6 Tips on finding a Good Domain Name

6 Tips on finding a Good Domain Name

Whether you are trying to register your personal (name) website or trying to register a company’s domain
name, you should be very clear of what you are going to place into the enter your domain name bar. Talking
about being clear, this is very hard because the domain name is a one-time thing where once you register the
name there’s no turning back.

To make it easier here are some tips on finding a good domain name for your company or for your personal

1. Should be easier to remember

Name that should be easier to remember

On the verge of making the name unique and different, people often forget that simplicity is the
best way to create a win-win situation. They try really hard to think about the perfect name that has ever
existed on the planet, including us.LOL. This is our personal experience to be honest. But soon we realized that rather than pushing ourselves on creating a unique name, it would have been far better if only we
focused on the simple words.

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That particular simple word which is catchy would stick right away in the mind of the audience. So, why keep a complex name people would not even bother to read? Apart from this, remembering is a whole new level. So, in order to plan a good domain name, it’s important to make it simple. Just like Zookti’s tagline- Make IT simple.

2. Don’t use the name that is used by another company

Don't copy domain name of another company

These are the basics of forming a new name for your personal branding. You can’t even register the
name that has already been registered. The server will know that in a second. Many of us don’t want to copy
the same name but there are some who like to do that. So for those people, it’s not a good method ethically and legally to own a copied domain name.

Also, the same goes for the ones that are already copyrighted or trademarked. You know that right! This might
lead to losing your own domain name or even lead you to legal problems. You might have heard the news about
paying compensation or we can also say penalty by those who do this kind of activities. So, we have to
think and research a lot before we decide on a name. To help you find your unique domain name I refer you this Godaddy’s website.

3. Get more than one

Get more than one domain name

What do I mean by getting more than one? More than one domain name? Yes! You’ve read it right! It’s
so much important to register names that might sound similar to yours. Your domain name is vulnerable to the
copycats out there as traffic to your websites increases. So, it is equally necessary to be on the safe side.

This is an emerging trend nowadays. A popular company’s name is modified and alternated to a certain
extent and then a new company’s name is established. The reason behind it is to make the newly established
company recognizable faster, gaining more customer attention. Thus, to be secure from these probable attackers,
you have to have more than one name.

4. Don’t use numbers and hyphens

Just imagine it. Do the numbers and hyphens look good? No right! It looks unprofessional. A simple
The name is elegant, looks organized and sounds genuine.

Besides, in any case, if you have numbers in your domain name then, it is essential to register both versions.
For example, if you have the number 6 in your name then you have to register both numeral “6” and “six”- with number and number spelled out.

Moving into hyphens, they are just bringing another problem to your domain name. For more information, if you are confused about what keywords to use for your site then go to Leandomainsearch.

5. Shorter the Better 

The shorter the domain name the better. As we all know less is more.

Keep it short. Avoid heavy words. Also if you feel any difficulty in pronouncing the word you choose to have on your site, then exclude that totally. The reason behind that is if you are not feeling comfortable then, don’t expect that your viewers will feel pleasant.

For instance, if your website is related to Technology then, simply go with the name Techmandu or Techy. In addition, make your website’s name exactly similar to your company name. If your company’s name is Zookti then, your website name should also be Zookti, not Zookti123 or GowithZookti to sound cool. Simplicity is the virtue in grabbing peoples’ attention.

6. Be more creative to get the domain name

Being Creative aids in choosing the best domain name

Are you ready to be creative to have the domain name for your official site? Then, get your gears up, start researching, discuss with your colleagues, talk with your partners, your family members, or from wherever you can gather the ideas.

Along with being creative, you also have to check if the name is blacklisted. Remember that the name while doing the web search must be clean. For more information to check for a clean domain name, go to the Waybackmachine’s website.

More tips to be creative:

  • Channel your inner child
  • Travel to more places
  • Join a co-working space
  • Brainstorm exercising
  • Learn to pitch your ideas
  • Bounce ideas off others

Last Words

Hope you guys enjoyed this article and ultimately will be able to get a good domain name for your website.

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