7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

Are you searching for E-Vehicles?

If you are searching for an EV. Don’t worry, you are in right place. We have described some EVs in the below section for you.

Please visit the below-listed vehicles and their specification with prices. Among them select one according to your budget.

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What is an Ev and Why Ev?

An e-vehicle(EV) is a vehicle that operates on one or more electric motors, instead of an internal combustion engine that runs by burning a mix of fuel and gas. Therefore, the E-Vehicle is seen as a possible replacement for current-generation automobiles. Because electricity is cheaper than fuel, the running costs of E-Vehicles are less compared to petrol cars. They are also incredibly fast and make less noise. EVs will help reduce total carbon emissions. Electric vehicles as they currently stand are far less polluting than their combustion engine counterparts.

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Thinking About Buying an EV, We got you covered.

Best electric vehicles under 30 lakhs in nepal goes like this.

1. Derry EV7

7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

Derry EV7 is an electric car manufactured by the Chinese electric vehicle maker, Henan Derry New Energy Automobiles Co Ltd.  In Nepal, Auto-Host Pvt Ltd looks after the dealership for Derry cars. Derry EV7 is acceptable for Nepalese roads. They have ample clearance for the Nepalese road as well. high enough to deal with poor road conditions and road portholes The EV7 has a range of 158 kilometers,


Top speed70kmph
Charging duration5.5hrs
BrakeFront: Disc
Rear: Drum
Gross weight720kg
DimensionLength: 3480mm
Width: 1570mm
Height: 1570mm
Wheelbase: 2297mm
Ground clearance170mm

According to the new price list, the price of Dairy EV7 has been fixed at Rs 19.50 lakh which was previously priced at Rs 25 lakh 99 thousand.

2. Mahindra e2o Plus

7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

Mahindra e2o Plus can be one of the most viable options if you are looking for an electric vehicle for short travels and daily usage. Mahindra e2o Plus is made up of ABS panels and not pressed metal which makes it lighter than Mahindra e20 which was launched back in 2013. It provides a decent look, and the build quality is not bad either. There is also an SOS feature on the car that provides an additional range of 7 to 10 km if the car’s battery is drained below 10 percent.


Battery19kw Li-ion
Seating capacity4
Top speed80km
Charging duration6-8hrs
BrakeFront: Disc
Rear: Drum
DimensionLength: 3,590 mm
Width: 1,575 mm
Height: 1,585mm
Wheelbase: 2,258 mm
Ground clearance170mm
Gross weight1257 kg

The price for Mahindra e2o Plus is expected between 2,200,000 to 2,300,000.

3. Thee Go E8

7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

The Thee Go e8 is powered by a 3 phase asynchronous motor coupled with a 14.8 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. The build of this car makes it perfect for everyday city rides. The car has a simple yet modern look and is also one of the most affordable EVs in Nepal. Interior-wise also, it provides a decent run for its price range. The car, overall, provides excellent value for money and can be a great start for those looking for an eco-friendly car at an affordable price. According to the company, the electric motor in the e8 produces an impressive 180 Nm of torque and 20.1 hp of maximum power, all sent to the front wheels.


Battery14.8KWh Li-Po
Top speed70 km per hour
Charging durationLess than 5 hrs
Range150 km
BrakeFront: Disc
Rear: Drum
Tyre155/65 R13
Ground clearance160mm
Kerb Weight830kg
DimensionLength: 3,610 mm
Width: 1,570 mm
Height: 1,490 mm
Wheelbase: 2,345 mm
Motor peak power15 KW
Seat capacity5
Boot Space183 liters

The price for Thee Go E8 is Rs 2,194,500.

4. Dahe DH 350L

7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

With a single look, it looks like a Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai Santro, and Tata NRG, all mixed together as one. DH 350L is one of the most affordable E-Vehicle in Nepal. Looks-wise, it offers more than you expect in this price range. It has a variety of features for the riders out there. The authorized distributors of Dahe electric cars in Nepal, Thee Go Group, have launched two variants i.e DH 350 and DH 350L.


