7 Winter best dressing styles for 2022

7 Winter best dressing styles for 2022

Do you want to look good in winter? Just because it is cold doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in your clothes. If the weather is too cold then you gotta dress up hot. As long as you have a good fashion sense you can rock the cold weather. Cold weather is all about layering and looking cute. 

People tend to have a misconception that if you want to look good then you can’t wear warm clothes during winter but winter is one of the best seasons to dress up. all those coats, cardigans, boots will make you look super good. Imagine wearing a long coat with a turtleneck paired with nice pair of pants and boots during cold weather and sipping a warm cup of coffee, just imagine. Isn’t winter such a lovely weather?

Here tips nepal have 7 best ways to dressup during winter to save you from a cold weather:

Trench coat

trenchcoat for a winter

If you want to go for a formal look then a trenchcoat is the must-have item for you. It will keep you warm from neck to knee. You can wear anything and just wear the trench coat outside of it. It is easy to pair up with anything.

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turtleneck for winter

When you think of winter, a turtle neck is one of the must-have items in your wardrobe. Turtle necks are items that never go out of style. It keeps your neck warm and works as a scarf for you. You can pair it up with a nice pair of jeans and a jacket, coat, however, you want to.

Puffer jacket

pufferjacket for winter

One of the trendiest items of 2021 is a puffer jacket. Because of how puffy it is it will make you look cute however you wear it. It will protect you from wind and rain. It is warm and looks stylish. You can pair it up with a sweater, high necks, and any jeans you like.



Even though you are not that into fashion you have this item. Everyone owns one hoodie closet. They are really warm. If you wear it properly you can make this hoodie look stylish. You can pair it up with matching joggers and a long coat and with some cool pair of boots.



You may think cardigans are old-fashioned. But they are back again and many people are loving it. They are warm as well as fashionable items. You can pair your cardigans with a cute sweater and your straight pants. 

Leather jackets

leather jacket

If you wanna look edgy in winter then just go for the leather jackets. They are comfortable to wear and will protect you from the wind and rain. Always have these leather jackets in your closet. 



When you think of winter, boots are the first thing that comes to mind. You can pair these boots with anything like if you are wearing skirts then you can pair it up with long boots and for pants, you can pair it up with short boots. These boots will keep your legs warm in winter.

Before you go anywhere


Since winter is here, you gotta dress in warm clothes and not catch a cold. During such cold weather, the first thing in your mind must be to keep yourself warm. How you dress up shouldn’t be your first concern as long as you are warm and comfortable. And by the way, did you get a sweater on 3rd December.

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