5 Best Club At Kathmandu To Chill

5 Best Club At Kathmandu To Chill

Hitting up a nightclub in Nepal is a must-do if you are going to be in Kathmandu city. Clubbing is one of the best things to do in Kathmandu at night, and you have plenty of options is here.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”


If you want a place, have some fun and go in order to dance and drink in the evening, then choose the coolest nightlife. Dancing and music are a way for some people to relax after a long or hard day of work and sometimes it’s a way to evade their lives. It’s also a known fact that people love to dance and listen to music. As long as there are stressed people, music and dance lover, the clubs will provide the entertainment. As a result, it will have a place for profit and growth. In this blog, I will explain the 5 best clubs in Kathmandu to be chill.

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Benefits Of Club

The sparkling lights in a stage

Relieves Stress: When u get a good quality of music with dance, your mind thinks about others and releases hormones that are responsible for feeling good. Music and dance with good foods deal with stress as well as give your mind some time to rest and help to recover well.

Generate Money: Best for business and also provide so many opportunities for business-minded people. Being an artist, they sang in a club which helps to earn money which could be your business. It can also offer a certain type of music. They can have good live music, feature DJ music, or both which can attract high enough paying customers.

Raised hand in support of the performer in a club

Employment Opportunity: It provides one of the largest employment opportunities. From street singers to celebrities, they are all earning a living because of it. It also plays an important role to collect taxes which is helpful for the government development project.

Meeting New People: Many people visit nightclubs to socialize and make new friends and to enjoy the food. Everyone who walks through the door is a potential new ally, friend, or love interest. This new trend is one of the main designs of ownership.

Club and Nights Lights in Kathmandu

5 Best Clubs At Kathmandu

Club in Kathmandu

Searching for a nightclub there are plenty of nightclubs in Kathmandu. Nightlife in Kathmandu is growing day by day, New generations are now more interested in visiting nightclubs with family and friends. Among different nightclubs, some charges fees and some don’t. But most of the clubs only charge on weekends for the visitors. Nightclubs in Kathmandu offer a special day for ladies on Wednesday. The entry fee for ladies is free and some offer a few discounts for them. Most of the nightclubs are focused on the tourist area of Kathmandu. Thamel, Lazimpat, Durbar Marg are the destination where nightclubs are located in Kathmandu.

Keep the masses fed and entertain them to keep them in line.

Varg vikernes

1. Senate

Senate in Kathmandu

If you are ever in Thamel, you need to go to the senate, it’s the best night out you’ll have in Nepal, the drinks are cheap, it’s always busy and the song choice is brilliant. They also have a good playlist of songs that could get you tapping while you enjoy your drink. The place is very animated in the later hours of the night and can get heavily crowded on weekends. It is like a mini oasis in the crowded streets in Thamel. There was enough space in the lounges for a group of people to fit comfortably. 

Location: jp road, Thamel
Timings: 7 PM To 4 AM
Entry Fee: RS. 500 (According to events it may differ).
Best Part: Local band, good dance stage, reservations.

2. Deja Vu

Deja Vu In Kathmandu

The 20,000 sq. ft. venue has a stylish design concept that reminds of a party house. If you want privacy, two levels of the dance floor with separate sitting rooms and two exclusive VIP rooms are available. Each level has its own entrance with three fully-equipped bars. It has fully sounds proof with a highly powerful exhaust system. The features include cutting-edge lighting & sound system, eye-popping LED walls with video mapping technologies, that are complemented by its mechanical interior design which you love it.

Location: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
Timings: 7 PM To 5 AM
Entry Fee: RS. 1000 (According to special weekends it may vary)
Best Part: Ample parking space, soundproof walls, and fully air-conditioned indoors.   

3. Lord Of The Drinks

Lord of the Drinks

Well organized and very professional pub in Kathmandu. For those who are looking for pubs and drinks, LOD is the one and only best place. All staff very kind and helpful. Especially the main bar staff and the bouncer. They have performances every night and if you happen to be lucky, you might as well be able to see your favorite artists perform. Take your drinks and get going on the dance floor for an absolutely rocking dance night. Lord of drinks in Kathmandu has been serving in Kathmandu with the finest professionalism.

Location: Thamel, Kathmandu
Timings: 7 PM To 6 AM
Entry Fee: NPR 1000
Best Part: Free entry for ladies on Wednesdays, ample parking space with valet parking as well.   

4. Platinium

Platinum in Kathmandu

Platinum is the latest venue to join the hottest place in Kathmandu Valley. It had its soft opening on 12th February 2020, has quickly earned interest among the party scene in Kathmandu. You will enjoy it because of popular artists such as Naren Limbu Khapung and Abhaya and the Steam Engines performing there or foreign DJs such as DJ Lady Do from Amsterdam playing in the venue, it has amassed hordes of curious partygoers who want to see the next biggest party venue in town.

Location: Teendhara Marga, Kathmandu
Timings: 7 PM To 5 AM
Entry Fee: NPR 1000
Best Part: Best free space dance floor, yummy food and drinks, parking lot.

5. Purple Haze Rock Bar

Purple Haze Rock Bar

One of the most popular places in Kathmandu for a musical night. Best rock bar in the town the vibes were awesome and the 5 stars are especially for their facility. Friday night with rock songs, dancing, and vibing the purple anthem alongside perfect artist selection is awesome. The bar has been a top destination for visitors in Thamel for more than 4 years. You will find one of the best live music, amazing crowd and atmosphere. Sometimes there might be entry fees on weekends for which you will be offered polite drinks.

Location:  Paryatan Marg, Kathmandu
Timings: 7 PM To 5 AM
Entry Fee: NPR 1000
Best Part: Local bands perform often and they have the best dance floor. Group reservations are available and they also have a parking lot.   

To Sum Up

Night life in Kathmandu

What are you searching for? From a night of dancing to a relaxing evening- sipping a drink and sharing stories about your interest, you will find it all in Kathmandu. There are restaurants, bars, and many entertainments to cater to any need as you celebrate with a toast to your free time and relax. Nightclubs in Kathmandu have been increasing by the day, and you will always find something to make your time fun and entertaining.


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