6 Best Place to Travel in Lamjung District

6 Best Place to Travel in Lamjung District

Lamjung, the district headquarter Besisahar covers the area of 1,692 sq. km. Lamjung district lies in the mid-hills of Nepal spanning tropical to trans-Himalayan geo-ecological belts. . Lamjung district is covered with Middle Hills (43%), High Mountains (39%), and Himalaya (18%). The altitude variation of the Lamjung district ranges from 500 m to 7,690 m. Lamjung is also the gateway to the famous trekking trail Annapurna Circuit Trek. Another popular thing about this district is wild honey hunting. People also come to adventurous water rides in the Marshyangdi River.

Lamjung is a great place to taste a mixture of cultural and natural beauty. Lamjung District is decorating itself with beautiful mountain ranges, lush hills, and rivers, and thundering waterfalls. This district is rich in culture, tradition, and religion, and multi-ethnic people too.

Lamjung is an amazing place with a rich history, nature, and cultural beauty. Here, we have listed the best place to explore in the Lamjung District.

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1. Ghale Gaun

Lamjung district

Ghale Gaun is a beautiful village with an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level. This village is known as a model tourism village as it is sitting in the lap of beautiful mountains. This village offers a splendid view of Annapurna I, II, IV, Machapuchhre, Lamjung Himal, and other small peaks.
This village is more beautiful with the unspoiled and preserved culture of indigenous beauty. We fill like as we are not away from the home because of their warm welcome and friendly environment. They welcome you with the garland at the entrance of the village. The guest can also wear the traditional dress of Gurung and capture the moment. They also perform the traditional dance to guests like Jhyaure, Serka, Ghatu, and Jhakri with a sweet melody od traditional instruments.

2. Lamjung Himal Trek

6 Best Place to Travel in Lamjung District

This trek is low altitude trek with a spectacular view of the Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri range, and Manaslu range. Around eight to ten days of trekking takes you to the beautiful Rhododendron forest, beautiful waterfalls, and white dazzling peaks. The Lamjung Himal trekking trail follows the Gangapokhara, Neghuche, and Rambrong Base Camp. The highest altitude of the Lamjung Himal trek is 3,900 meters above sea level.

3. Wild Honey Hunting

6 Best Place to Travel in Lamjung District

Honey hunting is the traditional skill practice by the tribes of the remote Lamjung district peoples. Honey hunting is conducted in the vertical hills of Khudri, Bhuihule. Ghanpokhara, Taghring, and Dudhpokhari. Honey hunting is so risky and adventurous as it requires the courage to complete the task. Honey Hunting is done on the occasion of the festival called Siurung festival. This honey is popular because it has a high medician land economic value in the international market.

4. Lamjung Palace

6 Best Place to Travel in Lamjung District

Lamjung Palace is standing on the top of the Besisahar which is rich in the historical property. According to experts, Lamjung Palace is the origin of the Shah Dynasty. The distance to this palace is only 2 hours hike which offers a beautiful view of the distance. Besides the historical importance, this palace is also the best place for sunrise, sunset view, and Marshyangdi valley.

5. Baraha Pokhari

6 Best Place to Travel in Lamjung District

Baraha Pokhari is the beautiful lake sitting in the lap of mountains with an altitude of 3,100 meters. Visitors can trek to this lake through beautiful rhododendron forests, mountain views, and religious temples. Baraha Lake is located at the border of two national parks, Annapurna Conservation Area and Manaslu Conservation Area. There is also extended trek like Mun Pokhari and Dudh Pokhari which are beautiful as well. This lake is not only rich in nature but also holds cultural importance too. Every spring in April, on full moon day, there will be Mela at this lake. People come to this lake to worship the Barahi goddess to get a wish fulfilled.

6. Rafting

6 Best Place to Travel in Lamjung District

Despite being rich in nature and culture, Lamjung is also rich in adventurous activities like white water rafting. Rafting has always been an amazing experience and the Marshyangdi River would be more interesting when it comes to rafting. The soaring cliffs, fast-flowing rivers, and gorges add an extra adventure to the rafting. Flowing with the current of the water between the canyons and rocks makes your rafting rememberable.

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