5 New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas

5 New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas

New Beginning with the New Year!!
What can be more exciting than celebrating New Year’s Eve with your friends and family?

New year’s eve can be celebrated with all of your special people. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy new year’s eve, whether you’re spending it with your family, friends, neighbors, or even if it’s just you and your beloved one. You can book a ticket and have fun with your friends or your partner in clubs around Kathmandu for New Year’s eve celebration. If you are adventurous, then you can visit different places of Nepal.

Importance Of New Year’s Eve Celebration

 New Year's Eve

Whatever we do on new year’s eve day, it may be sharing gifts, visiting new places, having fun with beloved ones, or anything- the only intention is to share happiness, good wishes with the beloved ones, and welcome the grand New Year with a heart filled with happiness and mind filled with positiveness. New Year’s eve is a time where we forgive and forget bitter things that have taken place last year, to bid them farewell. It is the time when we reminisce on things that have taken over a year and it is also the time to begin a new chapter of life with lots of positive energy and enthusiasm.

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So when we’re celebrating New Year’s what we’re really celebrating and cheering up for is- the positive energy and optimism. It is a good opportunity to at least try to achieve better things and the best results in real life

“A New Year doesn’t automatically change us or our outlook on life, but it can serve as a natural starting line for changing both the way we think and the things we do.”

5 New Year’s Eve 2079 Celebration Ideas

 New Year's Eve

The new year in Nepal is quite different than other countries‘ new years. Here, you get the opportunity to do something new and welcome the new year with a lot of energy. Here are some of our favorite new year’s eve celebration ideas to help to end 2078 with fun.

1. Enjoy The Street Food At Thamel At Night

 New Year's Eve

Thamel has been the place for tourists for over five decades, it is known to be the heart and soul of  Kathmandu. It attracts visitors from across the nation and abroad. Thamel at night is full of fun. You can see a food stall on every street of Thamel. You can try different street food this upcoming new year’s. Live bands performing until late at night or if you want to enjoy some traditional dance you can move to cultural shows. Every hotel hosts a night cultural show complete with local dances, music, songs, and costume.

2. Visits The Club On New Year’s Eve

 New Year's Eve

When u get a good quality of music with dance, your mind thinks about pleasant memories and releases hormones that are responsible for feeling good. Many people visit nightclubs to socialize and make new friends and enjoy the food. Everyone who walks through the door is a potential new ally, friend, or love interest. You can visit clubs on upcoming new year’s eve which is the best idea to celebrate.

3. Go Bungee Jumping In The Hemja, Pokhara

 New Year's Eve

Pokhara is one of the best places in Nepal for nourishing the most adventurous activities. Bungee jumping is one of the most adventurous activities located near the lakeside of Pokhara. You can reach Pokhara lakeside easily by road. Once you reach the lakeside, take a taxi and can reach the jumping spot easily which is 20 minutes away from there.  After jumping from the cliff, you will go through in the air for some time and then splash into the water below. So try this on upcoming new year’s.

4. Fire Up Barbeque

 New Year's Eve

You can also do barbeque with your friends and loved ones in the upcoming new year, setting up a temporary barbeque setup on your terrace or garden is a good vibe. Barbies are easily available online under different budgets and sizes and are easy to use. So, get one along with good-quality warm coal, and set it up out in the open places. You can use a variety of meats, such as chicken legs or wings, lamb or pork. If you are veg, then paneer, capsicum, onions, tomatoes, and potatoes make great grills.

5. Call A Loved One

5 New Year's Eve Celebration Ideas

Your loved ones possibly helped you get through this year in a different way. They have been together with your ups and downs, they have been by your side in both your happiness and sadness. So, give him/her a call to say thank you, love you, swap stories, and make plans to date for an outing.

Make your loved one feel special.


 New Year's Eve

New Year is a historic day, which helps us to review actions of spent the past year, now learn from the mistakes of the previous year, and move forward with a new resolution. The new year brings a change in life. That may be a positive or negative change. People promise to give up smoking, lose weight, go to the temple more often, etc. You will bring about the changes that you are seeking to accomplish with loved ones. We should welcome the New Year every year with new energy so that our life becomes even better.

At the end of the article, We all wish you a Happy New Year!!!
May this New Year brings lots of happiness and fortune in your life.


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