6 Best Swimming Pools in Kathmandu

6 Best Swimming Pools in Kathmandu

In Summer, our urge to visit Swimming pools is irresistible. Searching for the best pools, visiting their sites, and making plans to go for a swim with friends becomes our hobby during summer. Summer is for Swimming, this is what I feel.

Whenever summer says Hello!!! all I do is carry out my research on poolsides and make plans with my mates. The other thing I do is visit lots of online stores for cute swimsuits that will make me look pretty. I know, swim lovers can feel my words and are probably lost in their imagination in the middle of reading. Snap out of your imagination, here I am gonna help you with your best swimming pool research. Thank me in the comment section below.

6 Best Swimming Pools in Kathmandu

The first two on our list are economic with good swimming experience. I have visited them many times for I love how economic they are yet good in their services. The other on our list are luxuries and of course, luxury comes with a good price. But, the price you pay is worth it. You are going to enjoy swimming in all these swimming pools we have listed. You don’t trust me? Go try them yourself.

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1. Swoyambhu Recreational Centre

Best Swimming pool: Swoyambhu Recreational Centre
Entry Fee:                 Rs 300
Hours:                      7AM–9PM
For Membership:     Rs 1000 per month
Phone number:       01-4033561
Address:                 Ring Road, Nagarjun (Near White Rabbit Restaurant)

Swoyambhu Recreational Centre is one of the perfect places for swimming. The pool water is clean and healthy to dive into the water. It has no time limit. Once you enter the pool you can enjoy it till its closing time. It has a canteen either so you don’t have to worry about food. It has a locker either. So, your stuff is safe here. You will enjoy your pool time here.

2. Dhanyentari Swimming Pool

 Dhanyentari Swim
Entry Fee:                 Rs 350
For Student:             Rs 250
Hours:                      7AM-9PM
Phone number:       01-4009607
Address:                 Dhanwantari Dhobikhola Handigoun, Kathmandu

With a cafe, a separate pool available for adults and kids, and an easily accessible Dhayantari swimming pool is one of the most go swimming pools inside the valley. The water in the pool is clean and with great hospitality from the staff. Overall it is a great spot to hang out with kids and family.

3. Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu
For Adult:                  Rs 1500
For Children:             Rs 1100
For Membership:      Rs 22,000 per month
Hours:                      7 am to 8 pm
Phone number:        01-5171234
Address:                  Boudha, Kathmandu

Hyatt- You must have heard it. If you are visiting Hyatt expect extravagance. Diving in the pool of Hyatt is gonna make you feel awesome. You can enjoy swimming with the beautiful view of the garden and enjoy its ambience. You are looking for a luxurious poolside? Then Hyatt Regency Welcomes You.

4. Hotel Shanker

Hotel Shanker
Monday-Friday:         8:30 Am-8 PM
Phone number:         01-4410151
Address:                   Lazimpat, Kathmandu

You can dive in the outdoor pool of Hotel Shanker and you can enjoy the spa either if you wish. You will love the view, the garden, sunbathing, you will love everything about this hotel. You can always go and enjoy swimming here. And you can for sure, obviously spend your night getting a luxury room either.

5. Hotel Mulberry

Hotel Mulberry
Monday-Friday Price:       Rs 1500
Saturday and Sunday:      Rs 1800
Phone number:                01-5904548
Address:                          Jyatha Galli, Kathmandu

If you are around Thamel, on hot summer days, heat sucking all your energy then go to hotel Mulberry and dive in its pool. All you will feel is relaxed and cool. It has pools on its 8th floor with a killer view of Kathmandu. It is pricy for sure but with the services its offers with amazing views and ambience, it is absolutely worth the price.

6. Shambala Hotel

 Shambala Hotel
Phone number:          01-4650315 
Address:                    Bansbari Rd, Kathmandu 

Located in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu Hotel Shambala has one of the best swimming pools. With amazing views and clean water, diving in its pool on hot sunny days feels real good. The swimming pool has a really pretty view. If you are photogenic then this place is for you. Though the pool’s depth is not enough deep its length is long enough to do a few laps. You can visit this beautiful place to have an amazing swimming experience.


Swimming in Summer

It’s Summertime and You don’t go swimming? It’s impossible. Every one of us goes to have fun in the pool during summer to enjoy diving. So, this summer all these swimming pools are waiting for your visit. Choose according to your preference and go have fun with your friends and family.

Thank You!! We hope you will have good Summertime.


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