Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

Hetauda is considered the cleanest city of Nepal during 2016 and 2017 and it is the part of the Makwanpur district. Hetauda has an architecture like a gorge, decorated with the plants and trees, making it one of Nepal’s greenest towns. Moreover, the Mahabharat range is on the north and Siwalik range is on the south side of the Hetauda. Moreover, according to Hindu mythology, Hetauda is named after Hidimba, a demon queen who married Bhimsen and it is mentioned on Mahabharat.

Hetauda is a small town with an estimated area of 101.00 sq mi and it is 1132 ft above the sea level. There are number of temples and religious monuments stand still which make Hetauda as one of the oldest city in Nepal.

Sahid Smarak

The name it self describes the overall theme of this place. Sahid Smarak is built in the memory of the martyrs of the nation. The core attraction of this place is the statue of Madan Kumar Bhandari who was a Nepalese political and communist leader. Actually, the student volunteer from Nepal Lalit Kala Campus and completed the sculpture. Besides, sculpture and art, it consist a zoo that has animals like Lion, Leopard, Tortoise, Wolf, Squirrel, Turtles, Crocodile, and several endangered species.

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Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

The park is regarded mainly as a location for a picnic and there is also the summer swimming pool for young people as well. Park has a children’s playground with numerous juggling activities.nd it is located just 2 kilometers west from t he main town.

Makawanpur Gadhi

Another popular destination in Hetauda is Makawanpur Gadhi. The fort, which is situated on the east side of the region. It is historically significant because it has the essence of the period when Nepal was unified. In this fort, there are two castles: ‘Mool Gadhi,’ and ‘Sanno Gadhi.

Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

Sen Dynasty’s historical and cultural significance is also preserved here which is thought to be Makwanpur’s valuable posses. There is also a wall of 25 feet high and 7 feet wide around the fort which was designed to shield the area in old days.

Rapti, Samari and Karra River

Hetauda has some alpine source of water which flows as three rivers. Rapti river in the west, Samari river in the north, and Karra river in the south. These rivers are important to irrigate Makawanpur’s fertile land.

Agriculture is the largest profession in the district. The crops like paddy, maize, millet, and fruit are the main crops of farmers in this area. The rivers also enable the flora to bloom throughout the city.

Hetauda’s Industrial Area

Hetauda is the hub of Nepalese industrial areas and considered as the largest industrial district of Nepal. Here the residents are the working class however, it is on the way of becoming Nepal’s economic superpower.

There are many industries operated in this place like Uniliver, Hetauda Cement, D.D.C , Sundar Cement, Yeti, Berger and Asian paints, and several soaps, plastic and chemical industries.

Bhutan Devi

There are lots of temples and religious monuments in Hetauda and among them, Bhutandevi temple and Pathivara Devi temple are much sacred. Bhutandevi is dedicated to the divinity of Durga. The goddess of Bhutandevi believed to helps her disciples to rid themselves of the trouble.

Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

Pathivara Devi Temple

The temple of Pathivara Devi lies in the hilly landscape part of Hetauda. It is also the sacred place for Hindu devotees who worship Hindu Devi. Furthermore, hiking is another best part of this place. The hike to temple enables visitors to embrace the natural beauty of the Mahabharat range.

Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

The area around the Pathivara Devi temple is so clean and peaceful. Besides, temple The landscape from the top gives you the best view of Hetauda.

Banaskhandi Temple

The Temple of Banaskhandi Mandir is for Hindu devotees. The main attractions of this location include a beautiful view of the evergreen hill of the Siwalik range. The temple is surrounded by some astonishing plants and trees which will obviously mesmerize your visit.

This area around the temple is often used by the locals to celebrate marriage, picnic, party, etc. Every year, thousands visit this place.


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