6 Hobbies To Change Your Life For Better

6 Hobbies To Change Your Life For Better
Having hobbies that aspire you is as important as following a passion to live a better life.

When someone asks you what your favorite Hobby is, Do you have some interesting hobbies of yours to answer? Or, is it you gonna be dumbfounded just like I once had been when a boy I was interested in asked me what my favorite hobby is!!!

Knowing something you enjoy doing is very important in life. Having hobbies keeps you motivated and keeps you lively. So, if you dunno which is your favorite hobby just like the past me, no worries you can forever pick one and make your favorite.

What are Hobbies?

A girl playing guitar

To live a fulfilling happy life, good hobbies are very important to us. What you do in your free time for fun and refreshment, is what a hobby is. A hobby can be anything.

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Do you like reading books? Do reading books gives you peace of mind and fun? Then, Yes!! Reading books is your Hobby. Do you enjoy gardening? Do you love cooking when you are free? Do you like helping people, talking to strangers, meeting new people, making new friends, or being alone in solitude? Anything you enjoy doing that makes you happy is what a real hobby is.

Do what you love and you will start enjoying everything that life brings on your way!!

6 Hobbies To Change Your Life For Better

Here is the list of the best 6 hobbies that will help you live a better life and even will contribute to making you a better person than you already are.

1. Reading Book

Reading a book

Reading books is one of my favorite hobbies. Indulging yourself in every paragraph of your favorite Novel with the refreshing drinks beside is the best feeling you can ever have. The excitement of what’s next now? when you continue reading and giving yourself time to interpret what gonna happen next is the real meaning of blue.

Reading books is a very good hobby to adopt. It will make you knowledgeable and broaden the horizon of your wisdom. It can help you improve your memory power, focus, your mental health, and communication skills. It can give you inner peace and satisfaction. So, this is one of the best hobbies one can welcome in their life.

2. Writing a Journal/ Diary

Hobbies- writing diary

Write what you feel, think, and imagine. This is how a great books are created.

Milenee Pakhrin 🙂

To some of you writing a journal or diary might sound cliche but it is a therapy for anxiety and depression. Write down the event that happens in your life in a journal. Keep a record of it. Write it when you are sad, happy, lonely, angry, heartbroken, betrayed, sick, or even hungry. Write it down. Release your pain and anger through writing in a diary.

When you start writing, you will start enjoying it. And your diary is going to be your Best-friend, who is gonna listen to all of your whinings, and complaints, your nagging and is also going to witness all of your high and low moments. You are never going to feel lonely once you start writing a diary.

And what’s best about writing a journal is that you can be warm on your bed in your old days, read every page of your diary, and re-live all those moments once again, reminisce your younger days. Writing a journal or diary is a very healthy habit you can welcome in your life.

3. Walking by the woods/ Enjoying the nature

Hobbies- walking by the wood

Take a break from your busy schedule and the bustling city to inhale the freshness of nature around you. Once in a while take a walk by the woods, into the forest. Listen to the chirping of birds, swifts flowing river, blowing wind.

Try smelling the damp soil after the rain, the smell of wildflowers, try dipping your feet in the fresh river water, and singing your favorite songs. This is what heaven on earth feels like. This is what taking a break means. And if you are a nature lover, you can obviously relate this feeling to me.

Giving yourself a break from your day-to-day life is very important for your healthy mind as well as for your body. So, enjoying the peaceful nature and greenery is one the good way to give yourself a break and feel relief. Once in a while go fall in the lap of mother nature. It will provide you with enormous peace and positive energy.

4. Spending quality time with your family

Hobbies- enjoying with family

Our family holds the closest and dearest spot in our hearts. Most of the time we might not say how much we love them but they are forever important to us. We get busy with our lives and forget to have little moments with our family like dining together, cooking all of us our favorite dishes, watching movies together, going to a family picnic, and so on.

No matter how busier we get, we should always make time for our family. On a weekend make a plan with your sibling, and have a good talk with your Mom and Dad. Go cook yourself your favorite dish. Talk to your family about your life, dream, goals, and problems. Build a good relationship with your family. Having a healthy and happy family is going to make you happy and fill your life with motivation and positive energy. Always spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

5. Enjoying your own company

Hobbies- a girl listening to music

What could be better than knowing how to be alone yet happier? Most of us are scared of being alone, scared of being lonely, scared of being left out by our friends or people. So, living in that fear we play along with the crowds. We do things that others want us to do or we do things that they do, never asking ourselves if it is what actually would you love to do!!

It’s very important to know how to enjoy own company. Talk to yourself time and again. Motivate yourself to do good. Ask yourself what is it you want to do in your life, What is it that will make you happy. Give yourself space and an environment where you can be the real you. Cook yourself your favorite food, listen to your favorite song, go for a walk, and do what makes you happy. Make yourself feel good and loved. Enjoy your own company. By doing this, you will experience a great change in yourself. You will be stronger emotionally and mentally. And you will be happier either.

6. Having a healthy diet

6 Hobbies To Change Your Life For Better

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

Gautam Buddha

A healthy diet gifts you a healthy body and a healthy body will make your mind healthy and a healthy mind will shower you with enormous positive thoughts and strong willpower. A healthy diet is the key to happiness. When you are healthy is when you can think healthy and work better.

So, always have a healthy diet. Maintain a balanced diet in your daily food. Avoid junk and unhealthy food. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol excessively. Have plenty of water daily.

Good foods, Good health!!
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!!


Hubbies- dancing

To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real.

Winston Churchill

Hobbies are a very essential part of our life. But it is always important to follow a good hobby. Hobbies can be anything you love doing. If loving yourself makes you happy, then loving yourself is your hobby. Have three or four or more hobbies to keep you occupied in your free time. Having hobbies is gonna make you happy and glow your life. And if someone gonna ask you what your favorite hobby is, you can answer swiftly…Isn’t it cool? Haha!! It is.

If you dunno what excites you or what makes you happy, how about making one of the above listed your hobby? How knows you might discover the unknown side of yourself and start loving it. Above listed all are the hobbies I love doing when I am free. It makes me happy and gives me peace of mind. They all had helped me through my low time and always cheered me up. Have a hobby that can inspire you and motivate you in the same way. Thank you for supporting us!!


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