Top 5 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Jamsikhel

Top 5 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Jamsikhel

Want to visit the best cafes around Jamsikhel? Are you someone who loves traveling around while being on the lookout for the greatest cup of joe?

There is a different vibe airing in cafes. Some people are just so fond of cafes that they feel like spending their entire day in a cafe.

Great coffee is finally getting normalized so why not search for the greatest places to try out?

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With good coffee, great food, beautiful decor, and an amazing playlist, who wouldn’t want to spend all his time there? There are so many great cafes in Kathmandu serving some of the tastiest food and great coffee with the cutest and the most creative interiors. Whenever you think of dining or food, Jhamsikhel instantly pops into the mind. One of the sumptuous areas in Kathmandu valley, Jhamsikhel has got some wonderful cafes around it.

Best Cafes At Jamsikhel

As we dive into our list, keep in mind there are tons and tons of coffee shops around the Kathmandu valley. We are focusing on the must-visit cafes, which we chose for design, Instagrammable features, location, options, quality of the coffee, atmosphere, the list goes on and on! Let’s begin guys

5. The Busy Bean

Top 5 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Jamsikhel

I have been to Busy bean a few times. I love this place, their ambiance, sating sofas, clean toiletry, and friendly staff have made me amazed here. The place looks cozy, mostly filled with foreigners who stay there for a long term. The environment is perfect for all age groups.
Coffee nare fresh & brew with local products. Seems like they are well aware of ” promoting local products grown up Locally”.
Price-wise they are very reasonable. Fresh & good food at a very reasonable price, What more do you want!

4. Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen

Top 5 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Jamsikhel

If you love Mughlai food, you should definitely try Tasneem’s. Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen brings to you authentic Bohra Muslim cuisine cooked the dum-pukht way with charcoals over a slow-fire technique associated with royal kitchens of Awadh. Tasneem’s fare is prepared from recipes passed down the family tree, offering you a chance to taste the great Bohra Muslim culinary delights, prepared by traditional Ustads from Kings Kitchen, Mumbai.

3. Bozze Belly

Top 5 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Jamsikhel

A recently established venture, Booze belly is gaining quite a bit of popularity among youngsters. From the name itself, you can guess that they serve booze and food for the belly. I haven’t been to this place myself but from what I hear, they have a funky interior that mostly attracts people. Also, they come up with cool concepts like Ladies Night, Karaoke, and Movie night, which makes the place vibrant and fun-filled. I found their social media presence quite impressive.

They give updates on their upcoming events with snappy phrases like Taco Tuesday, Musical Friday, and so on.

2. RedMud Cafe

Top 5 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Jamsikhel

Redmud Cafe has been around for quite a long time and this place has been providing some of the best delicacies around Jhamsikhel as well. You can have a menu plan RedMud is a hub for coffee lovers. It serves decent food and the coffee here is really good. It’s a perfect place to go when you are drenched in rain and all you want is a hot cup of coffee with some mouthwatering jhool momos You get this friendly and young energy all over the place that lightens your mood instantly. It is one of the best cafes around jhamsikhel.

1. Evoke

Top 5 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Jamsikhel

EVOKE is more than just a coffee shop,
EVOKE is your doorway into a space that will induce smells, colors, sounds, and shapes of your mind’s world. Evoke is to call upon or produce memories, feelings, emotions, and ideas. Through artistry, imagination, and dignity, they aim to create a vivid impression of reality and to build a vivacious world embodying good coffee, hope, and positivity. Evoke is not only popular for its ambiance and food but also for its live music. It’s a great place for a large group of people who like to chill and listen to music. It’s also suitable for conferences and meetings as they have a separate hall to do so.

Let’s visit these wonderful cafe

Top 5 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Jamsikhel

Being a foodie myself, I love to try different cuisines and dine at the latest hotspots.

Many of us are foodies on the Wanderlog team, so naturally, we’re always on the hunt to eat at the most popular spots anytime we travel somewhere new. We search through the internet and read through 10 reputable sites and blogs like Nepal Tours and Holidify so you don’t have to! We gathered all the results in one place and ranked them by how many times they were mentioned so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Did you find your favorite Cafe at Jamshikhel on the list? If you know some that we might have missed, then do suggest us. We would love to hear from you. Hope you have a good time ahead!

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