7 Summer Essentials to Escape the Heat

7 Summer Essentials to Escape the Heat

After the shivering cold in the winter season, we all crave for the hot summer to strike back again. Until we realize that there will an excessive amount of sweat flowing from our body, the dry weather resulting in pollution, and the outbreak of various diseases. Also with the recent forest fire and the increase in global warming, it is sure that this year will be much hotter than the previous years.

So we ought to prepare ourselves and get ready to face the summer season. With this in mind, we’ve come up with summer essentials that are necessary to escape and protect ourselves from this years’ blazing heat.

1. Skincare

Well! here comes the summer and currently with all the pollution, it feels like god’s wrath. So, to prevent your skin from this scathing attack, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, moisturizer and lotion.

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Summer essentials skincare

No matter the skin type, harmful air will surely affect your skin resulting in pimples, acne and blackheads. So, apart from just applying sunscreen and moisturizer, you need to maintain a healthy skincare routine. For this, make sure you use face wash which matches your skin type and apply moisturizer after the face wash. Also, use ice on your face which will help to expand your skin pores.

So why wait? Follow your own skincare routine, it can help to prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and preserve your natural skin tone.

2. Hairstyle

A proper hairstyle not only makes you handsome and attractive but also sleek and cool. I bet we all have tried new hairstyles now and then. Specifically, I prefer short hair in the summer season as it makes you ‘cool‘; pun intended.

Summer essential hairstyle

Further, keeping your head cool can also help in productivity resulting in a proper flow. Also, isn’t it a great feeling to be able to feel the breeze on the side of your ear? If yes, go and make your hair short for this summer.

3. Sunglasses

Don’t you want to look bold and attractive this summer? If yes, go and grab pair of sunglasses for this summer. Moreover, sunglasses can help you escape the ruthless bright sunlight and protect you from the rays that affect your eyes.

Sunglasses Summer Essentials

For this, be sure to buy the shades with Polaroid feature which blocks such harmful rays which prevents you from diseases caused by sunlight exposure such as cataract, pterygium, photokeratitis etc.

So, why shy away with the shades? I say a pair of sun glass is a must essential summer wear.

4. Light colored cotton t-shirts

Light-colored cotton t-shirts are the iconic summer wear. Personally, I prefer polo t-shirts which not only bolster your outlook but also make you cool and confident.

7 Summer Essentials to Escape the Heat

Scientifically, the light coloured t-shirts are best for summer as they reflect most of the visible wavelengths which, in turn, results in absorbing less heat. Another fun fact is since cotton is a breathable material, it absorbs sweats quickly and dries them quickly as well. 

Light coloured cotton t-shirts have a wide range of colours. The ones I prefer are light blue, white, and light green. I believe these t-shirts go well with all types of summer outfits.

5. Shorts

Shorts are typically worn in warm weather, which is not only to make you cool but also because the shorts are great fashion wear to style with. In this regard, the range of shorts can go from casual to beachwear to athletic.

7 Summer Essentials to Escape the Heat

As shorts are a go-to outfit for the summer, they can be styled with a normal cotton t-shirt and cut white shoes. Further, if you want to experiment, wear them with a sandal, then you are ready for your day out.

6. Shoes

Feet are that one body part that needs to be taken care of the most, especially during the summer. Otherwise, you might end up with smelly feet which is actually disgusting. A pair of shoes should be chosen wisely during this season. You would not want to wear a shoe that has no proper ventilation and absorbs the heat.

Shoes Summer Essentails

If you are comfortable, wear a pair of sandals for the summer season. Sandals are great as they make your feet light, cool and stench free. But if you are not a sandal person, like me, then I recommend you to wear a Chuck Taylor converse. Converse shoes have proper ventilation and made with materials that are designed to keep your feet cool and fresh.

7. Windcheater

All those ‘Bikies’ out there, behold! This summer essential is a must for you. The Windcheater is a summer essential that prevents you from the damning wind when you are riding your bike and at the same time makes you look stylish.

Summer Essentials windcheater

Windcheater is made with just two layers. The outer layer of synthetic material and the inner with a soft fabric. Not only these two light materials protect you from sunlight and pollution but as they are light to wear you also don’t feel much heat.

So, hey peeps why not try out these summer essentials. It’s the perfect blend of style, fashion and health benefit.

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