7 Graceful Ways to Propose for a Marriage to a Girl in Nepali Culture

7 Graceful Ways to Propose for a Marriage to a Girl in Nepali Culture

“I was yearning for you, longing for the warmth of your love. I believe meeting you was my destiny. Are you willing to be my Soulmate, my other half?”

Marriage is a new beginning, a life-long commitment, a strong belief tying the knots of two people, their family, and relatives. It’s a social tradition that brings two souls together making a vow in front of Gods and Goddess, parents and seniors- a vow to support and love each other under any difficult circumstances, to always love one another in better or worse, to always be together not only in this lifetime but for seven lifetimes. Marriage is the union of a bride and groom and the beginning of their new joyous life.

Ways of Proposal to a Girl for a Marriage

If you are looking for ways to propose a Nepali girl for a marriage without being rejected, here are some effective ways:

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  • I will do my best to keep you happy all my life. I will share your worries, your happiness, your problems, and your responsibility along with you. All you have to say is yes. Will you accept my heart and accept me as your life partner?
  • I have always loved you since we were sixteen. You have always been with me together in my good and worst as a friend. But now I want us to be more than a friend, I want us to be a life partners. Can you see me as your life, my Dear childhood sweetheart?
A girl wearing beautiful heave jewelry during her marriage.
  • You asked me to wait till you become a graduate, I waited for you as you ask. Now, will you do what I ask for? Will be willing to be my bride? Be my bride, my beloved girlfriend.
  • It’s only been months, we have come to know each other. We are going for an arranged marriage, you might be insecure about lots of things. But I want to ensure that, I will always be there for you as a friend, as your guardian, as your family, and as your husband. There would be no storm you would have to pass on your own. If you marry me, I will keep you happy and healthy.
  • It’s been 10 years since we started dating. Every year has been an amazing journey with you beside me making me realize you are the one for me. So, my dear Sweetheart, are you willing to make me the luckiest guy living on this earth by marrying me?
marraige sanskar
  • I have always been looking for my other better half, now I have found you I am so relieved and thankful to God for having such a beautiful girl in my life. Let me be more thankful, by being my wife. Will you marry me, my everything?
  • You only have to trust me and say yes to me, then I will make every impossible possible, I will fight for us and our love. Only if you say, yes to be my wife, I will go against everything just to be with you.


 a girl during her marriage in red sari.

A very good understanding and sense of responsibility are very important for a good marriage. We should never decide on such an important topic in hassle or under pressure for it’s not only related to your life but the life of your other half as well. Your one wrong decision can bring lots of suffering to yourself, to your family, and people around you. It’s always good to decide whom to be married with and when to marry on your own. If you are sure you are ready for marriage and can respect, love, and accept her all flaws whole-heartedly then only you should go for it.


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