7 Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

7 Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

Dolakha, often called Dolkha or Dholkha is part of Bagmati Pradesh is one of the Best Places to Visit in Dolakha, with Charikot as its district headquarters. The name Dolkha arose from the Sherpa community. In the Sherpa´s language “DO” means stone (dhunga), “LA” means in (maa), and “KHA” means face (mukh) which means “Face in Stone” 

The relevant hill district of Dolakha is naturally and culturally sublime. Mount Gaurishankar, primarily based on which the Nepal Standard Time is determined, and the Rolwaling mountain range, stand tall withinside the north. The winding Tamakoshi River tootles down south and drenches into the Koshi river. Kalinchok Bhagwati Temple, recognized for snowfall for the duration of the winter, is revered by the locals as the “shrine of the district”.

Getting There (Kathmandu to Dolkha)

Via  Bus
Cost: Rs. 600-800
Time: 4 Hour ( Based on Traffic)
Distance: 145 km
Bus Stop: Ratnapark, Kathmandu
Bus Stop:  Charikot Bazaar, Dolkha

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Drive to Dolakha takes 145 km northeast from Kathmandu. It takes about 4 hours by bus. After crossing the bridge over the Sunkoshi at Khadichaur, we follow the Swiss-built Pasang Lhamu Highway which is known as Lamosangu- Jiri road. We keep on following the narrow road with terraced farmland and reach to Charikot, the district headquarters of Dolakha.

Here are the lists of 7 Best Places to Visit in Dolakha:

1. Kalinchwok Bhagwati temple

Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple is a Hindu shrine and the Best Places to Visit in Dolakha. This temple is placed withinside the Gauri Shankar conservation area is at the altitude of 3842m above the sea level. You can see the breathtaking hills on the way, the stupas may be visualized in the way and the beauty of our national flower Rhododendron and its varieties may be settled on your memories forever.

The temple may be extra stunning especially in  February or October due to snow. Those who need to trek withinside the snow, that is the location and for risk seekers, you may have an interesting experience withinside the upside hill from village Kuri to the temple. The bells and chants found in lots of numbers show the non-secular ideals and customs of people. This heritage might not fail to amaze the tourists with its l beauty.

2. Dolakha Bhimsen Temple

7 Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

Dolakha Bhimsen Temple is placed withinside the coronary heart of Dolakha, the Dolakha Bazar Nepal, about 5 km east of Charikot. The roofless temple constitutes the idol of Bhimsen, which is triangular in form and made of hard stone. The Hindu temple is full of statues and bells which automatically clicks up the non-secular aspect of the visitors. The artistic aspect of Dolakhalis also can be skilled via portraits, sketches, and woodcrafts.

Visitors would never be tired of the hospitality supplied by the local Newars and consider as Best Places to Visit in Dolakha. You also can experience the stunning view of the Tamakoshi river flowing down. Besides in case you look down you may enjoy the splendor of the farms withinside the slope plays an important role in making your tour special.

3. Jiri

Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

Jiri is a municipality inside the Dolakha District in the Bagmati Province of central Nepal. It is 185 km east from Kathmandu and takes approximately eight hours bus journey to attain there. Jiri district is likewise referred to as the Switzerland of Nepal due to its specific landscape. Primarily it’s far a famous vacation spot for global tourists, as it’s far the gateway to Mount Everest. Before Lukla airport was built, the path from Jiri became the only way to attain the Everest. It gives the nearest view of Sagarmatha for those who aren’t capable of visit Mount Everest or don’t need any threat going there.

Visitors are mainly drawn to the accommodation, healthful environment, snow, hospitality, and the stunning view of Jiri. You also can enjoy the enchanting view of the dawn on snow which you may by no means forget which makes this place the Best Places to Visit in Dolakha.

4. Gaurishankar conservation area

7 Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

Gaurishankar Conservation Area is a protected area withinside the Himalayas of Nepal placed in the northeastern nook of Nepal among Langtang and Sagarmatha National Park. It was established in January 2010 that is a wishlist of nature enthusiasts or animal enthusiasts. You can see the many types of flora and fauna in this place bounded only. Exploring the Best Places to Visit in Dolakha may be the best success of visitors.

You can discover 235 species of birds, eight species of mammals, fourteen species of snakes, ten species of snakes and sixteen species of fish, and an extensive variety of floras, except those the primary appeal of this vicinity consists of uncommon animals just like the snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan Thar, and so forth, however, the rarest species conserved is a purple panda. On the manner to the conservation place, you may get a risk to undergo tall waterfalls and may watch the Gauri Shankar the starting place of Tamakoshi and Sunkoshi at its closest.

5. Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek

Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

Tsho Rolpa Lake is placed at an altitude of 4,580 meters, one in every of the largest glacial lakes in Nepal. Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek is one of the least visited trek and the Best Places to Visit in Dolakha too. Isn’t it a great element to witness the sort of lake that freezes in every half month a year. The lake is so stunning to view even in its ordinary days. It is of common intensity 55m. You will sense an amazing delight to be there. You may be surprised to peer the stunning mountains like Gauri Shankar (7,145m) and Menlungtse (7,181m), amongst others.

The predominant inhabitants in the course of your trek are Brahmin, Chhetri, Tamang, and Sherpa villages. On the manner, you may additionally see Bigu Gompa, domestic to over 250 nuns. This place is particularly Buddhist as may be identified via way of means of the mani stones alongside the path and prayer flags fluttering in the wind.

6. Shailung Hills 

Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

Shailung Hills is beautiful and full of geographical secrets. This appealing vacation spot is home to over one hundred small hills. You can see live praising the hundreds of Thumka (Hills) in the altitude of 3146m which might be found in hundred of the variety in there. One can experience perspectives of mountains peaks like Gaurishankar, Sagarmatha, Jugal, and Ganesh from the pinnacle of any of those one hundred small hills.

Not only snowcapped Himalayan peaks, but one also can get an awesome view of various peaks of the Mahabharat and Chure variety from the hilltop. You also can experience a view of lush forests and terraced land of Sindhupalchowk closer to the west, and exquisite villages like Doramba of Ramechhap withinside the Japanese and southern direction.

7. Gauri Shankar Trek

7 Best Places to Visit in Dolakha

Gauri Shankar Trek takes you to the western a part of the Everest, adjoining the Tibetan frontier, to a wild, lonely excessive valley referred to as the ‘Rolwaling’. This trek is understood for a faraway trekking vacation spot in Nepal. Gauri Shankar named after Lord Shankar and his partner Gauri commemorated via way of means of Hindus and Buddhist peoples. Gauri Shankar hiking path passes via populated areas of rhododendron forests with an astonishing view of Gaurishankar 7145m, Melungtse 7181m, and different famous peaks. Explore the hidden villages and move untouched forests. Gauri Shankar trekking path passes alongside Bigu Gompa monastery and Bedding village.

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