8 Best Microphones for YouTube and Podcasting

8 Best Microphones for YouTube and Podcasting

Choosing a microphone for your YouTube will depend on the videos that you are trying to do. It is seen that in many cases, you will need more than one microphone that suits your need.

As there are several videos, there should be such microphones that work well to record them effectively. So, we have made a list of choice You Tube microphone so that you can easily find what suits you the best.

1. Rode NT USB

It is a studio-based cardioid microphone, and easy to use a connection with USB. Rode also has a tripod works efficiently which keeps noise level lower.

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One of the best YouTube microphones has great sound quality.there is also a headphone jack system that has both mix control and volume control which you can fuse with your computer.

The price of Rode NT USB is around Rs 21,233 ($179).

  • High-quality studio microphone.
  • Tripod desk stand, mount, couch storage, SB cable 6m
  • Stereo headphone jack,3.5mm
  • It is compatible with Apple Ipad
  • Direct mix with control in mic input and has source output.

2. Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti is one of the popular among the YouTubers as of recent memory. The mic offers a spectacular sound quality.

It has three condenser microphone capsules that give you the luxury of choosing four different patterns.

The price of Blue Yet is Rs 15,417 ($129)

  • Perfect professional USB mics.
  • Has patern selections such as bidirectorial,ominodirectorial,stero and cardio.
  • Control system, Mute button included,zero-latency output headphone
  • Position design
  • Ideal for voice overs,games,field records,podcasting,music instruments,etc
  • Compatible with PC.

3. Blue Snowball

It is a useful USB based YouTube microphone. Blue Snowball has two models: the Blue Snowball and iCE Blue Snowball.

Blue Snowball has two mic capsules in it, it has omnidirectional and pickup patterns, height stand and better build.

Likewise, Blue Snowball iCE does not have a light stand but has a cardioid capsule.

The price of Blue Snowball is Rs 5,929 ($49).

  • Two capsules designed for taking in music, podcasts, gaming, vocals, etc.
  • Omni, cardioid, and options for pad pickup.
  • An adjustable metal microphone which also includes USB.
  • Play with PC and Mac.

4. XLR Microphones

To improve your YouTube audio sound quality, you should buy the elegant XLR Microphones.

In it, you will also need a USB audio interface so that you can connect with your PC or computer. Also, you also can use microphone preamps and other needed accessories in the future.

The price of XLR Microphones is Rs 5,929 ($ 49).

  • Cardioid polar pattern picks audio quickly and drowning unnecessary noises.
  • On/Off Switch for control of the microphone.
  • Standing adapter to mount.
  • Microphone cartridge designed for clarity in the frequency range of speech.

5. Shure VP83F

The impressive thing about Shure VP83F is it has a MicroSD card slot so you can use the microphone without having to use your camera.

Likewise, it has also a good gain control so that you can adjust the volume depending upon your need.

The price of Shure VP83F is Rs 35,463 ($299).

  • High directional super-cardioid/lobar polar pattern.
  • HD audio.
  • Superior RF immunity.
  • Rycote Integrated shock Mount
  • 10 hours of battery life.

6. Shure SM7B

One of the finest studio mics which are best for your YouTube videos, you won’t need any pop filter and shock mount stand.

Shure SM7B also gives a mighty thick screen to remove windscreen. Also, you might need a Cloudlifter for the mic.

The price of Shure SM7B is Rs 47,324. ($ 399).

  • The flat, wide-range frequency for reproducing natural speech and music sound.
  • Internal air isolation, hereby eliminating noise transmission.
  • Captive nut stands for mount and display.
  • Nice cartridge protection and cartridge could be replaced also.
  • The vintage cardioid polar pattern design.

7. Rode Video Mic Pro +

This mic came out in 2017 as it is considered as an improved version of the Video Mic Pro(no plus) version.

The price is not cheap but it is a quality made microphone. It is an ideal small microphone.

The price of Rode Video Mic Pro is Rs 25,737 ($217).

  • Quality condenser microphone.
  • 150 mm/ 6 inches in length.
  • Easy to carry.
  • 70 hours of battery life.
  • Shock Mount.

8. Audio Technica AT4053B

This advanced microphone is a hyper-cardioid boom which is just perfect for indoor voice shooting.

In the mic, the capsule could be changed. Hence, you can change the heads picking different patterns.

The Price of Audio Technica AT4053B is Rs. 71,117.35 ($599)

  • Professional recording, clear sound, and perfect broadcast.
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern.
  • Clean signal.
  • hi-pass filter which is around 80 Hz.
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