6 Magic Eye Exercises: To Help Your Vision

6 Magic Eye Exercises: To Help  Your Vision
eye exercises
A Healthy Eye.

Our eyes are becoming worst and worst due to excess use of Mobile phones, laptops, Ipads, and other electronic gadgets. It is possible to improve or prevent the worsening of our eyes through some eye exercises. So stick with me, in this article, I am going to teach you some exercise for your healthy eye.

1. Palming

The process of covering the eyes by warm hands/palms after rubbing them for a few seconds is called palming.

eye exercises
A girl palming her eyes.


Rub your hands together for a few seconds, after you feel warmth at your palm, cover your eyes gently. Make sure that no light is entering your eyes. Do not press your eyes, it may harm the eye. Just overlap your palm and eyes and relax.

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6 Magic Eye Exercises: To Help Your Vision
Procedure of Palming.


Do it every couple of hours when you are on the computer. Do it daily for good results.


Relieves tired eyes, Reduces eye strain, Soothes the optic nerves.

2. Sunning

Our eyes are light-sensing means created to obtain light energy. Sunning helps our eyes stay healthy and vibrant.

eye exercises
A Female performing “Sunning”, an eye exercises in rocky terrain.


  • Sit outside before or after sunset or sunshine.
  • Face towards Sun and close your eyes.
  • Feel the sun rays on your eyelids and body.
  • Move your head from side to side.


Do it 5 minutes twice a day.


Improves vision, Provide Vitamin-D to your Body.

3. Blinking

6 Magic Eye Exercises: To Help Your Vision

Blinking is the natural process even though we forget to blink when we are using electronic gadgets, playing video games, and working on the computer. We should blink once every 4.5 seconds. Blinking helps to redistribute the tear film and make our eyes moist.

4. Pencil Zooming

Focusing on a moving pencil for strengthening the eye muscle is known as Pencil zooming (eye exercises).

6 Magic Eye Exercises: To Help Your Vision
Pencil zooming (eye exercises)


  • Sit or stand with full comfortability and look at a small object at a certain meter distance.
  • Hold a pencil in your hand as far as your arm allows.
  • Now focus on the nib/tip of the pencil and slowly move the pencil close to your eyes.
  • When you feel the strain at your eyes, hold the pencil there for 5-8 seconds.
  • Now again move your hand at the initial position and continue the same process for 8-10 times.
  • Then look at that same small object and repeat the whole cycle.


Do it every day for 10-15 minutes for better outcomes.


Improves eye vision and concentration.

5. Figure 8

Figure 8 is another effective eye exercise that is very helpful for flexibility of your eye muscles.  

6 Magic Eye Exercises: To Help Your Vision
Horizontal 8


  • Sit in a chair and look 6-11 feet away from you (at the wall).
  • Now imagine the figure “8” on the wall.
  • Trace the path of figure “8” through your eyes without moving your head.
  • Trace in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction one after another.
    (You can imagine both vertical and horizontal figure of “8”)


Do this as much as you want. Try doing whenever you are free.


Reduces stress. It is excellent after the extended use of contact lenses or digital devices.

6. Rest/Sleep

Last but not least, always give your eyes and body a sufficient amount of rest. An individual must sleep enough hours for better eye vision and healthy life. Proper sleeping habits gives many benefits to your body as well as to your eyes. Sleeping helps your body and brain grow. It is the fundamental need of your body. If you go 14 hours without sleep, then your body may experience memory deficits, vision and hearing impairments and tremors. So sleep well and live well.

6 Magic Eye Exercises: To Help Your Vision


AgeRecommended May be appropriateNot recommended
0-3 months
14 to 17 hours11 to 13 hours
18 to 19 hours
Less than 11 hours
More than 19 hours
4-11 months
12 to 15 hours10 to 11 hours
16 to 18 hours
Less than 10 hours
More than 18 hours
1-2 years
11 to 14 hours9 to 10 hours
15 to 16 hours
Less than 9 hours
More than 16 hours
3-5 years
10 to 13 hours8 to 9 hours
14 hours
Less than 8 hours
More than 14 hours
School-aged Children
6-13 years
9 to 11 hours7 to 8 hours
12 hours
Less than 7 hours
More than 12 hours
14-17 years
8 to 10 hours
7 hours
11 hours
Less than 7 hours
More than 11 hours
Young Adults
18-25 years
7 to 9 hours6 hours
10 to 11 hours
Less than 6 hours
More than 11 hours
26-64 years
7 to 9 hours6 hours
10 hours
Less than 6 hours
More than 10 hours
Older Adults
≥ 65 years
7 to 8 hours5 to 6 hours
9 hours
Less than 5 hours
More than 9 hours
Sleep duration as per age.

Source of this table: SleepFoundation.org


Disclaimer: It is not scientifically proved that any kind of eye exercise can gain “lost eye-vision/eyesight“. These eye exercises can only help to prevent more ruining of your eyes. If these eye exercises do not help you, Don’t worry it will never hurt you either. If you have any existing eye problems, please visit your optometrist.

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