5 Best Travel Destination in Baglung

5 Best Travel Destination in Baglung

The best part of the travel is to experience new places and cultures and immerse them into it. As Nepal, we are known to the world for our rich natural and cultural potentials. However, some parts of Nepal are still on the dark side of the world. So, in this article, we will explore the unexplored district of Nepal, Baglung.

Baglung lies in the western part of Nepal which takes about 275 km from Kathmandu. Baglung city is a major centre for people of mid-Kali Gandaki valley in terms of business, finance, education, and healthcare. This city is at the Kali Gandaki gorge directly south of Dhaulagiri Himalayan range. The climate variation range from hot subtropical to temperate monsoon climate because of large topographic variation. We have listed the hidden tourism treasure in Baglung which is still not so popular in the country.

1. Chitre High Bridge Trek

5 Best Travel Destination in Baglung

If you are willing to trek in the less crowded yet more beautiful part of Nepal then this trek will be suitable for you. Chitre high bridge trek is the life-changing experience and experiences the lifestyle of rural Nepalese life with untouched nature. This trek makes unique because it includes Chitre Trek and Panchase Trek. You will also see the iconic view of white dazzling mountains like Hiunchuli, Tukuche, Barha Shikhar, Lamjung Himal, and Dhaulagiri. Another best part of this trek is a homestay with local peoples and the breathtaking morning view of mountains from the view tower. Hence, you will experience the complete package of beautiful mountains, local peoples, daily lifestyle, and untouched nature in this trek.

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2. Baglung City


Baglung city is a large settlement of Dhaulagiri Zone and the oldest too. Baglung city is about 45 minutes drive from Nayapul. Baglung city is beautiful but it is not so popular and you cannot see many tourists here. The extension from Baglung city is Bhakunde village. This small village is located 1-hour drive from Baglung. This village is of the Magar community and offers homestay which allows you to fell the culture of them from close.

3. Panchakot Dham

5 Best Travel Destination in Baglung

Till now Panchakot Dham is only known to Baglung are after the establishment of Panchakot Ekikrit Basti. According to Muktinath Baba, this is the only place that we can find Shaligram stone. This Dham is made by merging the name of five different kot: Karikot, Raynaranynakot, Tatajalkot, Sansaarkot, and Majhkot. This Dham can be reached by 30 min bus ride from the Baglug Bazaar5. . According to the head of this temple, he wants to develop Panchakot into a unique place establishing all primordial of all communities including Adivasi, Janajati, and Aryan community. This place will not only be a religious place for one community but the entire community.

4. Kalika Temple

5 Best Travel Destination in Baglung

Kalika Temple is another fascinating attraction in Baglung city. Visiting this temple will amaze you with serenity and tranquillity. This temple is established approximately 6 km far from Baglung Bazaar. this temple is located in the bank of Kali Gandaki River inside dense forest. Some people perform ritual like marriage in this temple. People believes that scarifying the animal and worshipping the Kalika god leads to wish become fulfilled. With his faith, many people sacrifice goats, ducks, buffalo and pigs in this temple.

5. Shivadhuri Village

5 Best Travel Destination in Baglung

The beautiful small village named Shivadhuri is located in Nepal’s Baglung district. This village is all set to welcome domestic as well as international tourist. This village just introduced a Homestay facility to flow the tourist. According to Shivadhuri Community Homestay, they have a capacity of 70 beds in 12 homes. This village is sitting at an altitude of 1800 meters and also famous for rhododendron and magnificent view of Annapurna.

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