Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

Officially known as the Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd, it is a government organization where the state owns 91.49% of the company’s share. It worked as a Nepal Telecommunication Corporation and it has products like Mobile Telephony, GSM, GPRS,3G, 4G.

Meanwhile, it provides services like Fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband, and fixed-line internet services. And it is one of the reputed public company in Nepal where a number of employees are 5400. Moreover, Nepal Telecommunication Corporation(NTC) was established on 13 April 2004.

History Of NTC

Within the 16 years of its establishment, Nepal Telecom has made a wide range of customers throughout the country. Lately, Nepal Telecom was started as Telecommunication Department but in 1969 its name was changed to Telecommunication Department Board.

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Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

However, after the promulgation of the Communication Corporation Act in 1971, the company was owned by the state completely and its name was changed to Nepal Telecommunication Corporation during 1975.

For instance, On Magh 22, 2060 BS, Nepal Telecommunication Corporation was transformed to a public limited company.

Mission Vision And Goal Of Nepal Telecom

The three main components of any company i.e it’s vision, mission, and goal. It describes the nature of the organization and clearly gives a view about what really the company wants to do, through its products and services.

Meanwhile, being the public limited company, Nepal Telecom is a key player in the Nepalese telecommunication business.

Nepal Telecom Mission

NTC’s Mission can be stated as “Nepal Telecom as a progressive, customer spirited and consumer responsive Entity is committed to providing nation-wide reliable telecommunication service to serve as an impetus to the social, political and economic development of the Country.

Vision of Nepal Telecom

The vision of Nepal Telecom is to remain a dominant player in the telecommunication sector in the Country while also extending reliable and cost-effective services to all.

Goal of Nepal Telecom

The goal of Nepal Telecom is to provide cost-effective telecommunication services to every nook and corner of the country

NTC’S Future Services

Nepal telecom has recently, decided to give Wifi services to ward offices in the entire country. This program is aimed at improving the nation’s telecoms networks in the most innovative way possible.

Nepal Telecom will integrate with the BTS tower wirelessly on the ward in order to make that possible. In that way, all mobile and WiFi systems can be used by the service customer simultaneously.

Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

NTC is initiating to create more spectrum bandwidth to improve 4g throughout the nation. Nevertheless, Nepal Telecom has developed the strategies to install 4g tower in all over Nepal so that every Nepalese could enjoy the fast telecom and net service.

Market and Customer Penetration

Being the largest telecom organization of Nepal, NTC has a 262 telephone exchange which has 603921 Public Switch Telephone Network(PSTN) in all over the country. For 16 years Nepal Telecom is providing fixed landline, GSM mobile, CDMA, and internet service and it has its own influence in the Nepalese telecom market.

Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

Moreover, it is the first company to introduce 4G LTE service and recently, Nepal Telecom has tasted Voice Over Long Term Evolution(VoLTE) for the first time in Nepal. So far, Nepal Telecom users are 20 million and its 4G services have reached 60 cities among 37 districts.

Revenues of NTC

Nepal Telecom collects revenue in billions every year. It has an annual income of NRP 45 billion and 269 million in the 2074/75 fiscal year. But according to the report of the 2075/76, it’s annual income falls and reaches NRs 43 billion and 482 million which is 4% down from the previous one.

Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

Currently, NTC is facing a huge downfall in the perspective of income. It has seen a 41% downfall, which means that the company has lost NRs 7 billion and 275 million.


Talking about its competition, then there are only two companies who are competing with Nepal Telecom i.e Ncell and Smart cell. With no doubt, the current market is taken over by Ncell in Nepal. Ncell was introduced in the market in 2004.

Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

However, currently, it is under the Ncell Axiata Limited. Another competitor in the list is Smart cell which is perhaps new in the game for now. It was established in 2008 and in 2017 it was rebranded to Smart.

Heads Of NTC

As mentioned earlier NTC is the public listed company where 91.49% share is owned by the government. Currently, Dilli Ram Adhikari is appointed as Nepal Telecom Managing director during 2019.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hari Prasad Bashyal is serving as a Chairman of the Secretary Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Current Share Market Structure

The decline in NTC revenue is continued and currently, due to low business growth, 12.3% has been declined in their Net profit. In other words, it’s net profit falls to Rs 4.93 Arab by the end of the second quarter.

In the first quarter, its revenue was from 9 to 9.50 Arab which is a 10% fall. For instance, NTC has collected revenue of RS 18.03 Arab from customers. and as per 2020. The range of NTC in Share Market is Rs. 600 to 700 Per Share.

NTC’s Branches And Work Opportunites

The head office of NTC is in Doorsanchar Bhawan Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu. Moreover, it has offices and branches around 183 locations in all over the country. Interestingly, NTC has once created a monopoly however, in 2003 the first private company started in Nepal as United Telecom Limited(UTL).

Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

Perhaps after knowing so much about the company you might wanna know to how get hired. NTC is a public company and like other government jobs, you do require a certain level of education and training. You can find the current vacancy of NTC Here.

How To Contact NTC?

Nowadays contacting a renowned company is not a hard task. For General Inquiry, Call 1498, For General Inquiry, Call 1498 and Central Office, Doorsanchar Bhawan, Tel: 977-1-4243444, Fax: 977-1-424140.

Case Study Of Nepal Telecom

On the basis of your location, NTC provides services, and to know the contact number according to your location just click here.

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