7 Best Tips to Buy Washing Machine in Nepal

7 Best Tips to Buy Washing Machine in Nepal

Washing machines are becoming popular nowadays. With the increasing demand and popularity, having been confused is an inevitable part. The majority of people have very little or let’s say have zero knowledge about washing machines. 

As a result, they always stay confused. Considering all these problems we came up with the guidelines to buy the best machine that is suitable for you.    

Before we move further the first thing that we have to keep in mind is the budget. Likewise, another is whether or not you have a proper water inlet through which water flows inside the machine. 

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If you got check marks on both of these, then these tips which we are going to discuss now are for you. 

1. Choose the Right Type of Washing Machine

Based on how the clothes are loaded inside the washing machine there are two types of washing machine. 

1. Front Load

As the word delivers the meaning itself, in front loading, clothes are inserted horizontally. Compared to top load, front-loads are smaller in size, more efficient, and also give superior wash quality. 

7 Best Tips to Buy Washing Machine in Nepal
Front Loader Washing Machine

It is fully loaded with advanced features like timer settings, dryer settings, child lock, and so on. Water usage is also very less with minimum electricity consumption. 

2. Top Load

The first washing machine type which was introduced initially was top loaders. From thereon the additional advancements and functionalities were added to other types. 

Talking about the features here are fewer features and more manual work. It has inferior wash quality with more water and electricity consumption.  

7 Best Tips to Buy Washing Machine in Nepal

Apart from all the disadvantages, if we talk about the advantage, we can say that it is hugely budget-friendly. 

Also, have a look at the table.

 Top LoadFront Load
FunctionsFewer features compared to front load.Equipped with advanced features like timer, child lock and many more.
CostBudget friendly.Expensive.
EfficiencyLess efficient.More efficient.
Wash QualityLow wash quality compared to front.Better wash quality.
Water ConsumptionUses 30 to 40 gallons of water per wash.Uses 70% less water than top load.
Electricity ConsumptionMore electricity consumption.Less electricity consumption.
Price7kg of top loaders can be found from 35k-40k.7kg front loaders can only be found starting from 60/70k.

2. Select the Required Function

Similarly, based on the functionality it can be further categorized into two types.

1. Automatic Washing Machine

In the case of automatic, once you put clothes onto it, it only stops after the clothes are washed totally. 

7 Best Tips to Buy Washing Machine in Nepal

2.. Semi-automatic Washing Machine

In semi-automatic, we have to do more manual work which is time-consuming which inculcates separate tubs, one for washing and another for drying.

7 Best Tips to Buy Washing Machine in Nepal

3. Choose as per the Capacity

Capacity is measured in terms of kgs. Normally, we can find washing machines ranging from 5 to 10 kgs in the market. Now by this, the question of which one is appropriate might have popped on your head.

To understand more, go through the chart below.

MembersCapacity (in kg)
* *  < 5 kg
* * *  6 kg
* * * *  7-8 kg
* * * * * * *> 8 kg

4. Efficiency 

If we have to talk about efficiency it is clear that automatic front loaders are efficient. It gives better wash quality with minimum water and electricity consumption. This is why we recommend the auto-front loaders. Even Though it is expensive, its immense benefits complement that.

We suggest you go for the semi-top loaders only if you are a sort of budget. Otherwise, front loaders are the best and reliable. 

5. Water consumption 

Before buying washing the other crucial factor which determines our decision to buy it or not is how much water is consumed by the machine. The testing report states that front-loaders consume 70% less water than the top loaders. So, the choice is yours. 

6. Budget 

Coming to budget, the washing machine you are planning to buy depends on the expense you have decided to make. The price starts from 30-35k, but still, if you want a better quality machine then you have to go a little higher. 

7. Durability 

Durability indeed is a major factor to be considered. Whenever we buy something the first thing we question is how long will it last. Well, it depends upon the warranty the brand sets for its product. 

Some of them last for a maximum of 10 to 15 years while the others don’t even function a year. Also, it depends on how you handle it and how you take care of it. Negligence in maintenance is a big No! No! 


Wrapping it up, the above-mentioned tips would probably be useful if you keep five of these things in mind. Now, you don’t have to be confused So, just go and get it. 

So, before you enter a store make sure you read this article and also share it with your friends and families. 

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