Best Top 7 Sectors To Invest In Nepal

Best Top 7 Sectors To Invest In Nepal

You are a reputed Doctor by profession, you earn pride and then money. You are a Businessman or an investor by profession, you earn money and then pride. Investing money in different sectors is a technique to flourish the business and also is the way to earn maximum profit.

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about different sectors to invest in Nepal that has a very good chance of profit earning. Nepal is one of the developing countries which needs an investor in different sectors for its development. There are many sectors in Nepal that are worth exploring and making a career in. If you fall into a group of people, who have been analyzing which sector to invest in then we are here for you.

Top 7 Sectors to Invest in Nepal


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1. Hydropower

Top 7 Sectors to Invest in Nepal
Image Credit: Nepalnews

From a very young age, we have been aware with the fact about the richness of our country in terms of water resources. Nepal has tremendous potential to generate hydroelectricity, thanks to our many perennial rivers. It is estimated that Nepal has the capacity to produce 43,000 MW of electricity but it has been only able to generate 787 MW of electricity promoting lead shedding.

There are many reasons why Nepal has failed to lunch the hydropower projects as its capacity. Among many reasons, lack of investment or good investors is one of them. Investing in large-hydro power projects requires a big sum of money. Nevertheless, hydropower investment is one of the best sectors to invest your money in.

Reasons why Nepal is not able to generate hydroelectricity as per the potential

  • The presence of large quantities of sediment with hard abrasive particles in the Himalayan Rivers is a hurdle for the economic exploitation of hydropower resources.
  • Lack of proper management by the authorities.
  • Lack of proper plans and policies regarding hydropower development.
  • Stringent Environmental concerns.
  • Lack of tools and technology.

2. Tourism

Top 7 Sectors to Invest in Nepal

The bewitching beauty of Nepal draws the attention and capture the heart of tourist from different countries. The hills, snowy mountains, fast-flowing rivers, the evergreen forest, and the Terai with unique birds and animals, make Nepal a special country. Mother nature has gifted Nepal with beautiful topography and nature that people from in and out of the country find amazing.

The beauty of Nepal makes the tourism industry flourish. The tourism industry is one of the best industries to invest in. Tourism is one of the alternative ways to raise a country’s economy and benefit its people. Buying tourism-related share like hotels and airlines are a passive way to invest in tourism. If you are to open personal hotels there is a high chance of profit and your business flourishing. Invest in the tourism sector to earn money with money.

The reason why Tourism can flourish as a Business opportunity in Nepal

  • Nepal possesses eight of the ten highest mountains in the world. Mt. Everest ranks first, Mt. Kanchenjunga ranks third, Mt. Lhotse ranks fourth, Mt. Makula ranks fifth, Mt. Cho Oyu ranks sixth, Mt. Dhaulagiri ranks seventh and Mt. Manaslu ranks eighth.
  • Nepal is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and has 10 world heritage sites listed by UNESCO.
  • Nepal is a good spot for adventure and a wonderful place to visit.
  • It has unique flora and fauna with different geographical regions drawing the attention of zoologists and botanists.
  • The culture and tradition of Nepal are one of the main reasons for tourism.

3. Agriculture

Top 7 Sectors to Invest in Nepal
Image Credit: Samraddhi Foundation

Nepal is an agriculture-based country having 66% of the population dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Our ancient plowed the field and grew crops for survival. Agriculture is not only the source of livelihood but also the tradition of Nepal.

Although with the development, many people have been adopted to city life abounding farming yet the majority of people still depend on farming. Nepal is a very environment-friendly country for agriculture. Agriculture is one of the best sectors to invest in without worrying about being bankrupt. With the increasing population, the demand for foods and crops is increasing but there ain’t sufficient foods, crops, and vegetables produced in Nepal despite being an agricultural country. So, in this situation investing in agriculture is a wise decision one can make.

The Reasons for agriculture being one of the best sectors to Invest In

  • Nepal has very good geographical, topographical, and climatic conditions for agriculture. The Terai region is called the fruit basket of Nepal.
  • The Terai region occupies 23% of the total land. 40% of the land out of 100% is cultivable.
  • With the rapid growth of the population, there is a high demand for foods which can only be fulfilled with enough cultivation of crops.
  • Investment in agriculture does not require a huge sum of money like other sectors.
  • Wages for laborers are cheaper.

4. Transportation

Top 7 Sectors to Invest in Nepal
Image Credit: The Himalayan Times

Transportation is one of the secure places to invest in Nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country. Due to huge topographical and geographical diversity, the construction of roads is a tough task requiring a huge sum of investment. Nepal is not touched by any ocean living only one way out i.e. to travel through China and India for water transportation. Water transportation is not suitable due to the swift-flowing river of Nepal.

The reason why transportation services are not available in Nepal is due to a lack of investment investors. Road transportation is possible yet not every place is accessible with road transportation. In this condition, where people need transportation as they need food and water to survive, investing in transportation is a good investment. One can earn a huge amount of money from it.

5. Health and Education

Top 7 Sectors to Invest in Nepal

In this situation of the country and people where even education and health facilities are lacking, investing in them is a secure way to safeguard the investment. You can earn a huge sum of money as well as save the lives of thousands and provide education to the children who are the pillar of our nation. Buying shares in hospitals, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical companies is another way to invest in the health sector.

Health and Education are the basic needs and rights of human beings. Nepal lags behind in both health and education. Most of the people in the countries from the rural part of Nepal are still deprived of education and health facilities. It’s a shame to the government authorities that many people are dying due to minor diseases in remote areas and children who are born with the right to education is being deprived of their basic human right. What a shame to the government and a huge disappointment to the citizen.

6. Information Technology

Top 7 Sectors to Invest in Nepal

The world is leaping to modernization at a very fast pace. We live in the era of tools and technology where people dream about building AI that is as capable as human beings both mentally and physically. The present world is totally based on technology. The only way to catch up with this modernization is to develop our country in the field of Information Technology.

Nepal also made processes in the IT field for the number of IT colleges and students are increasing so are the IT business companies. People are curious as well as interested to build their careers in the IT sector. Looking at the data on increased IT business companies, colleges and students one can easily say the IT sector is growing at a fast pace. So, Information Technology is one of the good sectors to Invest in Nepal.

Reason Why investing in the IT sector is beneficial in Nepal

  • IT sector is developing at a really good pace in recent years so is the interest of young people to make a career in this field.
  • IT sector is one of the most needed sectors for the development of the country and for catching up with other nations.
  • The presence of highly skilled labor at a cheaper price.

7. Mines and Minerals

Top 7 Sectors to Invest in Nepal
Image Credit: The Kathmandu Post

Nepal is rich in natural resources like water, forest, minerals, and agricultural products. Different places of Nepal like Dayapur, Dhankuta, Sindhuli, Makwanpur, Lalitpur, Dhading, Syangja, Arghakhachi, Sukhet, Dang, Salyan, Baitadi, Palpa and so on are found to be the source of mines and minerals. And also Nepal has been mining a little number of mines and minerals like copper, gold, zinc, cobalt, lead, nickel, etc. We are really blessed with abundant natural resources, if used properly our country will be free from poverty and economic crisis. So, investing in Mines and Minerals is the best sector to invest in Nepal.


Nepal needs a good investor for the development of different sectors. These all listed above sectors are the best sectors if you are looking to invest in Nepal. We hope you find our article informative. Thank you for reading till the end.

Have a good day!!


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