6 Popular Cartoons We All Loved As A Child

6 Popular Cartoons We All Loved As A Child

Let’s take a short trip to our childhood memory and talk about the cartoons we watched while growing up. If we take a look back to our childhood then Most of the cartoons we watched were Japanese cartoons which were dubbed in Hindi. Those times when we hurriedly get back home from school just to watch our favorite cartoons were the best part of our day. Those memories are still fresh in our minds. Now let’s discuss all those Japanese cartoons we watched in our childhood days.

List Of Cartoons

1. Moomin

Moomin cartoons

Moomin, a cartoon about a happy family of bare-feet and long-tailed beings called Moomins who lives in the fictional Moomin Valley is one of the most iconic cartoons of all time in Nepal. Every 90’s kid has watched this cartoon. It may be the only cartoon that was dubbed in Nepali which we watched while growing up.

It used to be aired on Nepali television and every 90’s kid would swarm over the television to watch this show. If you see the pictures or even a glimpse of the characters of this show then you can hear the voice of those characters. The word Sanu Maya still lives rent-free in my mind. Moomin is truly the one of the best cartoon for the Nepali kids.

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2. Doraemon

Doraemon and nobita

Yet another most loved cartoon by Nepali kids is Doraemon. Doraemon is one of the most popular characters of all time. We all will be lying if we say we never thought of wanting to have friend like a Doraemon in our life. The gadgets of Doraemon which could do anything, whether it is to go wherever you like with an anywhere door in a sec or the time machine to travel through time were the best.

We all loved the naive and innocent Nobita who always gets in trouble, strong and terrible singer Gian who always troubles Nobita with Suneo who is hella rich and can buy anything, and also finally our kind, loving, and pretty Shizuka who is also the love interest of Nobita. Some of us still watch this cartoon even today. This cartoon will never be enough for us no matter how much we watch it.

3. Pokemon

ash and pikachu

Everybody loves pokemon and no one can deny that fact. It is about the story of ash who embarks on the journey to become a pokemon master and gets Pikachu as his first pokemon who refuses to trust him.  Even though people have not watched the cartoon pokemon they have heard about Pikachu. Even though the only word he says is pika-pika Pikachu, it is one of the cutest and most loved characters of all time. there are also a lot of popular pokeman beside pikachu like Charizard, Greninja, Lucario, Lucario and a lot more. People not only love the cartoons but also all the video games based on pokemon.

4. Shinchan


Shinchan is one of those cartoons which can make you laugh by just thinking about it. Shinchan is about the 5-year-old kid shin chan who does questionable activities which are just too funny to not laugh at. He is a cute, loving, and sometimes smart kid who always embarasses his parents, teachers, and friends with his inappropriate behavior statement.

Everything a 5-year-old kid can do he will do everything throughout the shows whether it is to be rude, brutally honest, make his parents embarrassed, or even show his butt be cheeky. He plays with his friends is the actual representation of how a five-year-old kid can be. He also has a sister Himawari who likes handsome guys and pearls and also a dog which he found. No matter what he does in the series everyone just loves him for his naughtiness.

5. Perman


Perman is another japanese cartoon we watched as a child. It is a superhero cartoon about mitsuwo who works for a birdman to become a powerful superhero perman. He helps people from the crimes and disasters. In order to be a perman he has to keep his identity secret otherwise his head will be crushed. So he tries his best to hide his identity as a perman with the help of a copy-cat robert who exactly looks like him.

Mitsuo is a perman 1 and other permans are chimpanzee addressed as perman 2, sumire-perman who is a popular child actress and finally a hozen perman 4 who is oldest among them. It was one of the fun cartoon we watched in our childhood. Cartoons about superhero were best to watch as a child.

6. Ninja Hattori

hattori, shenzo, kenichi, and sisimanu

You are probably living under the rock if you have never watched Ninja Hattori. It airs on the nickelodeon channel. The most fun part of watching this cartoon was singing along the opening theme song of the cartoon and the worst part was the commercial break. Whenever the Kenichi gets in trouble Hattori is always there for the rescue.

The enemy of Hattori Amara who likes to trouble Kenichi always tries to fight with Hatori. Hatori, his brother Shinzo and a ninja dog always keep an eye on Kenichi as a good friend. No one can forget our pretty and kind Yumeko who is also the love interest of Kenichi and Amara. Ninja Hattori is one of the big part of our childhood.



As we watched all these cartoons in our childhood they became a huge part of our life. They were not only fun to watch but also educational as they taught us the good and bad. I think Most of us Nepalis can speak in Hindi is because of these cartoons which were dubbed in Hindi. All these cartoons made our childhood fun and even livelier. We were able to enjoy our childhood and learn a lot of things through these cartoons. Thank you for reading till the end. Have a good day!


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