Buying Car in Nepal: Basic Guide

Buying Car in Nepal: Basic Guide

We understand buying cars can be a hectic thing to do, especially in a country like Nepal where two-wheelers have dominated the automobile market. You might be buying your first or even second car and do not know cars. Hopefully, this guide will help you buy the car that fits your needs.


1. Allocating  Budget

Buying Car in Nepal: Basic Guide

Allocating your budget or the budget you don’t want to exceed is very important. Cars in Nepal can range from a few lakhs to crores. Cars can be intimidating, and If you don’t have a particular budget, you can end up overspending. So, be very careful and decide what budget would you like to spend in buying a car? 

2. A car that fits your driving needs

You need to buy a car that fits your driving style. You can’t just throw your money and get a random car. If you’re someone who does not plan on heavy off-road and like a peaceful ride, an SUV would be unnecessary. A sedan will be ideal if you like speed and agility. But if you chose a hatchback, it would be a complete waste of money.

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3. Resale Value

Buying a car whose value depreciates heavily in the first few years itself would be a probably not a good idea. You probably won’t keep the car forever and probably will want to upgrade. When you sell the car after 5 or 10 years, also you don’t want it to sell it at the value of a dump yard. So, get a car with a good resale value is essential.

4. Petrol vs Diesel Engine

You might wonder it’s just two types of fuels. How does it even matter? Yes, there are a few differences, Diesel engine emits more carbon, which is less eco-friendly. But Petrol engine will give you the quick acceleration which you might need in city areas and provides you with better mileage. If you’re someone who likes long rides and off-road, then you would want to go with a diesel engine as it gives you better torque.

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5. Safety Features

Out there in the highway, to minimise the risk of accident, you shouldn’t overlook the safety features of the car. A car with an ABS has become an essential thing as ABS allows you to hit quick brakes without locking up your wheels. Almost all cars have built-in Airbag, so that might not become an issue. Reverse parking sensors also might help you avoid dents because of small mis-happenings during parking.

These are the basic things you would want to look. Consider these and go to the showroom. See different companies and different cars. Do a test drive and finally choose the car that fits you. 

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