6 Children guide to Happiness

6 Children guide to Happiness

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

Angela Schwindt

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Have you ever noticed the older you get, the less creative you are? You educate yourself about everything in the world. But then, you forget about the basics of life. Is it because of the harsh cold real world? Or is it because you do not dare to dream big like you did when you were little?

Whatever the reasons, I believe there is still a child inside each of us who craves to jump out whenever the wall seems to get a little low. As an adult, with you getting sandwiched between your regretful past, an unsatisfying present, and a questionable future, here are a few beautiful things for you to learn from children that might solve your puzzle about a happy life. 

6 Children guide to Happiness

Stop doing complexity analysis

Children have this surprisingly effortless ability to continue with their work without worrying about what could go wrong in the future. If only we could build that kind of quality on us, life would be much simpler to live. Now, you probably might have been questioning yourself-is it even possible practically? The rules of the world are cruel and chaotic. How can I not worry about the future?

Stop over analyzing and be like children
Stop over analyzing

Yes, as an adult myself, I agree on this point but pause where you stand right now and give yourself a chance to re-think and re-evaluate what you did. See? Damned if you do and damned if you do not. The world is and will always be chaotic. So, why not have that audacity to live without fear of failure.

Do not wait for a better opportunity

Oh! The big word that never seems to be enough. Our whole life, we search for a better kick start, a better life, a better partner, a better friend, or maybe just a better version of ourselves. The list just never ends.

Do not wait for an opportunity, be like children

On the contrary, children never have a second thought of what comes into their hands or what they get in the present moment. They accept and enjoy the moment as it is. This trait of theirs’ is so much adorable and influential that the person near them will have the privilege to get this energy transfer. The same energy to forget we have to choose and expect better things for ourselves.

Try to avoid Self-pressure

6 Children guide to Happiness

You might have the habit of digging a hole and pushing yourself onto it. If yes, Buddy, welcome to the team. We are on this same page where we have this shitty habit of imagining the thoughts of others, their judgments on our actions, and changing our behavior in response to those thoughts. 

Imagine no pressure, no stress, no random thought that crosses the mind, simply living life to its fullest. Fascinating right? But is it achievable?

The essence of being children is not knowing the definition of pressure. And as an opportunist that we are, it is our core responsibility to grab this feature of theirs and move forward in life.

Let it go

Holding painful thoughts inside us is toxic, so toxic that it acts as a slow poison that will kill us slowly but surely. Many of us might have questioned ourselves- Why cannot I let go of these thoughts I know are negative? Why do I hold on to grudges and let myself suffocate from the actions of others? Why do I keep inflicting these pains upon myself? Why cannot I be as carefree as a child? 

6 Children guide to Happiness

The answer to all these questions is simple. We have forgotten what it was like to be happy as a child. We have erased the habits we have lived and evolved on. As grown-ups, we think that all the regrets, mistakes, and experiences are now part of our identity. And we keep on holding to our grief, anxiety, pain, resentment, and whatnot. We keep on surviving through these patterns and suffocating ourself not realizing the most fundamental thing children teach us that we brushed off. To be a happy soul by forgiving and forgetting.

Do not let the opinion of others risk yours

As we grow up, we become vulnerable to keeping ourselves in a state of discomfort and crankiness from what others say or do to us. Simply put, we let the opinion of others define ours. What a child does? He demands with all his might that which he desires. He creates his imagination and thoughts and keeps believing in them. And ironically, we, the knowledgeable adults, forget that very- Circle Of Control. 

6 Children guide to Happiness

So, the simple formula here is trying to mimic that attitude of a child. And hoping someday we will understand that our emotions, our feelings, and our thoughts matter because, in the end, it is what reflects every part of us.

Be passionate about what you do

We see a speck of people who are passionate about what they do. But, we also see a substantial number of them lost in their life not knowing what to do. To love something means involving in what we do profoundly. We as a whole should have a strong emotion about it. It is the meaning of being loyal, intense, and constant. However, even if we speak about this currently, we fail to recall fulfilling our dreams practically. We fail to remember the last time we loved something or did something will full passion. We dwell on what we could not do or what we might not be able to do, which then only lowers our spirit for life.   

6 Children guide to Happiness

So, what breaks us off from deeply believing in our dreams as a child but not believing in ourselves to fulfill them when we grow up? What makes that spirit in us vanish slowly? The distressing answer is that we leave our curiosity behind and follow the crowd. Go with the flow- is the mantra we follow to survive in this world. You only lose your passion when you stop being curious and when you stop asking questions. Then you give up on something important without realizing it. So, what to do?

Just like a child, focus on your sprints. Yes, it is good to have a long-term goal, but marathons like these take patience and endurance. Instead of getting frustrated about what could go wrong, focus on the present and learn the importance of now. And as annoying as it may sound (sometimes), like a child, never stop being curious.


These six lessons that children teach us are useful in the long run only when we take action today. You can reach the height of success, taking simple things into actions where most people fail to. So, let’s restart. Refresh yourself, your mind, shake it and, do not quit till you make it.

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