6 Best Cafes And Restaurants Around Butwal.

6 Best Cafes And Restaurants Around Butwal.

If you are searching for a place with good food and great ambiance, Butwal is the place. The city of Butwal has the best cafes and restaurants. You can find every kind of cafe here whether it is aesthetic, luxurious, authentic, or serene you name it Butwal has it all. You can visit them with your friends and take pictures.

Cafes and restaurant around Butwal

Whether you live in Butwal or planning to visit Butwal then you must try these cafes listed below:

Notorious restro and bar


This place gives a luxurious and classic vibe. The Interior design of this place is what makes it stand out from other places. This place screams class because of its looks. This place provides great food with a great ambiance. Their drinks are the must-try if you visit this place. When You visit this place you will feel like you are in an indifferent world. This is one of the must-visit cafes of Butwal. Prices might be a bit more expensive than other cafes and restaurants in Butwal but believe me, it is worth it. It is located in Kalikanagar, Butwal.

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Hideout cafe

6 Best Cafes And Restaurants Around Butwal.

Hideout Cafe is another place in Butwal where you can escape the hustle-bustle of the city. It is away from the center of Butwal by the avenue. This place gives you the vibe of being in the countryside. All The decorations in this place are made of wood like chairs and tables. It feels like you are sitting in the heart of nature. It has a calm and peaceful vibe. The food and drinks are delicious here. It is also affordable. If you love nature then this is the place for you. Hideout Cafe is located at Siddhartha path, Butwal.


6 Best Cafes And Restaurants Around Butwal.

If you are in butwal then this is the must-visit place. This cafe may be small but it is one of the amazing cafes in butwal to visit. It is a good place to hang out with friends. It is the best place to connect with people. Whenever you visit, there will be people singing songs, playing guitar and enjoying themselves. The food is good here and also affordable. This is a good place for a casual hangout with your friends. It is located at Shukra path, Butwal.

Gaun Ghar chulo

6 Best Cafes And Restaurants Around Butwal.

Gaun Ghar Chulo is a great place to hang out with your friends. It has both outdoor and indoor dining. The main food served here is Nepalese cuisine. Both the food and ambiance of this place are great. It is located in a peaceful area of Devinagar, Butwal.

Black forest

6 Best Cafes And Restaurants Around Butwal.

One of the most popular bakeries and cafes in butwal is black forest. They have been providing the best bakery in the city for a long time. People have been going to the black forest for a casual hangout with their friends or to buy cakes for different events. They are opened in three places in Butwal- Rajmarga chauraha, traffic chowk, and Milan chowk. You can visit any of these places for great food and a bakery.

Chiya chautari Book cafe

6 Best Cafes And Restaurants Around Butwal.

Chiya chautri cafe is popular in but because of how peaceful it is. It is the best place to read books and different kinds of meetings. It has a separate place to read books, a casual hangout with friends, and meetings. Students visit this place to study for their exams. This cafe is located at Tribhuwan path, Butwal.


6 Best Cafes And Restaurants Around Butwal.

The cafe and restaurants in Butwal have great services. If you once visit these cafes in Butwal then your standards will be high whenever you visit other cafes. So make sure to visit these places in Butwal. Thank you for reading till the end. Hope this article was helpful to you. Have a good day!


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