Best Hindi Movies to Watch on Youtube

Best Hindi Movies to Watch on Youtube

Bollywood Industries is one of the largest film industries in the world. In spite of having massive money and resources, sadly, the Indian cinema does not much in terms quality of movies.

But in the list given below, we will discover several exceptional Hindi movies that you can watch for free on YouTube. These films will make you rethink and change your opinion on Bollywood.

1. Firaaq

The movie is a political-themed story that looks at an in-depth look at the normal lives of plain and simple people devasted by Gurjat turmoil that took place in 2002.

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The heartwarming films have stars such as Nawazauddin Siddiqui, Naseeruddin Shah, Tisca Chopra, and Deepti Naval. The film won various awards which include, the category for editing and art direction at the National Fim Awards.

2. Aakrasoh

Aakrosh is considered one of the best Hindi movies that has been ever produced.The story follows the tale of lawyer who has to defend a person who has been accused of murdering his wife.

The film boasts several household names in Indian cinema like Naseeruddin Shah, Smitha Patil, and Puri duo of Amrish and Om. The film was well-received well by critics as well as fans alike and won several awards.

3. Life in a Metro

The movie shows the day to day life of many people who are struggling with themselves and disappointment in the suburban areas of Mumbai city.

The film has some of the Indian veteran stars messed with upcoming talents. It is a must-see for those who like a bit of drama and love.Plus,this film also has beautiful soundtrack which shows the city in its flaws and drama.

4. Company

The company directed by the legendary Ram Gopal Verma is considered one of the finest gangster movies of Indian cinema. The plot is set in the poor slum area of Mumbai, where a poor young man rises to become the city most feared underworld gangster.

The movie has renowened actors like Ajay Devgan,Mohanlal,Vivek Oberoi and Manisha Koirala.The film was applauded for showing the real life situation of mafia goons and darker style which is very rare in that time in Indian cinema scenario.

5. 3 Idiots

3 Idiot is one of the best movies that has been made in Indian cinema in last decade. The movie is directed by the popular director, Raj Kumar Hirani. The prominent cast members are Amir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani, Sharman Joshi, and R Madhavan.

The films focus on following our dreams and not be pressurized by our seniors like parents and teachers want us to do in our life. The movie has a simple message which is to follow your heart.

6. Dangal

Amir Khan portrays Mahavir Phogat who fails miserably to win a gold medal for his nation. Later he trained his daughters for wrestling and in the end, his elder daughter finally bought home the gold.

The movie was one of the best movies which were released in the year 2016. The acting, directing, screenplay, and background scores match the film pretty well and was declared a hit at the box office.

7. Manjhi- The Mountain Man

The biographic film is about a man named, Manjhi who destroys mountain to form the road so that people can move and travel easily. He performs such a task so as to avenge his wife’s death who fell down to her death when she tried to cross the mountain.

Nawajuddin Siddique plays the lead role in the movie and performs his role exceptionally well in the movie. This film is one of the best movies that you can see on YouTube.

8. Padman

This one of the good movies of Bollywood which focuses on social issues. In the film, Laxmikant played by Akashya Kumar whose wife is using a smelly dirty cloth to wash during her period.

Such acts inspire Laxmikant to make sanitary pad which is both reliable and easy to afford. Based on the true story of a guy named Arunachalam Murungananthman, Padman is available on YouTube for you to view.

9. Baby

Baby is an spy action movie which is directed by the talented Neeraj Pandey.The movie main character,Ajay leads his team to track and kill terroists.

An engaging film shows how intelligence officer executes many ideas into fruitful action to complete his assigned mission along with his team. One of the best spy movies made by Indian cinema, you can enjoy it now on YouTube.

10. Tumbbad

One of the best Indian cinematography movies than any film has not shown in recent years. Starring in the main roles Sohum Shah and Mohammad Samad, Tumbbad is a myth-based horror movie, which looks at the myth of Hindu forgotten demon god Hastar – the first son of mother earth.

Watch this surreal Hindi movie which totally will change your belief in Bollywood movies. This a masterpiece and delight for those audiences who seek original and fresh content. Watch this Oscar-worthy movie, now at YouTube.