7 Best Ambient Restaurant in Pokhara

7 Best Ambient Restaurant in Pokhara

The Paradise of Nepal- Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful nature-gifted cities. The natural beauty of Pokhara is divine. It is a paradise in Nepal. Being a center point of tourism, Pokhara has many hotels, motels, restaurants, and eateries in each passing corner.

So, it’s best to know and have an idea of which one to visit according to your liking. To help you we are here with the list of the seven best ambient restaurants in Pokhara with majestic views and mouth-watering food. Hurray!! Let’s go on…

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What Should You Try?

Restaurant fish fry

Fresh fish (generally tilapia or Himalayan trout) is a signature dish of Pokhara. It is available at many restaurants, either grilled or in a curry. But perhaps the best places to have it are in Pame, an area beyond North Lakeside. You can also try Thukpa and other Tibetan dishes which are available in most of the restaurants.

7 Best Ambient Restaurant in Pokhara

Here is the list of seven ambient restaurants in Pokhara that are very worth visiting during your stay in Pokhara:


Bayajan Restaurant

“Byanjan serves you good food with the best view.”

If you are around the lakeside, Byanjan is a restaurant you must visit. The interior design is very beautiful and if you are wondering what about the ambiance, the ambiance is the best: very soothing with beautiful music in the background. Being very photogenic, it is also very famous for its tasty foods.

All the staffs here are very generous and friendly. The hospitality of the staff here is one of the attractive factors of Byanjan. They have a very beautiful outdoor setting with a great view of the lake. To try out their tasty food and enjoy their services, you must give it a try.

Utopia Garden & Snacks Bar

Utopia Garden restaurant

If you are someone who loves Indian foods, then guys you should not miss Utopia Garden and Snacks Bar during your Pokhara visit. It is the best restaurant in town for spicy and Indian food lovers. They serve you a great Tandoori oven with lovely use of spices, tasty naan, and different vegetarian dishes. They have a beautiful outdoor setting with a beautiful garden and a fountain to add beauty.

The owner of a restaurant and all the staffs are very friendly. The ambiance is very relaxing making you feel comfortable and relaxed. You should visit this beautiful place during your stay in Pokhara.

OR2K pokhara

OR2K pokhara restaurant

Are you a vegan? Then Or2k is for you. And even if you are not vegan, you can go and enjoy its vegetarian dishes and I am sure you’ll love it. It’s a little pricey, but the food is really Yummmmmy and worth it. With an amazing view of Phewa lake from where u dine, having your favorite food with your favorite person really feels like heaven on earth. It’s a very beautiful place where you can take lots of beautiful photos.

El Bocaito Espanol

el Bocaito Espanol restaurant

To add more flavor and enjoy your food, a beautiful view with a soothing ambiance is very important. Great view and calm ambiance, add extra flavor to your food and there is no denying it. El Bocaito Espanol is one of the lakeside restaurants is a very romantic restaurant with a Phewa lake view with the best ambiance. They have both indoor and outdoor settings, you can sit where you find yourself comfortable.

The food here is made with fresh ingredients and tastes delicious. The hosts are very welcoming and friendly. If you want a quiet, low-key, cozy setting and heartwarming food, this place is worth a visit.

Godfathers Pizzeria

godfathers Pizzeria restaurant

Godfathers Pizzeria is the best place for a pizza lover. The pizza from here is very authentic and tasty for it serves wood-fired oven pizza. You can try varieties of pizza like chicken tandoori pizza, cheese pizza, and pasta as well. They serve pizza with enough topping which is impressive and complementary. You can also have pasta and drinks you like. This place is beautiful, photogenic with a soothing ambiance.

Moondance Restaurant and Bar

Moondance Restaurant and Bar

The best thing about Moondance is its ambiance. There is no place to complain about its ambiance and its interior design to decoration. The family-run eatery is passionate about freshness and doesn’t use preservatives or additives. On the menu, you’ll find a bit of everything, from tandoori to burgers, pizzas, and even large salads. Candlelight dinner in Moondance makes us feel as if we are in a romantic movie. There are lots of options for dishes to order together with vegan dishes.

Lotus Corner

Lotus Corner restaurant

It is one of the cozy, beautiful, and economical places you can visit during your stay in Pokhara. The food here is comparatively cheaper and good (specifically recommend the veg momos, falafel wrap, and the veg burrito). You can enjoy the view of the Lake and have your food. What is better than this? If you are a pizza lover, then order a pizza and do try it. You will not be disappointed.


7 Best Ambient Restaurant in Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the best places to visit during our vacation. Pokhara has now grown from a small town to Nepal’s second-largest city, all thanks to its natural beauty and tourism. A lot of eateries, hotels, restaurants can be found here on every corner of the street. So, deciding which one to go for the best experience and food can be a hard task.

That is why we are here to assist and help you. These all are the list of best restaurants with scenic beauty and soothing ambiance. If you are a traveler or a local or a visitor, you must check out all these above-mentioned restaurants. I am sure you will find it lovely and enjoyable. Thank you for your time!!


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