Battery72V/9.6 KW Li-ion
MotorPermanent magnet motor
BrakeFront: Disc
Rear: Drum
Charging duration8-10hrs
Top speed65kmph
Tyre155/65 R13
DimensionLength: 3,350mm
Width: 1,590mm
Height: 1,490mm
Wheelbase: 2,170mm
Air conditionerOptional
Kerb weight680kg
Ground clearance160mm

The price for Dahe DH-350L is Rs 1,590,000.

5. BYD Dolphin

7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

BYD has gotten a good response to its brand-new electric car, the BYD Dolphin. The former Audi design chief, Wolfgang Egger has designed the Dolphin. He is now Global Design Director at BYD. The BYD Dolphin or BYD EA1 measures 4,070-4,150 mm in length, 1,770 mm in width, and 1,570 mm in height. The small electric car has a 2,700 mm wheelbase. It is available in three technical configurations, each with a different range. The BYD Dolphin specs are impressive for its class as it can achieve a range of up to 405 km (NEDC).


Battery 30.7 kWh
Motor TypePMSM
Motor Torque180 Nm
Motor Power70kw
DimensionLength: 4,070 mm
Width: 1,770 mm
Height: 1570mm
Wheelbase: 2700mm
Range (NEDC)301km
Max. AC Charging Power7kw
Max. DC Charging Power40kw
Fast-charging Time (30-80% SoC)30 minutes
0-50 km/h Acceleration Time3.9 seconds

The price for BYD Dolphin is Rs 21,88,000.

6. Project Zero

7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

Project Zero is the two-wheeler E-Vehicle manufactured by Yatri Motorcycle. Yatri Motorcycles are both the manufacturer and distributor of Yatri bikes in Nepal. They are a Nepal-based company with an office in Baluwatar (Kathmandu) and a factory in Chitwan. Yatri launched their first product in the form of “Project Zero” which highly got criticized for being overpriced, making it beyond the capacity of middle-class Nepalese. However, Project-Zero was its flagship model with premium features. It stood as a benchmark indicating what young vibrant team of Yatri Motorcycles could produce. . Project Zero had a mileage range of 230km.


Peak Power48 kW (64 hp)
Torque120 Nm at shaft (650 Nm at wheel)
Acceleration0-60 km/h in under 2.5s
Top Speed140 km/h
Battery Capacity8.0 kWh
Range230 km
Charger3.3 kW onboard (2 hrs 80% SoC)
ChassisChromoly Steel Trellis Frame
SuspensionFront 43 mm RCP adjustable USD forks
Rear RC adjustable nitrogen-charged mono-shock
BrakesFront Brembo 2-piston 320mm disc
Rear Brembo 1-piston 240mm disc
Warner Borg E-braking
TyresMetzeler Sportec M7RR
Front 110/70-17
Rear 150/60-17
WheelsAluminum rims and CNC machined hubs

The price for Project Zero is Rs 19.4 lakhs.

7. Project One

7 Best E-Vehicle Under 30 Lakhs

Project One is the product of Yatri Motorcycle. It is also a two-wheeler EV and Nepali product. Co-founded by Ashim Pandey and Batsal Pandey, Yatri Motorcycles has a young team of Nepali talents. Yatri Motorcycles started with an ambition to produce quality electric bikes, to reinvent the urban mobility landscape. In the long run, they plan to enter the four-wheeler segment as well.


Peak Power14 kW (19 hp)
Top Speed100km/h
Wheel Torque480Nm
Ground Clearance320mm
Battery Capacity3.0kWh
Home Charge2 hours (100% SoC)
Fast Charge40 mins (80% SoC)

The price for Project One is Rs. 4.95 lakhs.

Summing It All Up,

We just want to conclude that while buying E-Vehicle, we have to consider many things. But personally, we recommend you to check the range of the available EVs. The state and condition of the present context can be a challenge for future EV users who have a dream to be on a ride through the technological miracle.


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