5 Best Reality Shows Of Nepal

5 Best Reality Shows Of Nepal

Do you find Reality shows interesting?
Is your favorite show Roadies or is it Nepal Idol?

The concept of hosting reality shows in Nepal has flourished with the influence of western countries and our neighboring countries which is a good thing indeed. At present, we can find lots of people liking reality shows. Personally, I have been seen a high change in the sector of entertainment in Nepal due to the blossoming concept of reality shows.

The entertainment industry in Nepal brings several national and international reality shows like Nepal Idol, Himalaya Roadies, The voice of Nepal, etc. into the Nepali entertainment industry. The widening craze of reality shows in Nepal has taken the entertainment industry’s popularity to a new era.

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As we know reality show is great and entertaining, and are gaining popularity with Nepali audiences. From singing to dancing, or comedy we’ve got a wide variety of shows on this list attracting every person in Nepali society. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next new best-loved reality show.

Advantages Of Reality Shows

Reality shows

Reality shows are viewed by millions of people and if you have a unique talent then these shows can provide you a platform to show your talent to the audiences and help to become famous and viral within a short interval of time. It inspires you to improve. Once you become popular or a celebrity you also get motivated to use and show your talent to the world through reality shows. It becomes a platform to show the hidden talent of an individual to the mass.

It helps to change and develop your confidence by participating in reality shows. These shows are very entertaining the audience is enjoying them a lot. Reality shows now have become a very huge source of entertainment for people. It has not only succeeded entertaining audiences but has also succeeded in passing important morals and messages to the audience. Today I’m going to list the top 5 reality shows of Nepal which are listed below.

Top 5 Reality Shows Of Nepal

5 Best Reality Shows Of Nepal

Reality shows hold a prominent place in almost all TV channels nowadays. They are in fact pushing factor behind many other regular TV shows. It has become so popular in a short period of time among audiences. The whole family sitting together and watching shows is a rare sight. But due to these reality shows, they are becoming more common.

1. Nepal Idol

Reality shows

What’s it’s about? The show is fun and related to music. The content quality is also good and the show is like Indian Idol. Started in the year 2017.

Where to watch? You can watch it on AP1 TV and youtube.

Judges: Season (1-3): Nyhoo Bajracharya, Indira Joshi, Kali Prasad Baskota. Season 4: Sambhujeet Baskota, Sugam Pokhrel, Subani Moktan

Hosts: Season 1: Susil Nepal and Reema Bishwokarma, Season 2: Asif Shah and Reema Bishwokarma, Season 3: Mampi Ghosh ( Pawankali ) and Asif Shah, Season 4: Reshma Ghimire and Asif Shah.

Winners: Season 1: Buddha Lama, Season 2: Ravi Oad, Season 3: Sajja Chaulagain, Season 4: Bhupendra Thapa Magar.

2. Himalaya Roadies

Reality shows

What’s it’s about? The show is part of MTV Roadies. The participants receive difficult tasks to complete to become a roadie. The series is focused on young adults of Nepal seeking adventure.

Where to watch? The series is broadcast by the Nepalese network Himalaya TV and also on youtube.

Gang Leaders: Anoop Bikram Shahi, Saman Shrestha, Deeya Maskey, Ashish Rana, and Raymond Das Shrestha ( with special power and responsibility ).

Hosts: Season 1: Natasha Shah, Season 2: Saman Shrestha & Animesh Shahi, Season 3 and 4: Raymond Das Shrestha

Winners: Season 1: Saman Shrestha, Season 2: Ayush Shrestha, Season 3: Sujan Subedi, Season 4: TBD

3. The Voice Of Nepal

Reality shows

What’s it’s about? The show is awesome and also related to music in which the participant is selected through a blind audition. The Voice Of Nepal is the Nepalese format of the international TV singing reality series called The Voice.

Where to watch? The show is broadcast by the Nepalese Himalaya TV and also on youtube.

Judges: Season 1: Deep Shrestha, Sanup Paudel, Pramod Kharel, and Abhaya Subba, Season 2: Deep Shrestha, Raju Lama, Astha Raut, and Pramod Kharel, Season 3: Deep Shrestha, Raju Lama, Trishana Gurung, and Pramod Kharel.

Hosts: Season 1: Sushil Nepal and Oshin Sitaula, Season 2-3: Sushil Nepal

Winners: Season 1: CD Vijaya Ashikari, Season 2: Ram Limbu, Season 3: Kiran Gajmer.

4. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil’ Champs Nepal

Reality shows

What’s it’s about? Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil’ Champs Nepal is a reality singing show for kids in Nepal and is a similar franchise program to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil’ Champs. Children from age 6 to 14 years participated in this show and were judged by the judges looking at their voice, skills, and talent in their performance.

Where to watch? The show is broadcast twice a week on Friday and Saturday at 9 pm on Galaxy 4k and the DOKO YouTube channel.

Judges: Nyhoo Bajacharya, Indira Joshi, and Kali Prasad Baskota.

Hosts: Yaman Shrestha and Reema Bishwokarma.

Winners: Kripa Poudel.

5. Dancing With The Stars Nepal

Reality shows

What’s it’s about? It is a celebrity dancing reality show based on the format of the British TV series Strictly Come Dancing. The shows consist of a celebrity paired with professional dancers. Each couple performs and competes against others.

Where to watch? The show is broadcast by Himalayas Television and you can see also it on youtube.

Judges: Gauri Malla, Dilip Rayamajhi, and Renasha Bantawa Rai.

Hosts: Suman Karki and Sadichha Shrestha.

Winners: Sumi Moktan and Viju Parki.

To Sum Up

Reality shows

Entertainment is one of the reasons why shows are popular. All these reality shows are platforms that help people to show their hidden abilities and talents. Besides being a source of entertainment, they are also very helpful in searching for new talents and bringing out talents in public.

If you have a good voice, you can go to Nepal Idol.
If you have the physical stamina or have something hidden talent to show to people then consider Himalaya Roadies.
And no worries, if you think you do not have anything specific worth showing on such a public platform, then you can always be a supportive audience.

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