Best Time to Visit Nepal

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Geographically, Nepal is divided into 3 regions – Himalayan, Hilly, and Terai. You can see the highest point on Earth Mt. Everest at 8,848 m and the lowest point at Kechana Karan village at 60 m in the same country. So, depending upon the region it is always the best time to visit Nepal. Every region has its own unique diversity, landscape, climate, and specialty. But the most suitable time to visit Nepal in Autumn and Spring among other seasons. 

Nepal had divided the year into six-season: Basanta (Spring), Grishma (Summer), Barkha (Monsoon), Sharad (Early Autumn), Hemanta (Late Autumn), Shishir (Winter). As the Nepalese had divided into six seasons, the tourist sector will follow four seasons. Here is some detailed information about four distinct trekking season, which will be the Best Time to Visit Nepal and what can you expect in each season.

1. Spring Season

Best Time to Visit Nepal
Nilgiri and rhododendrons

Spring is one of the second great and best times to visit Nepal after Autum. Spring season lines from March to May. This season is great because the weather remains pleasant with an excellent and clear view of the white dazzling mountains. This season is great because you feel neither too hot nor too cold. Flowers will start to bloom and the trekking trail will full of rhododendron and orchid flowers. If you are lucky then, you can experience a wonderful festival like Holi, Mahashivaratri, Bisket Jatra, etc.

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This season is great for adventure seekers who are willing to do expeditions. Many mountaineers visit Nepal to summit the eight-thousanders peaks like Everest, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Lhotse, Makalu, Annapurna, and Cho Oyu. spring season is great for helicopter tours. Overwhelming aerial view of the highest peak like Everest and Langtang can be seen clearly if you do a helicopter tour. 

2. Summer Season

Best Time to Visit Nepal

After the balmy days of spring then the hot and humid summer will begin. The summer season will start from June to August. Mainly, in Terai region temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius during summer. It is not recommended to travel in Terai Region but if you are fond of botany then it’s worthwhile to go at a lower altitude. In early summer it is hot and humid then monsoon will start from mid-summer. The sudden burst of thunder and rain may lead landslide to Himalayan roads. So, trekking to some high altitude may not be recommended because of bad seasonal roads. 

But some trekking like Upper Mustang, Tsum Valley, Upper Dolpo, and Humla are still suitable during this Monsoon too. These places lie under the rain shadow and didn’t receive rainfall or a very small quantity of rain. If you are hardcore rafter or kayaker then you can experience the wilderness of Himalayan rivers. There is advantage of less crowded and enjoy the greenery while you trekking or doing any other activities.

3. Autumn Season

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Spring is the greatest and best season to visit Nepal. The Autumn season starts from September and ends in November. During this season, the sky remains clear and days will be warm and pleasant. There will be no humidity and the temperature remain moderate. The trekking route starts to get crowded as this season is best of all year to see the mesmerizing view of mountains and other scenery. In this season many great festivals are also held like Dashain, Tihar, and Indra Jatra. You will able to experience Hindus great festival Dashain and Tihar also witness the Living Goddess “Kumari”.

During this season you can travel every corner of Nepal because of amazing weather and great view of nature. Many popular trekking trials start to fill by the tourists to enjoy in the lap of the mountains. If you will traveling to mid-hills during Dashain then you can be the part od Dashain and Tihar festivals. It is the best time for outdoor activities like paragliding, white-water rafting, and Bunjy Jumping. 

4. Winter Season

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Winter season starts from December to February. In this season trekking above 3,000 m is not recommended until you are a high adventure seeker. Winter is harsh to high altitude and hilly region during the winter season. The temperature drops below -3 in the high Himalayas and local people migrate to lower regions to escape cold. 

Winter season is suitable to explore the beauty of the City area and parts of the Terai lowlands. Because there will be less cold compare to high altitude Himalayas. Terai Region is best for jungle safari to the national park of Chitwan, Bardia, and Koshi Tappu during the winter season. You can also do some short hike like Shivapuri Hike, Poon Hill Trek, Nagarkot, and Champadevi hike. But some adventure seekers still go for high altitude trekking for the wilderness experience. Festivals celebrated in this season are Chhath, Yomari Punhi, and Losar (Buddhist New Year). 

Winter is also the right time for those tourists who are fond of bird watching tours. You can especially visit the western part of Nepal like Karnali, Mugu, Khaptad, and border towns to explore varied species of birds.

Nepal may be a small country but you can explore the diverse landscape and culture. You can experience historic palaces, outdoor adventures, jungle walk mountains, natures, and different festivals all in one small yet beautiful country. The country is not rich in Himalaya but equally rich in lowlands, valleys, and cultures. There is so much thing to explore and discover in this beautiful country and once is not enough for you.

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