A Spring In Kathmandu Is A Heavenly Blessing!

A Spring In Kathmandu Is A Heavenly Blessing!

Ahh, what a time to be alive I say to myself every time I see the purple flowers blooming in the streets of Kathmandu. As if it is the official blessings from heaven that bless us every spring with those spectacular views of Jacaranda ( or I would like to call it Purple sakura).

Pleasing to eyes,
Peaceful to heart,
Purple Sakura makes me feel like
I am the main character in the anime
and everything will be okay in the end.

Anisha and milenee

Purple Sakura

A Spring In Kathmandu Is A Heavenly Blessing!
Image Source: Pinterest-Imgur

Every spring Kathmandu gets painted by the beauty of purple Sakura into a beautiful shade of purple.
Kathmandu looks like it is celebrating the coming of spring after a long winter by blossoming the purple Sakura. The beauty of those flowers is beyond my vocabulary to describe it. And no big words combined will be enough to express my tranquil feeling I get every time I am walking amid those serene promised land.

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How did this purple flower get here in kathmandu?

spring with purple flower
Image Source: Nepal Times

Many people claim that the flowers were planted over the city when Queen Elizabeth visited Nepal in 1961. There are a lot of theories behind how this flower get here.

According to botanists and historians this plant was brought in Kathmandu in the late 18th and early 19th century by the rana aristocrats of that time.

Historian Saurabh says that Sur Sumsher Rana was the one who brought this plant for the first time in 1920s and planted it in his private garden. He further claims in his book that king Tribhuwan planted the second flower in his garden.

On the other hand the leader of the first generation plant scientists of the country, Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha claims that this plant has been in Nepal for 150 years. He believes that Rana’s were behind the import of these Jacaranda in Nepal

Is it a blue mimosa( Shirish Ko Phool) or a Blue jacaranda?

A Spring In Kathmandu Is A Heavenly Blessing!
Rato Shirish, Image Source: Pinterest- Sweet Southern Blue

You might be wondering why am I addressing Shirish ko Phool as Jacaranda or Purple Sakura. Well, according to Botanist it is not a Shirish ko Phool (roughly translated into English as Blue Mimosa) but a Jacaranda Mimosifolia which has been imported from other country. Due to the similarities between the leaves of both flower people gets confused with Shirish Ko Phool. And also probably because of the popular novel named Shirish ko Phool written by Parijat. For more detailed information you can read the article in online khabar.

Places to enjoy the views of Purple Flower

A Spring In Kathmandu Is A Heavenly Blessing!
Image Source: My Republica

If you are thinking to get best views of these flowers or to take pictures this spring then these are some of the recommended places to visit. Believe me these places looks like a paradise in earth and you will definitely won’t regret going to these places. You can go with your friends here and take some aesthetic pictures for your insta. If you are not from Kathmandu and visiting here for the first time then you are lucky. Cause spring in Kathmandu is the best thing. You will feel like a you are in a Japanese anime.

So here are the places to visit in Kathmandu this spring to enjoy those Purple flower

  • Ghantaghar Kathmandu
  • Durbarmarg, Kathmandu
  • Narayanhiti, Kathmandu
  • Singha Durbar, Kathmandu
  • Sahid Gate, Kathmandu
  • Ratna Park, Kathmandu
  • Pulchowk, Lalitpur


A Spring In Kathmandu Is A Heavenly Blessing!

Spring in Kathmandu is the best time of the year to enjoy beauty of the city. When Those flowers blooms in the streets of kathmandu you know that spring is here. You can call those flowers whatever you want to but it won’t change the fact they are pretty to look at and you may find yourself staring it for a long time. And for me it will always be a purple sakura. Hope this article was fun to read. Have a good day!


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