Best Top 7 Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online

Best Top 7 Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online

Are you an Otaku?

If you are, you might have already visited lots of anime sites to watch your favorite anime online. But if you still have not found sites that have been able to satisfy you, here is the list of the top seven free online anime sites where you can watch anime freely.

And if you are a beginner, you should try these listed anime sites favored by anime fans which have got very good reviews with a good watching experience. A good website is a must, to enjoy our favorite anime.

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7 Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online

Here is the list of the top 7 anime sites where you can watch anime freely with very less ads online:


Anime sites:

Animetake is one of my favorite online anime sites to watch anime. With high resolution, very few ads, and lots of server options for watching our favorite anime, animetake is my personal preference. We can watch any anime we want and it uploads the recently released anime very quickly either. If you guys want to have a good experience watching anime, you should check out this website.


Anime sites:

Gogoanime is a website to watch free anime with English subtitles and dub for free online. It is a well-organized website for anime fans all over the world containing a few ads with high resolution. You can watch any anime you wish to on this website without any hindrances and irritation.


Anime sites:

If you are an Otaku, you must be very well introduced to…. No ads before playing the video, good quality with a quick update of episodes after official release are what makes this website popular among anime fans. You can search anime by rate, genre, or type, and comments and scores by other viewers are available on the introduction page.


Anime sites: is a legal anime website focused on streaming anime, manga, and dorama. You need to get subscribe to a premium membership in order to gain access to the series to enjoy its high-quality anime with no ads at all.

5. Kissanime

Anime sites: kissanime

Kissanime is one of the most loved anime websites among anime weeb. It has the highest no. of loyal fans from worldwide supporting this website to grow. A wide variety of anime episodes of different video resolutions are uploaded for every fan. Both dubbed version and original are available. You can download any videos after you sign in and register on websites.

6. Animeheaven

Anime sites: animeheaven

Animeheaven is a well-known popular website where people can watch popular and latest anime series and movies for free. And they can also download anime. It provides a good experience for its viewers with good video quality and little ads.

7. Animefreak

Anime sites: animefreak

Anime Freak’s home page really has the Japanese style, very bright and colorful. Besides that, exclusive content that can’t be found on another website can be found here. Both dubbed and original series versions are accessible on Anime Freak. Anime Freak’s Android app now is available on the app store.


animesites: Naruto

Anime is love. It is a feeling. Most of us have grown up watching yellow-haired energetic boy Naruto. And most of us are in love with non-existing anime characters making us feel stupid enough. And I am one of those stupid people. This is why I say anime is magical.

Though all the anime characters are fictional, the life lesson they manage to teach is realistic. It’s a wonder how even a grown-up like me still enjoys watching anime. I tell you guys anime is real fun. And people who call anime a cartoon please don’t make an otaku heartbreak…haha! just trynna be funny.

 I believe you can find some of these anime sites mentioned above good enough for your need. Thank You! keep watching anime and keep having fun.


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