5 Useful Tips to Hold a Marriage Ceremony during this Pandemic Lockdown

5 Useful Tips to Hold a Marriage Ceremony during this Pandemic Lockdown

Why not have a simple, peaceful, intimate wedding?
Small or Grand-marriage is marriage after all!

Due to this pandemic, many weddings have been cancelled or postponed. But some of the couples still decided to tie their knots despite this tangled situation- the gravity of their love pulled them together hence deciding to get married.

Lots of you might have dreamt of having a grand wedding being surrounded by all of your relatives and friends. But now due to this again ongoing lockdown, the plan failed miserably. In this current situation, it is indeed impossible to hold a grand big wedding.

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So, we can only invite a limited number of guests to attain the ceremony. Yet if you still wish to get married and can no longer wait to be with your other half under the same roof-no force should stop you. Yes, you should get married taking required preventive measures. Why not have a simple, peaceful, intimate wedding? What matter most is being married to your loved one in presence of your immediate family members- be it in Hyatt Regency or a temple.

As the saying goes on, “The word Impossible itself says I Am Possible” meaning if you are willing to get married, then nothing could stop you or bound you. But in this present situation, it would be slightly challenging to get married. There will be preventive measures that should be taken during your marriage. Instead of firecrackers and Pancha Baja, grand feast and celebration, there will be welcoming hand sanitisers, masks and social distancing norms. 

What is Marriage all about?

Marriage- a couple taking vow

Marriage is a new beginning, a life-long commitment, a strong belief tying the knots of two people, their family, and relatives. It is a social tradition that brings two souls together making a vow in front of Gods and Goddess, parents and seniors- a vow to support and love each other under any difficult circumstances, to always love one another in better or worse, to always be together not only in this lifetime but for seven lifetimes. Marriage is the union of a bride and groom and the beginning of their new joyous life.

Having enormous love is not enough for tying the knots, Love is not only the factor that is important in marriage. It is important yet not sufficient for successful happy marriage life. For a successful marriage, there should be Love and respect for one another. Marriage takes a lot of mutual understanding and support of both spouses.

Challenges for Lockdown Marriage

Marriage-wedding ring

There is no denying that holding a marriage ceremony during this pandemic is challenging and tough compared to a normal wedding. There are lots of challenges that a couple should face if they are up, to tying the knots during this disordered situation.

According to the Government plans, no gathering is allowed, all banquets, hotels and restaurants should be closed, no more passengers on the bus than its capacity and on and on. So, if the couple had decided to hold a marriage ceremony they must follow all these rules and regulations.

They should only invite a few people which might be difficult to decide whom to invite and whom to not. They cannot do required shopping for their marriage because all the shops and stores might not be open due to the current situation. Here, they have to compromise which might feel unpleasant. They have to even give up on their dream of having a grand and big wedding. They have very limited resources such as places for marriage and they cannot afford to be choosy.

5 Best Ways to Held Marriage Ceremony keeping Ongoing Pandemic in Consideration

If you are thinking of getting married in this ongoing lockdown then we are here to help and support you. Here are the five ways to hold a marriage ceremony during this pandemic lockdown, you might mind helpful during your marriage ceremony:

1. Invite limited guest

Keeping the pandemic and government rules on your mind, you should only invite a family and friend who are very close and important to you. You should make it as less crowded as possible.

2. Choose a suitable place

Marriage- group of people celebrating

There is no way you can be choosy about which place to choose for your wedding spot in this disordered situation. When we say choose a suitable place, here means– choose a very less crowded place like it can be your own home or a temple or church near you. Don’t choose the destination which might later create a problem for you. Imagine a van of uninvited police welcoming themselves in the middle of your marriage. The very imagination tastes bitter itself.

Choose a spacious well-ventilated outdoor space. The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads easily indoors, especially in poorly ventilated settings. Outdoor venues are safer than indoor spaces. So, choose a place that’s very suitable during this pandemic. The less crowded the better.

3. Make a event short and safe

It’s no good if you stay in the middle of a crowd for a long time for there is a high risk of being a COVID-19 victim. So make your marriage event as short as possible. Manage everything required for the precaution of virus beforehand like sanitisers, masks, social distancing at least 1 m distance from others.

Make your event short and safe

Encourage your guest to wear a mask and use hand sanitiser time and again maintaining proper social distancing.

4. Consider asking your Guest to be vaccinated before joining the events

Marriage- mask and vaccine

Safety comes first after all. So, why not humbly ask your guest to be vaccinated before showing their presence at the wedding? Some might think it will be rude to ask them to do so, but if you think from the health point of view then it is the best idea which is good for either side. Now, it’s all about perspective- how you see it and think about it.

By doing so, you can protect yourself and all your guests from the risk of coronavirus. It will be safe for all of you and shows how thoughtful you are.

5) Be financial and do charity

Marriage- people doing charity

If we go through the Facebook newsfeed, we can see lots of news about how people are facing financial crises due to pandemics, we see homeless people cry just for food, people suffering from starvation, and people’s misery and their heat wrecking mourning. So, why not be financial at your wedding and save a little money to help the poor and needy people.

You will be their saviour and remembered. You will have their blessing for your successful married life. And if you are someone having a dream to do social service since childhood, then this is the right and healthy opportunity for you.

And furthermore, if you are interested in tying the knots through an online medium like zoom, then it’s a good way either. Recently, in India, this is how one of the couples tied their knots. It’s funny and interesting…..isn’t it? We can do whatever we find pleasing to us staying bound by rules and regulations.


Marriage- couple in wedding dress

We hope you will adopt all the safety measures and carry out your wedding ceremony. Do make sure to remain safe and sound first. Others things come later. We hope you will have your wedding planned beautifully following all the health precautions. Thank you for visiting Tips Nepal. We are always here to help and guide you. Have a great day!

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