Buying Bike/Scooter in Nepal: Basic Guide

Buying Bike/Scooter in Nepal: Basic Guide

In the last article, we had covered about purchasing a car in Nepal. But not everyone can afford a car, and the automobile market in Nepal also has seen people preferring Bike/Scooter. 

You might have just got a two-wheeler license, or just felt the need for a Bike/Scooter. The dominant Auto-mobile market gives you a lot of options to choose from, which is a good thing but leaves you wondering how do I choose one. Don’t worry, this guideline will help you get the bike/scooter that fits your needs.

1. Allocate a Budget

You don’t want to overspend on a bike/scooter. There are bikes/scooters available on all ranges, from budget to premium. Allocate your budget you wouldn’t want to exceed. Find a suitable budget, and go for it, check out your options.

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2. Displacement

 Scooter in Nepal range from 90 to 150cc, but the case for a bike is different. Bikes in Nepal can range from 110 to 300 or even 500cc. The displacement of bikes affects their performance. Higher the displacement, the higher the power. So, if you’re a beginner, you don’t want to go higher with the displacement. You can always upgrade at higher displacements once you get better.

3. A bike/scooter that fits your riding style

  There are different bikes/scooters for a distinct style of riding. The scooter has a less variety, with most scooters only being for the commute. But Bikes are featured in various segments ranging from the commute, touring, dirt, etc. You can’t get a dirt bike and expect it to use for a commute. I mean, yes you can, but it would be a complete waste of money. If you go for long rides, you could opt for touring bikes. Similarly, you can get dual-sport/dirt bikes frequent off-road rides and Commuter/scooter if you just want a vehicle that can take you from place A to B.


4. Safety Feature 

For a machine that runs on a busy road, you can’t overlook the safety aspect. Nowadays, bikes feature ABS to help you with sharp braking and Scooters also are coming with Disc brakes which help you have efficient braking. You should also see features like Engine turning off if the side stand is on or when the bike leans too much. It won’t ultimately save you from an accident but has high chances of not being in an accident.

ABS in bikes/scooter

5. Resale Value

Finally, resale value, It’s always better to get a bike/scooter with higher resale value. You cannot spend lifelong with the same might, you will want to upgrade one day or the other. You will get a lot while selling your bike if the value depreciation quickly. So, to make sure you have some cash in hand while upgrading, get a bike/scooter with higher resale value.

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