6 Places With Worst Traffic Jam In Kathmandu

6 Places With Worst Traffic Jam In Kathmandu

Are you just waiting for your turn to pass through the traffic jam?

If yes, you might find it boring to wait for your turn. There’s a bus in front of you- a car behind you- bikes beside you, and you don’t know what to do, but just wait for them to pass you by. This has been the scenario of the common Nepali people traveling through these roads mentioned in this article.

Traffic Jam is becoming the main cause of headache for everyone there. Due to the traffic jam, you fail to reach your destination on time and many passengers are also suffering from mental stress.

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Why is there Traffic Jam in Kathmandu Routes?

Traffic Deadlock is increasing day by day due to the lack of an effective traffic management system in Kathmandu valley. The number of running vehicles in Kathmandu valley is continuously increasing while the length of the roads has remained the same. According to the report of the Metropolitan Traffic Police, a single queue of vehicles in Kathmandu Valley would reach up to 7.2 million feet while the total length of the roads is 4.5 million feet.

Places With Worst Traffic Jam In Kathmandu Valley

Here are the lists of some places with the worst road jams in Kathmandu Valley.

1. Jagati upto Suryabinayak

Traffic Jam
Motor Bikes passing through dusty road after rainfall at Kathmandu Photo: Dipesh Shrestha/Nagarik/Republica

Jagati is the entry point for the Kathmandu district through the Prithvi highway. The road from Jagati to Suryabinayak is too small to handle loads of running vehicles. Around 5 pm almost all vehicles from the eastern part of our country arrived around Jagati which create the long traffic up to Suryabinayak. At that time number of vehicles increased continuously but the size of the road remain the same to handle the loads.

2. Jadibuti

traffic jam
Jadibuti to Koteshwor traffic jam

Jadibuti is the border of Kathmandu district and Bhaktpur district. Jadibuti is the meeting point of Purano-Bato and Naya-bato of Bhaktpur and the entrance for Koteshwor. Koteshworr itself is a busy place in Kathmandu with busy traffic which creates a traffic jam in Jadibuti. One of the main reasons for traffic in Jadibuti is vehicles from Purano-Bato and Naya-bato.

3. Koteshwor

6 Places With Worst Traffic Jam In Kathmandu

Koteshwor is one of the busiest places in Kathmandu Valley. It is the source and destination of every vehicle from eastern Nepal. Vehicles from the Lalitpur, Bhaktpur, and Eastern parts of Nepal make Koteshwor busy in terms of crowd and traffic jams.

4. Maitighar

6 Places With Worst Traffic Jam In Kathmandu
Traffic jam in New Baneshwor-Maitighar road section in Kathmandu, Photo: Balkrishna Thapa Chhetri

Maitighar-Baneshwor road section is the major road of Kathmandu Valley. Due to the lack of suitable infrastructure, always there is the formation of bottlenecks leading to traffic congestion and loss of a human capital hour in this road segment. Maitighar Area includes many government buildings. Many people visit there for their governmental work daily except Saturday. Crowd and bottleneck Roads always support traffic jam.

5. Thapathali

6 Places With Worst Traffic Jam In Kathmandu

Thapathali, act as a border of Kathmandu and Lalitpur. The bridge of the Bagmati river is narrower with a width of just 8 meters. That narrow bridge is one of the main reasons for the traffic jams in Thapathali. Side by there is Tripureshwor and the queue of the Tripureshwor is also another factor for the jam in Thapathali.

6. Tripureshwor

6 Places With Worst Traffic Jam In Kathmandu

Tripureshwor is famous for Dasrath Rangasala. It is the only international stadium in Nepal. To watch international games people collided there. The crowd from the stadium and the department of passport office make the road busy.

5.New Road

New Road is the financial hub and busiest high street in Nepal. It is one of the busiest marketplaces in the city. New Road is one of the most frequented marketplaces in the whole of Kathmandu. From clothing, jewelry to electronics, you name it you get it at New Road. since is one of the busiest places in Kathmandu traffic jam is nothing new here.

Busiest places
New Road


Kalanki is one of the busiest places in Kathmandu. Kalanki is the main entry point for vehicles. It is the main hub for long-route vehicles. Due to more traffic jams recently an underpass has been constructed. Daily from 3 pm to 5 pm, long route vehicles will start to line up from Kalanki.

Busiest places
Kalanki Underpass


The concerned authorities are planning for widening roads in Kathmandu to solve the Traffic in Kathmandu valley, but this is not the solution. Instead, we should be planning for a sustainable transport system by analyzing the needs of the people. Most people in Kathmandu travel an average of fewer than five kilometers a day. Thank you for reading till the end. Have a good day!

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