Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

The best way to learn about Nepal’s culture? Be adventurous. Travelers to Nepal are always in for a treat when it comes to the local cuisine, which is a dynamic blend of cultures and historical backgrounds. Don’t know where to begin?

Nepali food, not unlike any other country’s national food scene, is a vast constellation of culinary influences and traditions from all over the Asian continent.

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Is Nepalese Food Healthy?

While the country is known for its sweets, Nepalese cuisine is generally nutritious and vegetable-forward, including vegetarian and even vegan alternatives such as Dhal Bhat, Roti, and Dhindo.

Proteins such as chicken, fish, and goat are frequently preferred. Yogurt is a key ingredient in a number of vegetarian recipes.

Let your taste buds travel through Nepal with these recipes. Presenting, our best-loved recipes from this land of legendary food:

1. Dal Bhat

Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

Dhal Bhat is a traditional Nepalese dish that is both delicious and easy to prepare. A lentil soup, curried mixed vegetables, and a spicy pickle (achar) cooked with chilies and spices surround it. In restaurants, it’s often served with chicken or mutton bowls. The traditional way to consume is with your fingers, mixing various kinds of bhat together.

2. Sel Roti

Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

Sel Roti is a traditional Nepalese dish that is consumed at Hindu festivals and ceremonies such as Dashain, Tihar, Teej, and Bratabandha. It’s created using deep-fried rice flour bread that’s crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside.

Sel roti is cooked and eaten by various Nepali-speaking populations in Sikkim, Darjeeling, and, more recently, wherever Nepalis are present.

3. Saphu Micha

Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

This is a Nepalese community’s Newari delicacy. Saphu Micha is very juicy, precisely cooked, and visually appealing. If you happen to be in the Kathmandu valley, you should taste this meal.

Water buffalo bone marrow is also known as Shapu Mhicha. It is made out of buffalo leaf tripe that has been filled with bone marrow and is served as a side dish or snack.

4. Ghonghi

Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

Ghongi is a traditional Nepalese dish popular among the Tharu, Rajbansi, Santhal, Jangbad, Kumal, and Bote ethnic groups. Ghongi is a species of river snail found in Nepal’s calm and flowing waterways. Guests are offered Ghongi as part of a variety of cuisines and delicacies throughout festival season. It is frequently served with chicken or mutton.

5. Dhindo

Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

Dhindo is a thick Nepalese porridge made from millet or cornmeal flour that has been cooked. It’s usually prepared in a taapke (cast-iron pan). The meal is mostly eaten in hilly areas.
Pickles, yogurt, curried vegetables, or handmade butter are frequently served with the Dhindo. It’s best to eat it as soon as possible since it hardens as it cools.

6. Gundruk

Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

Gundruk is Nepal’s most well-known and adored dish. From the Terai to the hills and mountains, this meal is relished by all ethnic groups in Nepal. Dhido is frequently served with Gundruk as a side dish. It is a dried fermented leafy vegetable comprised of mustard green leaves (Rayo ko saag), radish leaves (Mula ko saag), cauliflower leaves (cauli ko paat), and other vegetables.

7.  Alu Tama

Best Top 7 Traditional Food of Nepal

In Nepali/Newari cuisine, this is one of the most popular meals. This dish is usually present in a Newari-style Bhoj (feast).

Aloo Tama is a traditional Nepalese soup made with black beans, potatoes, bamboo shoots, and spices. Tama is a bamboo stalk product that has not been fermented. Aloo tama is a popular comfort meal that can be found in practically every household in Nepal. The reason for this dish’s lasting appeal is that it is highly excellent and attractive, owing to its somewhat sour and pungent flavor.


All of them are Nepal’s most delicious and savory delicacies. Nepal’s diverse cuisine draws foodies and food bloggers from all over the world to sample its delicious cuisine.

I hope that if you visit Nepal, you would taste the above-mentioned popular Nepalese foods.


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