feel detached. If this is a problem for you, but you still want the extra amenities of readymade accommodation, housing complexes, and civil homes can be an option for you.


You can think of housings as the best of both worlds. You will get several facilities and enjoy the convenience of living on someone else’s creation, and at the same time, they feel more at home. Most housing complexes also have a thriving community with common areas, play centers for kids, and so on. Especially if you have a small family, housings are great for child development and integrating them into social life early on.

On top of that, housings are generally in a peaceful residential area full of houses. So, you won’t have the constant noises of apartments or towering buildings around you to block views.


Here’s the thing though, housing can be the best of both worlds, but they can also be only a little bit of both. You might feel estranged because you are borrowing some benefits from an apartment, and some from actual houses. In the end, they might not match up so well and you might feel dissatisfied. Generally speaking, housings is not for big joint families who have a community inside their own homes. People who completely want to make their own homes might also not prefer this option.

List of Housing Colonies in Kathmandu

Housing coloniesLocation
Bansbari ColonyBansbari
Arniko AwasSitapaila
Senon ColonyEkantakuna
Pabitra AwasHattiban
Sallaghari ColonySallaghari
Elites ColonySitapaila
Civil HomesVarious Locations

3. Self-made homes

Which Is The Smart Choice for Nepal: Apartment or Colony or a Self Made Home?

This is the third and most common type of house you will find in Nepal, especially outside Kathmandu. There is a good reason for it, people like the feeling of oneness it gives, and there are also cost considerations. If you don’t like the idea of ready-made stuff, this option is definitely for you.


Self-made homes firstly give you a sense of ownership that housings or apartments can’t. Your home will be completely your own creation and you will be able to design it any way you see fit. This becomes especially useful if you have a big family or frequently have relatives or friends over. You will want something that is big enough to fit everyone and has enough space such that neighbors are not disturbed. In this aspect, independent houses perform the best. They give a level of freedom other options don’t offer.


The freedom of self-made houses does come with a lot of hassle. You will need to plan everything out, you will need to constantly look over the construction process, and you will have to maintain your property for life. If you enjoy doing that kind of stuff and aren’t used to being taken care of, then it won’t be an issue. However, to most people, convenience is a must, and self-made houses are probably not for them.

Price comparisons of housing options

When talking over real estate, the questions comes down to value. You will find vast price ranges for each of these options, and there really isn’t an unequivocally cheapest option. You will need to make financial choices based on the value you think you’ll get.

With self-made houses, if you are okay with living on the outskirts of the city, then you might get a cheap deal. Land prices grow exponentially once you get into the center of the city though, and you might consider an apartment instead.

In general, though, the price range for each of these options is more or less the same. In a busy Kathmandu area, apartments will cost over 1 crore, and lands will cost at least 1 and a half crore.

Similarly, housing colonies’ prices usually start from over 2 crores, even if they are not in the city center. But when it comes to value, a self-made home is definitely the best choice. Even though they are equally as expensive as other options, you will get to rent a portion of your home later on, and the land value will not depreciate either. But again, you will want to consider what you want from your home, and if paying a bit more is worth it.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, buying a house is a very personal decision, and one that will depend on your needs, your circumstances, your finances, and your personality. We have laid out all the facts here for you so that you know everything there is to know about housing options in Nepal. The decision is now yours to make.

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