8 Best Ways To Convert PDF to Word File

8 Best Ways To Convert PDF to Word File

You need a little trick to convert PDF to Word File.

The file formats of different documents have different functions and properties. They are unique and useful on their own accounts. But, if you come across one PDF file and want to edit it in Word File format, then that’s the time you ask the question,” How to convert PDF to Word File?”.

What would you do? Well here is the answer to that.

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Tools To Convert PDF to Word File

The accessibility of these conversion options is very simple and does not take much time. If you just take the steps accordingly you will have a word document from PDF in no time at all.

Use of Applications to Convert PDF To Word File

8 Best Ways To Convert PDF to Word File

Taking heed of the applications that you might have used on a regular basis you can get the file as you convert PDf to Word with the tool that it is provided with. Some most used ones that make the job easier are listed here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat reader is the best and most used PDF reader. And to make it easier for the users to have a short method of getting a word doc, it does for to convert pdf to word file.

  1. Open PDf in Acrobat
  2. Go To export PDF tool
  3. Select Microsoft Word as the export format 
  4. Click export and save the document
Convert PDF to Word

WPS  Office

WPS Office is the alternative to the Microsoft Office package. ANd is quite full of tools and applications associated with it. due to these tools, makes the experience easier and accessible for the reader. Here you can simply, get to the WPS Application to get a Word File From PDDF.

  1. In WPS go to the special features app section
  2. Select pdf to word tool
  3. Browse for the pdf and open it
  4. Go to Save as option under the File and save it as word
  5. Start and it will be saved as a Word file
Convert Pdf to Word

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office and moreover, Microsoft Word is the creator of most of the PDF Files. The most trusted application for Writing has provided the users with many services. And to convert pdf to word file in a straightforward way is one of those things.

  1. Go to Microsoft Word App
  2. Browse and Open the pdf file
  3. You will get a message in a dialog box that says Word is going to convert and open the pdf in a Word Compatible Format. Click Ok in the Dialog Box
  4. Microsoft will open the File Into Word File after the conversion.
Convert PDf to word Microsoft Office

Online Tools To Convert Pdf to Word File

Online converters are another easy option for you to just convert pdf to word files on the go. You will not have to have any applications installed. With the shortcut of easy accessibility function, Online converters get the job done on the go. It’s very useful if you are not that much of a Word or pdf user. Just to get the job done in a temporary way. So you would not have to exert extra space with the download of the Applications. It’s easy and does the job if you need it to.


Freeconvert is an online way of getting your conversion done. It gives you many features and services. To convert Pdf to word files, you can follow these steps.

  1. Go to the website 
  2. Upload the pdf file or drag and drop 
  3. Convert to Word
  4. Download the word file
convert PDF to Word File


Adobe has it all for your service. Whether through an app or online, you can get to their service in any way.

To get your file and convert pdf to word file, get to the website and follow these steps.

  1. Select the pdf file and upload it in the Select the File box or drag and drop the file
  2. Convert the file and download the converted word document into your device
convert PDF to Word File


Smallpdf brings the layout through their website as a tool to convert any pdf file into word in seconds. Get to the website and follow these steps.

  1. Upload and the extraction will start on their own
  2. Wait for the conversion to complete
  3. Download the word file
convert PDF to Word File


Convertpdftoword takes you through a single set of conversions to get the pdf into word file format in seconds.

  1. Select or drop the file in the Select a file box
  2. The conversion will automatically start
  3. After conversion, download the file
convert PDF to Word File


Ilovepdf takes your pdf file and gives you the Word File in exchange. It contains a lot of tools associated with PDF file format. You can explore and be sure, you will not have to return empty-handed.

  1. Select a PDf file or drop it in the highlighted location
  2. Click on convert to WORD
  3. After the conversion is complete it will download the file to your device 
  4. Or you can click on download WORD.
convert PDF to Word File

Before You End This Article

When you get a PDF file, of a project, Data, A good read, or just work. You have to face the problem of not being able to edit some of your inputs. So that is when you get to convert it into a word file. So, this article pointed out steps for that conversion that will certainly help you. It gives the best way of exploring something that might be deemed simple and just a tool for one.

But, if you get the hang of it, not just simple conversion. You can find many things and get your word document to be a success for you.

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