Best South Indian Movies to Watch in YouTube

Best South Indian Movies to Watch in YouTube

India has a diverse film background which are both interesting and fascinating to watch and explore. South Indian movies are an integral part of Indian cinema.

The South Indian genre of movies has gained a vast amount of popularity not only in India but all over the world. Below are some of the best films made by South that you could watch on YouTube in your leisure time.

1. Drishyam

Most probably the best Malayam movie ever made. This film gave the Malayam entertainment industry a worldwide recognition and became the highest-grossing film in its initial week of release.

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The film has a surprise and plot twist that will keep the audiences at the edge of their seat. This legendary movie has also been remade in different Indian languages such as Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, and Hindi. It has also been made into a Chinese version.

2. Happy Days

Happy Days has gained some what of a cult classic status in Telegu cinema. The movie features talented actors such as Tamanhaah and Varun Sandesh.

The story is about eight close friends who are engineer students and the close bond that shared between them as well as their tackle with problems. The movie is a feel-good movie. Hence check it out on YouTube.

3. Ustad Hotel

The movie talks about the generation gap that exists between new and old. Furthermore, the Malayalam film focuses on people’s desires, their own ambitions counterbalancing with their family wishes.

Dulqueer Salman plays the lead role in the film and his acting was appreciated by fans and critics alike. The movie was declared a commercial hit.

4. Bangalore Days

This lovely Malayalam comedy-drama is based upon three close cousins who are struggling to find their feet in life. The three of them moved to their dream city and faced several obstacles as well as finally adapting and going on to their newfound life.

It is a good movie that is bound to touch your heart. Furthermore, the film will make you remember your childhood days and makes you cherish the moment you have with your family.

5. C/o Kancharapalem

This movie was way ahead of its time. Such a masterpiece is reserved for film festivals held around the world and deserved more global attention.

The film looks into the in-depth lives of ordinary people. It is a movie which is totally different from the glamorous Indian cinema. Words will not do justice to this beauty. Go ahead and see it immediately.


A lovely Telegu romantic movie where the primary characters are two high school lovers who happened to come across each other and are able to ignite their lost romance once again.

Well written story and musical score make this film a feel-good moment for Telegu cinema lover. This a must-see movie for those people who yearn for their high school crush.

7. Rangalstham

This Telegu movie could give any good Bollywood movie a run for their money. The films have Ram Chandra and Samantha Ruth Prabhu(Akkineni) in the lead roles.

Rangalstham has a place in the heart of South Indian cinema lovers. The whole cast of the movie tells a remarkable story of simple village folks taking on a corrupt system.

8. Anbe Sivam

One of the finest movies ever made by Tamil, the story talks about two men who met each other on their journey from Bhuneshwar to their ultimate destination in Chennai and the hardships that they faced as the result of their different thinking and personalities.

The movie that has a legendary status in Tamil Cinema is a joy to watch. The film has famous South Indian actors Kamal Hassan and R Madhavan in the lead roles.

9. Premam

Another gem of a movie from the Malayalam cinema industry, tells the story of a person named, George and his romantic love that sees him through various phases of life.

The film has been the cornerstone of the Malayam industry and won numerous awards such as prestigious South Indian International Movie Awards and Filmfare awards too.

10. Ulidavaru Kandanthe

This crime anthology movie rules the heart of Kannada cinema fans. The plot is of a journalist who uncovers a high profile murder debacle amidst different people and their storytelling of the crime.

The film has outstanding acting, enticing narrative, lovely screenplay, and magnificent characters that make this a joy to lover of crime drama and suspense stories.

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