5 Best International Bank Of Nepal

5 Best International Bank Of Nepal

Are you looking for bank that can be operated & transact when you are having vacation in foreign country?

Then, You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re wanting to create an international bank account in Nepal. This article discusses the prerequisites for creating a bank account, how to do so, and which international banks are the best.

An international bank is a financial institution that provides financial services to international consumers from outside of its native country. A foreign bank branch is a sort of international bank that must obey the laws of both its home and host countries. Because their credit limits are based on total bank capital, foreign bank branches can issue greater loans than subsidiary banks. There are now 27 foreign banks in Nepal, according to the Nepal Rastra Bank. Nepal has drawn huge quantities of foreign direct investment in a variety of industries (FDI).

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To open a bank account in Nepal, what documents are required?

Additional documentation may be required for a Non-Resident Nepali, depending on the bank you choose. The following are the mandatory documents:

  • Form for creating an account, filled out and signed with fingerprint.
  • Passport photocopies include sheets containing personal information, such as work permit and visa information.
  • a photocopy of your appointment letter or employer’s agreement.
  • Each candidate must provide two color photos.
International Bank

Some of Nepal’s finest international banks are listed below.

1. Nabil Bank

International bank of nepal

Nabil Bank Limited is Nepal’s first foreign joint venture financial company, having been founded in 1984. Their major goal is to bring the country up to speed with current financial technology.

It is Nepal’s first foreign-owned joint venture banking organization. Nepal Arab Bank Limited was the bank’s previous name, and it is the country’s largest employment in the commercial banking industry. Nabil has a strong presence in the nation, with over 1500 Nabil Remit agents and 139 ATMs. And it was done using cutting-edge technology, such as international banking software that allows E-channels and E-transactions. Bank has taken steps toward turning that vision into reality through Nabil DigiBank Portal also announced the launch of two new online services- Online Account Opening with Video Verification (VKYC) and Virtual iCard.

2. Prabhu Bank

5 Best International Bank Of Nepal

Prabhu Bank became one of Nepal’s top commercial banks in 2006. To ease commerce, remittance, and other cross-border services, the bank has maintained amicable correspondent ties with numerous foreign banks from diverse nations. The bank can provide services in any major currency in the globe thanks to their correspondents. The bank has been in business for years and now has a network of 208 branches, 155 ATMs, and 46 extension counters throughout Nepal. Bank is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your information and maintaining confidentiality at all times.

3. Standard Chartered Bank

5 Best International Bank Of Nepal

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited got the title of Best International Bank. Foreigners use this bank’s services since it handles the majority of incoming international transfers. Customers will find it more easy to use their ATMs because they accept foreign cards. Savings accounts, current accounts, and fixed deposits can be opened in both local and foreign currencies. It has one of the most advanced online banking systems. They provide both Euro and US Dollar accounts. Though transactions in a foreign account are regulated by the Nepal Rastra Bank.

4. Siddhartha Bank

5 Best International Bank Of Nepal

The Siddhartha Development Bank Limited (SDBL) is the first development bank in Nepal’s western area, having been created in 2056 B.S. and starting operations in the 11th Ashad of 2057 B.S. With the launch of outbound services, Siddhartha Bank Trust remit, an exclusive remittance product, is now accessible from over 900 locations across the nation. The Bank’s SRF (Siddhartha Retirement Fund) has also proven to be a valuable asset. These intangibles make banking with SDBL a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s an experience that everyone who deserves the finest banking values, not just our present clients.

Customers of Siddhartha Bank may now use the Siddhartha Dollar Card to make digital payments after purchasing products and services on overseas platforms.

5. Everest Bank

5 Best International Bank Of Nepal

In 1994, Everest Bank Limited was founded. It is the market leader in online banking services since it employs cutting-edge technology and provides high-quality services. There are also specialized services for specific industries, such as agriculture, industry, and business. You may open accounts in international currencies such as the US dollar, Euro, and British pound. The Punjab National Bank of India owns at least a 20% share in this bank, which has over 10,000 branches and ATMs throughout Nepal and India.


5 Best International Bank Of Nepal

I hope that this article has provided you with a list of international banks in Nepal. There are now 27 international banks operating in Nepal. Above is a list of the top international banks in Nepal. With 900 locations, Siddhartha Bank is Nepal’s largest foreign bank.


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