10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in Nepal

10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in Nepal

I was almost killed when I forgot to buy birthday gifts for girlfriend.

~ Every boyfriend

We ladies always love receiving gifts. I have also come to realize for most guys it can be a headache to please their girlfriends. Especially when it comes to buying gifts during your girlfriend’s birthday.
So if you are the one buying the gift read this article thoroughly because we are going to suggest to you some wholesome gifts that are not going to break your budget and won’t make her parents suspicious. (Yes, this is Nepali romance).

If you are someone who is tired of being nice about the questionable gifts that you receive during your birthday, do share this post to send a hint to the person.

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The first thing that you have to keep in mind is to remember your girlfriend’s birthday. I am not even joking right now, set it on google calendar- this is serious business.

Pro tip: Listen to her speak about her passions or likes and dislikes. Sometimes she might even point to a store window and tell you how she always wanted something just like that. The case is closed- you buy her that for her next birthday.

If you are someone that can’t take a hint here are some fool-proof birthday gifts for Girlfriend you can choose from.

Love notes

Love notes are a must. Every girl loves them, they will cherish it more than anything you can ever think of giving. So, pull out a notepad and write your heart out. It doesn’t have to be good writing to make it a great gift. Make sure it is sincere and honest.

10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in Nepal
Love envelope

I also suggest you write some promises like – “I will always be there for you.”, “Forever.” or “I will buy you a pizza every Thursday”, the choice is yours.

It is recommended that you add a love note to every gift that you ever buy to hear describing, why you felt like this gift would suit her.

Candy Basket for your girlfriend’s birthday

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When your girlfriend is a bit of a sweet tooth, a Candy Basket will make a wonderful gift. We are just telling you to go out there and buy as much candy as you can and put them in a basket. Write a sweet note about them if you are feeling extra loved.

Obviously, the only disadvantage to this would be that it might be all finished before the day’s end. My suggestion is to have a backup gift that they cannot consume. This is the perfect birthday gifts for girlfriend.

What I love about you Journal

10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in Nepal

Having their love reinforced is one of the most important things for girls. For us girls, an agitated tone in the voice of our partner makes us wonder if we are loved equally or not. I know of no better way to express to your girlfriend how much you care than gifting her a love journal on her birthday. There are plenty of options available for you to pick up, but you can also do it yourself.

Coffee Mug

Most people start their day with a cup of coffee. You can give them one so that every time they drink from it, there will be a smile on their face. It might be advantageous if your partner is not a morning person. If you can, DIY it as much as possible.

10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in Nepal

Make a fun inside joke or write their pet name.

Plan a cook in

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There is no need to explain this one. Prepare your favorite recipes together, then spend the day cooking in comfort at home and take your date there. This, of course, can only be done by god’s favorite children. It is the best option for introverts, but do pair it with other ideas as well.

Your Girlfriend’s favourite book

10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in Nepal

Lucky you, if your girlfriend is a bookworm. You have in your hand one size fit all solution. There are millions of books to choose from, you can literally gift one book per event and yet you will be considered the world’s best boyfriend.


10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in Nepal

Don’t be scared of the price yet. There are a lot of options that are affordable you can choose from. I am not gonna lie a piece of gold jewelry is the king of all gifts, but there are other options too in jewelry. It can be the perfect birthday gifts for girlfriend.

You can gift them silver earrings, a pachhadhatu (Five Element) ring, or their birthstone.


10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in Nepal

A silk scarf that she can hang by the side of her purse, tie her hair with, or wipe the tears that you made her cry. Yes, please!

Also, this can serve as a “Kusume Rumal” if you are in a long-distance relationship.


Happy Girlfriend

Rom-coms have made us heart eye every hoodie we land our eyes on. So, if you want to make your girlfriend happy while also keeping your wardrobe intact; gift her some hoodie before she steals yours.


Birthday gifts for girlfriend anklet

I know this is covered in the jewelry section, but buy your girlfriend an anklet for her birthday. Not only is this a super rare gift to give but also is extremely sensual. It will definitely make her feel like Nepali Cinderella when you help her put it on.

These are the perfect evergreen birthday gifts for girlfriend.

Now, go make your girlfriend happy.

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