5 Websites for Unlimited Knowledge

5 Websites for Unlimited Knowledge

Wondering about the informative websites where time is worth wasting? Searching for the platform where you can gain knowledge? 

Don’t worry! We have come up with 5 educational and factual websites packed with immense knowledge and fun materials to explore. Let’s go through the lists.  

1. Pdfdrive 

Link : (https://www.pdfdrive.com/)

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Pdfdrive is a useful and interesting search engine to search pdf files for any books you like. Feels like going right into it? Yes! Check that out! As of now, there are 79112444 books available which are huge to search on. 

The additional benefit there is you can enjoy your time on this website without the interruption of annoying ads. It is indeed stressful. Also, what else could be more fun than having no download limits. 

5 Websites for Unlimited Knowledge

Furthermore, you can also find the books under the title such as Best Books of the Week, Books on Finding Passion and Purpose in Life, Parenting Books, Books to Love and Accept Yourself, Motivational Books, and some videos as well. So, let your fingers type the name pdf drive and dive into it. 

2. Core.ac.uk

Link : (https://core.ac.uk/)

This site is related to giving access to the world’s research papers. It is also the world’s largest collection of open access research papers. More than two hundred million research papers are available here where you can get what you need undoubtedly. 

To add more, this platform is a great tool for researchers giving free access to over 20 million users to research on papers. There are more than 10 million articles ready to be downloaded in any language you want. What a resourceful site to be in right? The other features are: 

5 Websites for Unlimited Knowledge
  • Fast and Reliable 
  • Stay in sync in real-time 
  • Valuable text and good content

3. Citationsy.com 

Link : (https://citationsy.com/)

Coming to the citationsy, this is one of the favorites and useful sites of ours. It is committed to making researching and referencing easier for students all around the world of all academics backgrounds. What more could be offered?

For instance, let’s say we are writing a project report. We have a plethora of several references to mention in the bibliography. The problem here is that we don’t know how to format it. This is exactly where citationsy comes into use. Further features to talk about are:

5 Websites for Unlimited Knowledge
  • Millions of references simply and quickly
  • Trusted by thousands of universities 
  • Probably the world’s best-referencing tool 

4. Archive.org 

Link : (https://archive.org/)

Archives is a non-profit digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and many more. Just like the other physical libraries, archives provide access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. Its mission is to provide universal access to all knowledge. 

Through the Wayback Machine, it has 25+ years of web history and works with 750+ libraries. Their intention is to grant access to a public or academic library with a good collection because not everyone has the privilege. To add more: 

5 Websites for Unlimited Knowledge
  • Wayback machines to millions of videos, software anything
  • Oldtime Radio Broadcast 

5. Elephind.com

Link : (https://elephind.com/)

Elephind.com has made it possible for historians, doctors, researchers to search historic digitalized newspapers from around the world. It is just like any other search engine such as Google, Bing, and so on. It allows you to search for free on any newspaper site rather than searching them separately which is a tedious task. 

If we think of newspaper sites, many are unknown and are difficult to find but elephind.com these kinds of stuff are made searchable. Over 30 million newspaper titles are available here. Highlighted features are: 

5 Websites for Unlimited Knowledge
  • Find Historic newspaper 
  • Access to Archives

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Enjoy these lists!

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