8 Best Nepali Biscuits For Snacks

8 Best Nepali Biscuits For Snacks

Biscuits are the favorite past time’s snack of people in Nepal. If you ever wandered into the shops be it a small tea stall or big malls, you will find a range variety of biscuits.

Here, we are going to highlight eight of the best Nepali biscuits which has made a name for themselves in the Nepalese markets.

Ribbon Cookies

Ribbon Cookies is one of the most popular biscuits brands of cookies in Nepal. These Cookies are made from advanced baking technology. There are more than 30 items with different flavors that you can enjoy with Ribbon.

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8 Best Nepali Biscuits For Snacks
8 Best Nepali Biscuits For Snacks

It is one of the cheapest biscuit cookies in Nepal. Typically Ribbon cookies cost around Rs 15 to Rs 200.

Nebico Biscuits

Founded in 1964, Nebico Private Limited is one of the pioneer biscuits industry in Nepal. The factory where Nebico Biscuits are produced and manufactured is in the busy Balaju Industrial District in Balaju.

Nebico has been serving Nepalese customers for more than five decades. It has made several Popular biscuits such as Thin arrowroot, Coconut crunches, Digestive, Nice, and many more. The price of such biscuit ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 250.

Sudur Biscuits

Sudur Biscuits is specially made from the far western region in Nepal. Sudur Biscuits company has made a name for itself in the Nepalese market for providing rich and quality biscuits.

8 Best Nepali Biscuits For Snacks

The head office of the company is at Geta Godavari 5 in Kailali. There are various brands of biscuits that come in coconut butter and jeera flavor. The price of the Sudur Biscuit packet is around Rs 50.

Pashupati Biscuit

The Pashupati Biscuit industry ranks as one of the Popular biscuits industries in Nepal. Established in 1972, Pashupati Biscuit holds a special place in the heart of Nepalese people.

One of the largest manufacturers for biscuits in all of Nepal, Pashupati biscuit maintains a great quality through the effective usage of imported machinery from Germany, China, and India.

The average price of the Pashupati Biscuit tends to be between Rs 10 to Rs 50. Although the price seems too cheap, the quality that the biscuit offer is excellent as it contains fiber and loaded with low cholesterol.

Kwality Biscuits

Kwality Biscuits is manufactured by Kabra Group. The company was established in 1985. Kabra Group has been Nepal’s top manufacturer of biscuits for over 35 years.

Besides making biscuits, they have also produced noodles, chocolates, and several beverages. Some of the recognized biscuits brands of Kwality are Tasty-Tasty, Butter Cracker, BonBon, Sugar-Free, Tip-Top, tradition, JackPot, etc.

Typical the average price of Kwality biscuits ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 100.

Khajurico Biscuit

Khajurico Nepal was established in 1990 and previously had a brand name of Khajuri Foods. The company began its journey by manufacturing baked bread(Pauroti) made by a group of family members specialized in making bread.

8 Best Nepali Biscuits For Snacks

Since then the industries have done well in the Nepalese market. The brand name of Khajuri Foods was changed to Khajurico Nepal in 2003. Its base operation is at Chapagaun, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Besides selling biscuits. Khajuraho also sells various pastries and cookies. The company also exports it’s products to countries such as Tibet, Gana, Australia, etc.

The price of Khajurico Biscuit tends to be in the range of Rs 15 to Rs 100.

Goodlife Biscuits

Goodlife Biscuits is another name that comes into mind when you think of popular biscuit brands. The biscuits come under Asian Biscuit and Confectionery Private Limited.

The company was established in 2012 and its state of the art infrastructure is situated in Dhuabi, Sunsari. Its plants have the best quality control which makes its products very tasty and healthy to eat. As such the company is also in par with other international brands in terms of technology and quality service provided to the customers.

The popular brands of Goodlife Biscuits are Bourbon, Digestive, Rum Pum, Marie, Too, SuperMarie, etc. The price of the biscuits comes in the range of Rs 10 to Rs 200.

Gullon Biscuits Nepal

Gullon Biscuits Brand began its business operation from 1969. Ever since it’s the establishment, the company has strived itself to develop the tastiest and healthiest of biscuits. The biscuits are known to be sugar-free and high in fiber.

Besides producing a wide range of biscuits, it also sells cookies and wafers which come in different flavors. A household name in Nepal, Gullon Biscuit costs are affordable and ranges from Rs 15 to Rs 175.

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