7 Best place to visit in Nawalparasi District

7 Best place to visit in Nawalparasi District

Nawalparasi is located in Gandaki Province and the headquarter of this district is located in Kawasoti. This district is at the mid-point of the east-west highway, Mahendra Highway across the Terai region of Nepal. The neighbours of this district are Rupandehi on the west, Chitwan on the east, Palpa and Tanahun on the north, and the Indian border in the south.
The lowest altitude is around 300 meters and the highest range is 1,937 meters.

A jungle lover who loves to see wildlife is the best place to visit Nawalparasi. Wildlife view, boating, and glorious sunset await those who love these views. If you are bird lovers then you should come to the winter season at Narayani River surrounding. In the winter season, Siberian birds migrate to Narayani River surroundings. Many homestays are also opening to promote the culture of local people and give hospitality to the guest. As you travel to Nawalparasi you not only witness geographical change but experience the lifestyle and culture of those local people.

1. Maulakalika Temple

7 Best place to visit in Nawalparasi District

Maulakalika Temple is the famous Hindu temple of Goddess Kalika which is located in the Gaidakot Municipality of Nawalparasi district. During the Dashain, there will be more devotees in this temple. Dashain festival falls in September to October and in this festival season, Maulakalika temple is crowded with devotees.

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Maulakalika is also a hiking spot and mainly popular among near areas like Chitwan, Bharatpur, and Narayangarh. People come to their leisure time to feel fresh with a cool breeze and a wide view of nature. The hilltop of this place offers a panoramic view of Narayani River, near towns, mountain peaks, and a beautiful sunset in the early morning. Some tourist who came to visit the national park also comes here occasionally. Hiking to Maulakalika takes about 3 hours to reach the hilltop from Nawalparasi.

2. Amaltari Homestay

7 Best place to visit in Nawalparasi District

Amaltari is situated in the rim of the Chitwan National Park. Amaltari, a Tharu village is a great place to immerse true Tharu life, culture, and foods. These homestays are run by the local peoples to give an authentic test of the Tharu community to the guests. They all run under the same community and all of them meet minimum living standards. The price is also very reasonable, around 700 to 1000 rupees per night.

3. Shashwat Dham

7 Best place to visit in Nawalparasi District

Shashwat Dham is the Hindu temple situated in Devchuli of Nawalparasi District. This Dham was established by the Chaudary Group and it is spread over 12 acres plot of lands. This beautifully craved Dham has a beautiful temple, ponds that contain the water of Pashupatinath Temple, Muktinath Temple, and Haridwar.

Inside Dham, we can also see the Meditation centre, Vaidik Karmakanda Gurukul, a museum, manuscript resources, and a pure vegetarian restaurant. Temples inside Shashwat Dham is made from Khajuraho style architecture. If you are not a religious person then you do not need to be worry because there are a lot more things to see in them.

4. Jungle Safari

7 Best place to visit in Nawalparasi District

Jungle safari to Chitwan National Park from Nawalparasi is less crowded and there is more chance to see the wildlife. You can easily spot rhinos, antelopes, and peacocks as you are doing a safari. There is also some viewpoint inside national parks that offers a bird’s eye view of the jungle. As you immerse inside the national park, it offers vast open grasslands, venturing deep forest and crossing the rivers.

5. Sunset view

7 Best place to visit in Nawalparasi District

The view of the sunset over the bank of Narayani River is very heart touching. Many domestic and international tourists come to enjoy this mesmerizing golden sun and refresh themselves. Watching the sun disappear over the river and behind the forest makes your heart warm and worth to remember. The visual of the sun viewing from the bank of the Narayani River, the water turned into golden by the final rays of the sinking sun makes a sublime experience. Cycling through the bank of the river in the evening and watching the sunset view, while shipping some team makes your moment wonderful.

6. Devchuli Hill

7 Best place to visit in Nawalparasi District

Devchuli Hilltop is the hiking spot which is located at Pragatinagar, Devchuli Municipality. As you are hiking in Devchuli you can see different wildlife like Tiger, Elephant, Rhino and different species of birds. As you reach the top you can also see the beautiful mountain views of Annapurna Mountain and Rhododendron forest. Devchuli Hill is inhabitant by the Brahmin, Tharu, and Magar peoples.

7. Dunne Devi Temple


Dunne Devi Temple is located in Dumkibas, Bardaghar Municipality. This temple lies in the hill pass at the altitude of 1,033 m at the route of Bardaghat to Dumkibas. The deities in this temple are Durga and Shiva. Because of that, there will be more crowded in festivals like Dashain, Teej, and Chaite Dashain. According to the locals, it is believed that this is the place where Mayadevi visited here for meditation. It is believed that this temple is built by Jung Bahadur Rana.

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