9 Best Youtube Tech Channels

9 Best Youtube Tech Channels

YouTube has evolved from just being a site made for making various videos. It is a place where people from all walks of life make several videos be it posting baby videos, making artistic song cover, making movies or series reviews, and several more.

Likewise, it is also the best place where we can find and learn as well as explore great tutorial videos. The following are some of the best tech channels which are on YouTube where You Tubers talk and explained about gadgets, mobile phones, electronic devices, and many more.

1. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips has extensive knowledge of various forms of PC. In his video, he mostly opens up about hardware like motherboards, keyboards, earphones, and many more.

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Besides opening several computer peripherals, he also talks and gives off necessary information about other computer hardware.

2. MarquesBrownlee

In his youtube channel, Marque explains and speaks about tablets, mobiles, and tablets. Likewise, he also had made several interesting comments on many latest gadgets.

Unlike other You tubers, he does not make many reviews on his channel. However, his other posts and videos give a clear understanding and aid viewers to know some apps and their uses.

3. The Verge

This is the famous tech-related channel that has tons of videos along with their texted articles. The channel is also the first to review new and latest devices.

Also, the channel also posts its video tilted 90 seconds on the Verge, where it explains and gives information about the most happening latest gadgets and tech news on a daily basis.

4. Android Authority

From the name itself, you can the idea that this channel is heavily related to android. It has a lot of videos that mainly revolve around the latest Android gadgets.

Also, they also give a comparison between two trendy Android smartphones as well as tablets from several production companies to help viewers to make a choice on which smartphones and tablets are best to buy.

5. Hi-Tech Legion

The channel is about assembling gadgets and devices out of the box and tell their views what it is, it’s functions, and gives performance standards. Also, they also provide reviews as well.

Due to this, their videos are detailed and seem to be longer but has complete information packed in it.’


This another You channel which shows the unboxing of hardware and other components of the computer. Videos could be long but it has a lot of useful information contained in it.

Besides, covering various types of hardware products, this channel also has interviewed several people on the showroom floor.

7. Tested Com

Fans of MythBusters.com, you can also enjoy Tested.com as well as in the channel you will be able to see your favorite Adam of Mythbusters alongside Norm and Will.

In the channel, they discuss the problem and many issues that are going on in modern technology. Likewise, they also talked about the hobbies that they have. The videos that they post are very interesting and engaging to watch and listen to.

8. MiniPCPro

This is the channel that Mobile lovers can enjoy as it gives clear information and review on the latest mobiles, smartphones, tablets, and gaming gadgets.

Apart from the talking about the recently launched products and brands, they also give their opinions on gadgets who don’t get much attention from the media.

9. Duncan33303

Austin, the host of the channel is a straightforward guy as he quickly uncovers smartphones, mobiles, and tablets. Without any sort of hesitation, he makes fast reviews but informative suggestions to the viewers.

Full of review, he gives relevant details of all sorts of devices in his channel. Another feature of the channel is the video quality that is great which makes viewing more pleasurable to the eye.