5 Best Series to Watch in Youtube

5 Best Series to Watch in Youtube

During this trying and testing time, we often wonder how to be feel good and optimistic.YouTube is one such platform where we can escape into the world of fantasy and excitement.

Here are some of the series you can see and explore during this pandemic times. The following are some of the finest series that you can enjoy on YouTube right now.

1.King of Atlantis

This is the series that is sure to bring delight into the face of kids all over the world. The show revolves around the main hero duo of Joe and Cody who must protect over the fabled city of Atlantic from the villain, King Phaeton.

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2. Single By 30

YouTube is famous for producing comedy content videos but in this show, which is-comedy focus more on subtle storytelling. It centers around two close pals who made a promise to each other that they will marry by age 30.

Afterwhich they tried to date one another. Their chemistry and romance that they have in between them make the show exciting and interesting.

3. 12 Deadly Days

This is a show which is aimed at teenagers which even adults can enjoy in their spare time. The scary occasionally funny series involves a strange family in Saturn, California which is cursed even at the best time of the year, Christmas.

4. Furze World Wonders

In this wonderful series, inventor, Colin Furze has a lot of intelligence that he demonstrates in the show. Likewise, Furze with his intellect helps his fans to accomplish their desired goals.

5. We are Savvy

It is guaranteed that your kids will love this show. Why? It is because the show has four children who are of the same age as them as they discover all sorts of funny and strange things that has the internet can give them.

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