Top 5 Best Upcoming PC Games In 2022

Top 5 Best Upcoming PC Games In 2022
Are you waiting for the best PC games to play in 2022? 
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Do you guys get excited when you hear about new latest games? It’s always an exciting time when it comes to new PC games. If you are looking for new PC games, then you’ll probably never run out of options. But our aim is to give you the information about the best games that you can play. Trust me guys, you will love it!

“Games have so much freedom. you can go anywhere you want.”

Looking for a great new game? Here is what we’re playing in 2022

5. Stalker 2 May-5 2022

Top 5 Best Upcoming PC Games In 2022

Set in a post-apocalyptic, open-world environment, Stalker 2 invites you to discover a mystery hidden deep in the Heart of Chernobyl. A unique amalgam of FPS, immersive sim, and horror, the non-linear story is hoping to give you unprecedented freedom in how the action unfolds.

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It’s all driven by Unreal Engine 5, and ultra-realistic graphics will push your GPU to its limits. And if the tense single-player action isn’t enough, you’ll be glad to know that multiplayer will be available sometime after launch as part of a free update.

4. Forspoken- May-24 2022

Top 5 Best Upcoming PC Games In 2022

Suprise Suprise After being transported from New York to the magical land of Athia, the main character Frey Holland sets out to discover a way back home. The world of Athia is a dark and corrupted place, although it once was home to a thriving civilization — and Frey will need to remove the corruption from the land before she can head back to the real world.

Forspoken is still a bit of a mystery, but the action RPG is already shaping up to be another hit from Square Enix. With a complex story and fast-paced action gameplay, expect to hear a lot more about this new IP in the coming months.

3. Saints Row- August 23, 2022

Top 5 Best Upcoming PC Games In 2022
Bad Ass

It was delayed from February to August, but the long-awaited Saints Row reboot should still be arriving in 2022. Set in the fictional southwestern town of Santo Ileso, you’ll once again put together a crew before heading to the streets and blowing up everything in sight. Early footage of Saints Row has shown off a game that is remarkably similar to past entries while doing much to bring it to a new generation of players.

You’ll also be able to play through the entire campaign in a two-player co-op, although there’s a noticeable lack of PvP multiplayer. Still, it sounds as if Volition has gone to great lengths to ensure cooperative play works seamlessly within the world of Santo Ileso. If you’re looking for a chaotic world to run through in 2022, keep a close eye on Saints Row.

2. Redfall- Summer 2022

Top 5 Best Upcoming PC Games In 2022

All we have right now is the trailer, that evokes our imagination and expectation from its launch… Exciting right? Redfall is a game about a bunch of misfits using their guns and weird powers against a horde of cultists and vampires.
But boy did Arkane Studios sell the hell out of that premise.

All four of the playable characters have cool designs and even cooler superpowers; there’s the lass with psychic powers that calls on a spectral elevator to launch friends into the sky, a sharpshooter with a raven friend, a nerd with a Gatling gun filled with stakes, and a techie with tiny robot friend. They make an immediate first impression and we can’t wait to see more.

1. Starfield-November 11,2022

Top 5 Best Upcoming PC Games In 2022

As the first new series from Bethesda in over two decades, fans couldn’t be more excited for Starfield.
The game will take place in the 2300s and sees you exploring an interstellar world with “unparalleled freedom” as you attempt to solve one of humanity’s greatest mysteries.

Exploration will clearly drive Starfield forward, but we’re uncertain how the rest of the game will play out. Todd Howard claims the title will be “like Skyrim in space,” so expect lots of player-driven actions and plenty of side quests to get lost in.

Which upcoming PC games should you look forward to the most?

Top 5 Best Upcoming PC Games In 2022

Guys! Do get ready to play!!! The good days for all of us coming soon. When it comes to games you all think about entertainment and happiness. So for your happiness, we have got you the best list for games, and trust me guys you will like it, and plz let me know which game you like the most. Hope this article has been useful for you to choose which games to play the best games in 2022. Thank You for reading the article till the end!!

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