10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

Boba Tea, also called, Bubble Tea is a Tea based drink that originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s. Mostly it consists of tea with some chewy tapioca pearls and tons of other customized toppings.

Whether you want your boba tea with different add-ins, iced or hot, with or without tapioca balls, one (or more) of these flavors in our list will surely be a match for almost everyone If you aren’t much of a sweet tooth, you can always lower the sweetness.

When did Boba Tea come to the valley?

It was 2011, the eleventh of September, I woke up, did my morning route, and headed out to Bhat-Bhateni, Chakrapath.

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Everything was, as usual, busy traffic, crowded streets nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but, I noticed something has everything too, mention “A Huge Thing”. So, what was it?……………………………………

A guy named Pasang Lama has introduced a drink called Boba Tea which will eventually become one of the most crazed beverages in the world.

It was already loved around the world and Mr. Lama wanted to share this super delicious beverage customized in so many ways that you may never run out of flavor to drinking.

He has our utmost respect as he not only brought some new recipes, it created a surge of others to approach the business thus raising employment.

Jammy’s Bubble Tea is Nepal’s first and only certified bubble tea brand and supplier which started its business in September 2011.

They now have several branches, you may visit.

Rise Of Boba Tea In The Valley

After 2011, many new places started to open giving “Jammy’s” competition and would compete with other places for better flavors, good ambiance, and some unique X-factor that determines and separates good Boba Tea places in the Valley.

Boba Tea has reached its prime in Nepal since 2019. It has been a delicious trend and doesn’t seem to go anywhere so soon.

New places with different concepts are opening more often these days that innovate new exciting flavors and create an ambiance where you can spend time with real people outside of social media and enjoy these delicious drinks with friends and strangers alike.

Boba Tea Places In The Valley Ranked From Best to Great

10. kung fu Bubbles

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

kung fu Bubbles is located just two minutes away from Patan Durbar Square. You can enjoy your Boba Tea with a beautiful view of Patan Durbar Square. This place offers you delicious and refreshing bubble tea with different flavors. The bubbles found in boba tea are so chewy either. Try it out for an amazing bubble tea experience.

Address: Durbar square, Lalitpur
Phone: 981-5592246
Service: Take away, No Dine-in

9. Boba House

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

Boba House is located at just three minutes’ walking distance from Garden of Dreams. It serves you amazing boba tea that will fit your taste. It is quite popular among youths. Visit this place when you are near the Garden of Dreams. Once you give a taste to its Boba Tea and you will be fund of this place.

Address: Jyatha Marg, Kathmandu
Hours: 10.30 AM-8.30 PM
Phone:  980-2332060
Services: Dine-in, Take away

8. Bubble Tea Station

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

Bubble Tea Station serves you delicious boba tea together with a wide range of Trending Milkshakes, Lemonades, Mocktails, and healthy cold-pressed juice. It is one of the best places for Boba tea around Kathmandu. This place serves you delicious boba tea that will satisfy your craving for Boba tea.

Address: Kathmandu
Hours: 10 AM-8 PM
Phone: 985-1326036

7. Boba Chai

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

Boba Chai is not as popular as other bubble tea stations’. But it provides tasty and delicious bubble tea. You won’t be disappointed instead you will question yourself in spite of serving such a tasty bubble tea, why is this place so underrated? Visit this place with your friends and have cool, refreshing bubble tea.

Address: Panchakumari Marg 31, Kathmandu 
Hours: 9 AM-9 PM

6. Boba and Coco

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

Boba and Coco is one of the amazing places to have bubble tea. This place is authentic and serves you refreshing bubble tea. You can find different flavors and can order accordingly.

If you are around Lalitpur and you are in need of a cool mind refreshing drink, visit Boba and Coco.

Address: Banglamukhi Marg Dakshin, Lalitpur 
Hours: 11 AM-8 PM
Phone: +971 58 544 7711

5. KTM Bubble Tea

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

A small but good place to enjoy Bubble Tea. Different flavors and different bases. Can customize as our choice. Overall recommended for Bubble Tea lovers

The guys who run this place are super humble. I was there at closing time, even though the store was almost closed, still, he made one for me. The place is clean and neat, and Instagram place. I too boba on recommendations from him. And it tastes amazing. Visiting them again and recommending others to too give this small business a chance to impress you.

Address: Dhumbarahi Marg, Kathmandu 44600
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM
Phone: 980-8577934

4. Bonum Cha

For the drinks that I’ve tried till now, everything was just on point and had their respective flavors enriching. Highly recommended. Also one of their newly added matcha drinks, the strawberry one was very tasty.

The only issue is it is a little more expensive than the others on the list.

A 3-min walk from Kathmandu Durbar Square
Address: निष्ठानन्द मार्ग, Kathmandu 44600
Open ⋅ Closes 8:30 PM
Phone: 985-7043910

3. Jammy’s Bubble Tea

Boba Tea

Jammy’s Bubble Tea has been serving authentic bubble tea since 2011. We also serve 10 different flavors of Ice Tea and 8 different flavors of Smoothies. Also Among their other branches.

Super friendly and helpful staff, a great selection of drinks, and something for everyone.

If you want bubble tea in Kathmandu…go to Jammys ..they got the best in town..my go-to drink is Matcha bubble tea.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway
Address: Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu 44600
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM
Phone: 980-8171885

2. Plus eight one cafe – Bubble teas & waffles

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

Opened in 2019, Boardgame cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have easy fun games to pro-level games. You surely can enjoy the time with us. We have Italian to Nepali food, plus homemade cakes including authentic Japanese sweets.

Main Features:

  • Near bus stop
  • Bar
  • Birthday package
  • Terrace Smoking area Rainy day
  • Service Free boardgame till 2 pm
  • Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway

Address: Kalopul chowk, Kathmandu 4460

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30 PM
Phone: 985-1178124

1. Bubble Up Tea & Cafe

10 Best Boba Tea Places In Kathmandu

Very cute small cafe perfect for boba dates with your friends. They have kimbap as well which was really good. We tried tuna kimbap, honeydew, taro, and coconut bubble tea. All drinks were so refreshing and the boba was the best. Must try if you want your boba experience to be awesome.

Cool Place To Hangout.
Coz They Probably Serve You The Best Boba In Town.

Address: Maitidevi

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