6 Best Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal

6 Best Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal

Alcoholic drinks- Chyang, Raksi, Tongba, Aila, Jaad, Nigar………

What are these words to you? A mere intoxication that takes u to a blissful state?

Or, More than that? You know how to toast and cheers but do you know their significance, more importantly, what are they made from? About the history, they carry behind with religious significance?

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If you don’t have any idea, after reading our article till the end you will know everything. Say thanks to us!!! Pleasure is always ours!!

Humans and Alcohol, have been friends for ages now. It’s not like, out of blue, all of a sudden we humans wanted a drink that can make us tipsy when we are sad, happy, depressed, overwhelmed, and the concept of alcohol was introduced, and it was fermented. Or is it?? It is believed that the desire for drinking alcohol is what promoted agriculture in the ancient period for alcohol is produced by the fermentation of grains. This is how old relation we have with our friend alcohol.

Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal

Alcohol is for sure not only a mere intoxication. It holds a history and religious significance. Different countries in the world had different signature alcoholic drinks. Here, we are going to talk about the local drinks of Nepal. So, Les’s go on!!

1. Chyang

6 Best Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal

Are you even a Nepali if you don’t know Chyang? A big question on your nationality LOL!!!

Chyang- is an honorific local drink made from fermented rice, barley, or millet. It is milky white in color and is sweet and sour in taste. To those who have adopted to drinking hard drinks like vodka and beer, Chyang is a mild drink. But to those who are a beginner, one glass of chyang will be sufficient enough to make them tipsy. No matter how much the liquor industry has evolved or is going to evolve further, the sweet and sour taste of chyang is irreplaceable. And how chyang is still the most-consumed drink is what proves its strong irreplaceable existence in Nepalese society.

In the Tamang community, chyang is one of the most ingredients in ceremonies. It is also preferred by Newars, Sherpas & Rai. Traditionally, it is served in a brass bowl along with other dishes. Nowadays, it is served in a steel glass, normal glass, or even in plastic bottles. It is a very economical drink and we can buy them in local hotels. One of the great places to have Chyang is Bhaktapur. We can have chyang along with Newari Khaja set.

2. Raksi

6 Best Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal

Raksi, also known as Kodo ko Raksi(translated as alcohol made from millet) or Local Raksi or Arak. Now, Raksi is a generic name for all the alcoholic beverages but in past, it referred to one specific alcoholic drink that was locally produced from millet, rice, and also wheat. The flavor of Raksi depends on the grain used. It is a strong drink just like vodka and beer having a 20 to 30 percent alcoholic concentration. The consumer said it tastes really good and when drank sends a burning sensation down to the throat giving a velvety sensation. It is produced at home for feasts and occasions.

For Kirat and Limbu, it is a traditional drink served with pork. It is required in different functions and ceremonies.  Raksi remains an important requirement of various religious rituals and social events, due in part perhaps to its antiseptic properties.

3. Aila

6 Best Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal

Aila is a Nepali beverage prepared from the fermentation of rice, grain, or millet. This liquor is homemade and prepared in a traditional way. It is used in the Newari festivals and rituals. It is one of the most potent alcoholic beverages found in Nepal. From its strong order itself, one can say Aila has a high alcoholic concentration. You can go to Newari restaurant if you want to have a majestic taste of Aila. What is fascinating about Aila is how it is typically served. It’s poured initially from the lower height and then is raised gradually to nearly waist height. This style of pouring is pleasant to the eye and tastes to the mouth.

Aila is a Newari drink so obviously made by Newari people. It has not been widely commercialized yet it is still one of the best local drinks whose existence draws people. Aila is first offered to the gods before every religious festival and cultural activity, and then it is served. One such famous Newari festival is Yenya.

4. Tongba

6 Best Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal

In the freezing cold of December, Tongba goes well. Nevertheless, it goes well in summer as well. Share your opinion related to it in the comment section down below, guys!!

It is the traditional and indigenous drink of the Limbu people as well as people of other kirati communities and many other ethnic groups of Nepal. It is religiously important to the Rai and Limbu people. Offering Tongba is the gesture of showing respect, in their culture. Tongba is actually a name of a vessel that holds liquor. But now as a whole liquor and vessel is called tonga. It is prepared by cooking and fermenting millet. After the millet is properly fermented, it is then put in the vessel, hot water is poured into the vessel, and it’s now ready to drink.

The vessel holding the liquor itself is very aesthetic and appealing and the way it is drunk by using the straw. It tastes sweet and warm. It’s consumed mostly in winter or in cooler places like hilly and mountainous regions of eastern Nepal mostly to maintain body temperature.

5. Jaad

Jaad is another local alcoholic drink of Nepal. It is made by the fermentation of wheat, rice, or millet for about a week or 10 days. And, then is ready to drink. It is usually drunk in the summer season due to its cooling and refreshing properties. It is a mild drink that has a very low alcohol percentage. Talking about the taste, it tastes much sweeter and little sour. It is usually famous in the Mangolian communities like Rai, Limbu, Tamang, and sherpa.


6 Best Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal

Beer, vodka, and wine might taste great but Nepal’s local alcoholic drink tastes better. Nepali alcoholic drink is love and emotion. You can find brandy, vodka, and wine anywhere around the world, but to drink Chyang, Jaad, and Raksi you have to come to Nepal to drink them.

Many tourists have been fascinated by the local drinks of Nepal as well. This is how great our homemade drinks are. The above-listed liquor is organic homemade alcoholic drinks that not only have good taste but religious importance as well.

We hope you enjoyed reading your article. Thank You!! for your love and support. Have a blissful day!!


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6 Best Local Alcoholic Drinks Of Nepal
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