Best Digital Wallets in Nepal

Best Digital Wallets in Nepal

With the rise in smartphone users and technological advancement banks and finance sector has also digitised with Digital Wallets and Mobile Banking Softwares. Digital Wallets have gained a lot of popularity in the recent days and especially during the pandemic. It has made an impact on sectors varying from Restaurants/Hotels and Malls to even Stationaries. The life of people has been more comfortable with the cashless transaction. So, we have listed some of our favourites Digital Wallet:

1. Esewa


Esewa was launched way before in 2009 being first in its class. Being licensed by the Nepal Rastra Bank it is also one of the most popular digital wallets. With most of the major banks linked with esewa for payments, it has huge coverage and more number of merchants.

User Interface of Esewa Digital Wallet

Esewa also has provided a huge number of services like payment for Tuition Fee, Utility Bill, DEMAT/Mero share acc renew, Insurance, Bus and Airplane Tickets and others which is probably everything you could imagine. It’s easy to use interface also makes it easier for users of most of the demographic. The cashback and reward points also make it exciting to use.

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Esewa also has its E-commerce site “Esewa Pasal” where you can find almost anything. It has linked with other popular e-commerce sites with even offers and cashback available. With its growing popularity, “Esewa” has become a synonym of Digital wallet or online banking.

With a fully functioning website already Esewa also has a mobile app. Android| iOS

2. Khalti

Khalti App

Khalti is also one of the popular Digital Wallet with its tremendous growth in a short period since 2017. Nepal Rastra Bank has licensed it since 2019. Many banks have linked with Khalti, and you can send and load funds from 40+ banks.

The services provided by the Khalti are also similar to that of Esewa where you can pay for Movie Tickets, Tuition Fee, Show Tickets, Top-up, Utility Bills, and even receive Remittance. Khalti also provides Cash Back which accumulates in the bonus balance. You cant transfer the bonus balance on your bank acc but use it on Khalti services itself. After each transaction Khalti awards, you with Khalt points too.

You can use Khalti from the website or download it from here :
Android/ iOS

3. IME Pay

IME pay

IME Pay might be a familiar name for us as we all might have been grown up hearing IME Remittance. From sponsoring events to Promotional campaigns, IME Pay has done very well in its marketing. Its marketing can be well credited for its success in a short period. It was the first Digital Wallet to get licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank.

IME Pay has a comparatively less array of services than Esewa or Khalti. But the upside is IME Pay has prioritized Remittance than its competitors. The services range from Utility Bills, Bus/Plane Tickets, Top-ups, EMI, etc. In petrol pumps, IME pay also provides Rs.2 cashback per liter. And if you’re someone who travels via plane a lot, then you could benefit from IME Pay as it gives the highest cashback compared to other digital wallets.

It has also launched two digital wallet apps, IME PAY for regular users, and IME Pay Agents for more corporate users.

IME Pay: Android/ iOS
IME Pay Agent: Android/ iOS

4. Prabhu Pay

prabhu pay

Prabhu Pay is comparatively less popular Digital Wallet. But it has grown pretty quickly which must be given credit to its already famous brand name “Prabhu Group”.

Unlike all Digital Wallets, Prabhu pay lags in a variety of services, but the general services like Utility Bills, Bus/Plane Ticket, Insurance, etc. are covered. But one beneficial feature Prabhu Pay has initiated hospital booking and bill payment with only three hospitals at the moment – Civil Service Hospital, Biratnagar Aspataal, Siddhi Memorial Hospital.

Prabhu Pay: Android/ iOS

5. Ipay

iPay Nepal

Ipay is a digital wallet app developed by the famous back in 2018. It hasn’t been able to shine like its competitors with the fewer services offered.

Ipay has been offering general services like Utility bill payment, Top-up, Bus/Plane Ticket booking, Movie tickets, etc. The app still has yet to feature Insurance/EMI payment. It also feels limited as it only a few banks like NIC Asia, Global IME, Prabhu Bank, etc. have been linked.

Ipay: Android/ iOS

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