7 Most Useful Websites For Students

7 Most Useful Websites For Students

Which Learning Website is on Your Bookmark?

As a student, knowing good learning websites is very important. It will assist you in your study and growth. It will help you to broaden your knowledge and wisdom. A good learning website is what every student needs to do good in their studies.

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

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7 Most Useful Websites For Students

There are various websites that help students in their studies. Out of many, we are making the list of top 7 websites useful for students helping them with their studies and making them knowledgeable. So, let’s get started:

1. TED Talks

Useful Websites For Students- TED Talks

Kill Your Curiosity With TED!!

Provided the thousands of informative videos and motivational speakers on the different topics (Education, Business, Science, Creativity, Tech, etc.) who encourage and motivate you in every possible way, TED Talks is one of the amazing websites to boost one’s creativity and confidence. All the videos have a subtitle in more than 100 languages. You can watch a video with subtitles that is suited to you. It is free, so go and listen to TED speakers on any subject you are interested in.

2. Studyfy 

Useful Websites For Students-Studyfy 

As a student writing a presentable essay is always stressful, isn’t it?
With Studyfy it becomes very easy.

Studyfy is one of the best websites for students. It has a collection of essays on different topics. You just have to search, and you can have access to any topic written by professionals and experts. It is a free as well as paid website. To access some of its content, you have to pay them a certain amount.

3. Copyleaks

Useful Websites For Students- Copyleaks

I know that charges of plagiarism are serious.

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Plagiarism can ruin one’s life and image in severe cases. Avoid plagiarism, and Save Your Image. Copyleaks is one of the best websites to check and avoid plag. In higher studies, plagiarism is something students should stay away from because most universities have strict rules against plagiarism. So, use Copyleaks and check plagiarism in your assignment. AI built into this website checks your documents with web, internal databases, journals, and billions of documents to find duplicate content.

4. PaperWriter

Useful Websites For Students-PaperWriter

Imagine a scenario where you have to do your writing and the deadline is within a week. The amount of pressure you have to go through is mental torture indeed-No doubt about it. The amount of writing you have to do while keeping the deadline on your mind is tiresome.

So, when you are in this exact situation, do remember PaperWriter. It is a website that assists you in paper writing with the help and guidance of professionals and expertise. You can also pay them a certain amount of money, and have your assignment or work done. You can even choose the writer yourself.

5. Healthline

Useful Websites For Students-Healthline

Health is important for a healthy mind. To achieve excellent marks on their exam, students must focus on their well-being and health. With the aim to provide health information, tips, and ideas to remain healthy life, awareness, and knowledge about illness Healthline Media website was built.

So, visit this website and broaden your knowledge about healthy habits. It is one of the informative websites for students.

6. Bright Knowledge

Useful Websites For Students- Bright Knowledge

In Bright knowledge, you can find a plethora of topics from health to business, social science to technology, arts to sport, and a lot more. You can just search on any topic you are curious about and Bright Knowledge will feed your curiosity. Bright Knowledge assists students in every possible way. You can find the answer to your question here. You don’t believe me?? Go and try it yourself.

7. Lifehack

Useful Websites For Students-Lifehack

Lifehack is one of the websites everyone should keep on visiting. Their teaching, ideas, tips, and tricks on any topic are very useful and practical. You must have watched their videos on youtube either, haven’t you? Then go and watch if you haven’t. They are very very funny yet informative.

Students can gain knowledge on the various topics they are keen to learn about. They can learn to do it easily in a simple manner. Hurry up!! keep this website on your bookmark. What are you waiting for??


The more you are curious about learning, the more you will be knowledgeable. Curiosity is one of the traits of a good student. Be curious. Try learning new things. Discover your talent. Explore it. Don’t just get limited. Don’t set boundaries. Learn new things every day.

The above-mentioned websites will assist you with your learning. So, check them out. Find which one is suited for you for your personal growth and study. And bookmark them. Gain knowledge from them as much as you can.

We hope our article has been helpful for you. We wish you a good day. Thank You!


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