5 Best Swimming Training Center In Kathmandu

5 Best Swimming Training Center In Kathmandu

After a freezing cold of Winter
Summer is finally here!!!
Are you excited?

Spend your Summer in the Swimming pool 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of summer?
The hottest days of the year?
Boba? Icecream? Cold drinks?
Or is it the Watermelons?

To me, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of summer is the oceanic blue water of the swimming pool. S for Summer and S for Swimming, summer is incomplete without swimming. Dive in the pool and cool your mind, this is what is amazing about swimming.

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“This summer I swam in the ocean

And I swam in a swimming pool

Salt my wounds, chlorine my eyes

I’m a self-destructive fool.”

-Loudon Wainwright iii, ‘the swimming song’

Swimming is one of the best recreation activities and spots having lots of health benefits. It keeps you physically and mentally healthy. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, and lungs. Learn to swim, learn to be healthy.

Swim your worries away….


5 Best Swimming Training Center In Kathmandu

If you are thinking of learning how to swim, then here we have listed the top five best places where you can learn, with health precautions and all required safety measures:

1. Swimming Everyday Nepal

a girl learning swimming at pool

It has been teaching how to swim for all age groups of people- child or adult and differently-abled people either since 16 years. Training is given by professional coaches. It is also quite popular in Tik-Tok. You can visit their websites with the same name for your further queries.

They take the charges for classes according to the packages. They have 3 packages in total.

  • Group training(7 days)

7 days with 14 hours of training, which is for 2 hours each day with a cost of 7,500. You will be taught by 2-3 instructors.

The shift timings are:

a. 7:00 AM- 9:00 AM
b. 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM
c. 12:00 AM- 2:00 AM
d. 2:00 AM- 4:00 AM
e. 4:00 AM- 6:00 AM
f. 6:00 AM- 8:00 AM

  • Group training(14 days)

14 days with 14 hours of training, which is 1 hour each day with a cost of 14,000. You will be taught by 2-3 instructors.

The shift timings are:

a. 11:00 AM- 12.00 AM
b. 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM
c. 7.00 PM- 8.00 AM

  • Personal Training

Priority for kids under 12 years and differently-abled with a cost of 20,000 with 10 hours of training, each day 1 hour.

Address: Pulchowk, Lalitpur

2. Satdobato Swimming Complex

 Satdobato Swimming Complex

It is next to Satdobato, Lalitpur. It offers training classes. Training is given by professionals with all safety measures. The pool water is clean and healthy. The training classes are usually scheduled in the evening. The pool is public and you have to pay fees to enter. They are open from 10 am to 7:30 pm.

Phone: 9811886082
Time: 10 am to 7:30 pm.

3. Kathmandu Dolphins

Two children swimming at Kathmandu Dolphins

Kathmandu Dolphins is one of the best places to learn swimming. The water in the pool is clean and healthy. The pool was set by the past national swimmer. Here, Swimming will be taught by very good swimmers. They offer swim classes for both children and adults. It is a public swimming school.

Working Hours:

Sunday9 AM–5 PM
Monday4 AM–7 PM
Tuesday4 AM–7 PM
Wednesday4 AM–7 PM
Thursday4 AM–7 PM
Friday4 AM–7 PM
Saturday9 AM–5 PM

Address:  M7VR+R4X, Kathmandu 44600
Phone Number: 9841293068

4. Baneshwor Spa Swimming Pool

. Baneshwor Spa Swimming Pool

It is one of the great places during the heat of summer and also to learn swimming. It has a separate pool for children and even has a cafe. Though water is not so clean compared to others, it is still worth it.

Address: Bhimsengola, Kathmandu
Open: 8:00 am to 6:30 PM
Phone: 01-4468596

5. Imadol Swimming Pool

 Imadol Swimming Pool

For the locals, it is the best option to learn swimming. They have a children’s pool in addition to the main pool having a maximum depth of 5 feet only.

Address: Imadol, Lalitpur
Phone: 01-5201995


5 Best Swimming Training Center In Kathmandu

It is one of the best things to do during summer. Going swimming with your friend is always fun. And learning new things is fun and exciting. If you are thinking of joining swimm-ing classes, do consider the above-mentioned pools which teach you to swim.

I hope you enjoyed reading our article. Keep supporting us, keep loving us, everyone. Thank You for your Love and support. Have a blasting summer. You all have our Good Wishes!!!

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